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The SC has been fascinated with bed jackets since the 70’s.  I love the lace, silk, satin, ribbons, delicate details and the soft muted colors of mostly blue, pink, lavender and peach.  The photos above are a small sampling of my cherished collection.  These historical pieces of art were discovered over the years at estate sales, flea markets and vintage shops, and I have worn them out on date night, dancing or to dinner, or to an occasional party.  I have been known to wear a quilted bed jacket to the grocery store!

Wickipedia states, ‘Bedgowns lingered as fashion garments into the mid-20th century, usually under the newer name bedjackets, in the form of short robes or wrappers worn over a nightgown or negligee for warmth and modesty while sitting up in bed for breakfast, reading, or similar pursuits. They had mostly fallen out of fashion by the 1960s.’  They may have fallen out of fashion in the 60’s for the activities described, but I find them irresistible and they are too divine to keep hidden while reading in bed or tucked away in a closet.  Better for a bed jacket, or any collection of art,  to bask in the light of day or the mystery of the night, and allow their unique beauty to reign.

Thank you to Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE and Shelley of Forest City Fashionista HERE for brightening my week of Thanksgiving!


  1. In my response to your last post, I mentioned that I adore bed jackets, and I could swoon seeing the lovlies featured today. What a delicious treat!

    I have only a few myself, rescued from estate sales and vintage shops. I especially enjoy quilted ones this time of year for warmth when I read in bed for a bit each evening. The lacey ones are nice over a cocktail dress, and any bed jacket adds dash and a fun contrast to a basic jeans-based look. — My jackets all have shorter sleeves so I especially like the one you feature with long sleeves.

  2. I have purged my various collections over the years as I moved and transitioned. These photos make me regret that I gave up my vintage bed jackets, years ago! Hopefully they have found a home as appreciative as yours.

  3. Ohhhhhhh – SO lovely! How about a photo essay of your entire bed jacket collection?? The world is waiting!

    Have a lovely weekend – Janine

  4. Well, I must confess, a bed jacket is one of those things that I don’t own. Can you believe it? Actually, I haven’t even seen one in my shopping adventures. However, my dear, on you, FABULOUS and divine!!

    Much love from England,

  5. I love your bedjackets! I am always looking for one–yours are stellar!
    I did a post on bedjackets too–i think they are a hidden gem. I was glad to see sizzle and zoom has found them too!
    Will check out advanced style~

  6. Your bedjackets are so pretty! I think I could get only get away with wearing one if it was black, but the pastels look lovely on you. I’m glad I was able to bring you a smile for Thanksgiving.

  7. You look lovely in these bed jackets, very feminine. By the way I thought of you this weekend while I was away with my girlfriends in the California wine country. We stopped at a wonderful hat shop and I enjoyed trying on the hats. I put a photo on Facebook of a hat I bought. I really wished you were there with us.

    Congratulations on those honorable mentions. Your orange outfit is beautiful.

  8. I especially like the bed jacket in the last picture. I have loved them for a long time. I have a chenille jacket that I wear when it is a bit cool in the house.
    You look lovely in all of them.

  9. Love those bed jackets. My mother-in-law wore hers to entertain family guests at her bedside in the 50’s. Thanks!

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