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As The SC walked in City Park this morning a tree with golden leaves caught her attention. From this image came the memory of a camel cape that was recently gifted by a friend.  Returning home I raced through my inventory and built an outfit inspired by nature.  Suddenly I became aware that nearly every piece of my ensemble was gifted by a friend.  I was wearing my friends!  The vintage camel cape (reversible as seen on the back of the collar in the last photo),  the vintage Lilly Dache hat trimmed with jet beads and ornate black braid on camel velvet over blocked buckram, the jet dangle earrings, the long black velvet gloves with intricate camel pattern from a museum gift shop. Nelson sent Camille out into a NYC snowstorm to capture the black knit Wolford leggings for The SC’s holiday gift several years ago.  Only the estate sale beaded pin, black heeled suede boots and black turtleneck were purchased by The SC.  Treasured relationships are life affirming and the foundation of health and meaning.  Friends are a precious lifeline during difficult times and a source of fun and adventure when the light appears.  Friendships are the equivalent of fine art – ‘the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.’

And then there are dear blogging friends.  Thank you to the beautiful Bella of The Citizen Rosebud HERE for including The SC in her ‘Six +40 Fashion Blogs I Can’t Live Without.’  I am honored and humbled to be in the company of bloggers who inspire me daily with their artistry and style.  Bella is as creative, talented and magical with her outfits as she is with her prose. Thank you also to The Karina Chronicles HERE for the inclusion in their Friday post.  Check out their gorgeous dresses made for every body in Brooklyn.  And check out Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style HERE; lovely Patti actively encourages bloggers of all ages to be confident, alive and VISIBLE.


  1. You wear your friends well!! I bet everywhere you go you turn heads…there are not many truly classic, fabulous women walking around these days! Just as nature inspired you…you inspire the rest of us!!

  2. Lovely. Without our friends there is a void. Your friends apparently also have great style. How fortunate you are to have all of these lovely items to remind you and reinforce those friendship bonds.

  3. So true, our blogger friends are the source of support and inspiration. I love the camel and black combo on you, and your accessories are drool-worthy! Those gloves!!!!!

  4. Well, if anyone knows about friendship, it is YOU my dear! How you enrich all of us with your kind comments. How right you are about friends!

    Your outfit is just perfect. The right balance of colours, style, shapes, it all fits together as perfectly as nature itself.

    Much love from England,

  5. Ah, just beautiful. There are so many elements to this post: the gorgeous clothes themselves (the hat and gloves are sooooo incredible), the breathtaking setting, and your radiance. Then there is the real beauty of the love shining through, the love made visible in gifts. Thank you for your gift to us in this post.

  6. Judith, this is just beautiful! So elegant! More and more when I see you, I think of the elegance of the Victorian era. You always look refined and NEVER like you’re trying at all. You style is in your blood and nothing you put on…it’s what I am for! Hugs my friend! ~Serene

  7. You look striking in this beautiful handsome cape and hat. I would be proud to wear this outfit. It would look good on my coloring. I just read in the comments someone said, elegant. That is the perfect word to describe this look.

  8. Seeing your beautiful Lilly Dache’ hat sent me back to look at the autobiography I purchased years ago by Lilly Dache’ about how she came to NY as a very young girl and turned her interest in hats into a fabulous career. Have you read “Talking Through My Hats”? You woulde really enjoy it.

  9. Judith–what a gorgeous cape! I love clothes that have memories attached. Your mentions by Bella and by Karina are well deserved.

  10. I am so glad to see the gloves. I rarely see long gloves any more and hopefully yours will inspire the hoards to rush out and get some! The hat and gloves look like they were made for each other. I am also in love with your cape. The fact that it is reversible makes me even more smitten. You have wonderful friends who really know you. Priceless.

  11. Hi Judith!

    Happy Valentine to you!

    Love the cape! I have a green cape in my closet that i never wore.
    I adore capes always on the look out to find one
    The hat of course is so lovely

    Take care Judith


  12. Someone above put it nicely: you wear your friends well. Ah, dear and lovely Judith, it is an honor to have any mention by YOU. You are such an inspiration to me- your class, your grace, your style and your spirit, I have no doubt why there are so many good friends and loved ones surrounding you. xo. Bella Q

  13. Wow! I’m completely in love with the outfit today, but your gloves did lose my sense … is true your words about friends, even friends do not face as bloggers, they give a lot of sense and love in the distance, I am very fortunate to have your friendship. Dear friend.

  14. I loved the article in the Denver Post today; celebrating your life and love with Nelson. It was so touching when you stated that your values with Nelson was like wisteria..refering to the tightly entwined plant in your backyard, the one shared with Nelson. Thank you, my are truly a special lady. Ann

  15. WOW!!!!!! What a glorious article in the Post!!!!!!! Loved it!!!!!
    Enjoy your upcoming adventure…

  16. You look so dramatic and elegant and beautiful in your cape. The hat and gloves are just amazing.
    I love the blogosphere and all the wonderful friends online, too!!

  17. Judith – could you possibly give us the link to the Denver Post article? I tried to
    find it but couldn’t.

  18. Dearest Judith,
    A fabulous look! And as usual, you gloryify what is truly important.
    How I miss having friends and companionship! I depend on your blog as a sort of friend, out here where people are few and far between.
    Think of all the women–and men–who are better off because you share your warmth and love of life with us.
    I am so grateful for our “friendship.”
    Love from Arabia,

  19. What a lovely heartwarming post – to think of wearing friendships, your heart on your sleeve if you like! Magnificant hat and I adore capes – this one is beautiful!

  20. I am left speechless by this ensemble. Hat, gloves, brooch, cape – all exquisite on you! I know beauty feeds your soul; well, I know it feeds mine too (and others among your readers, I’ll bet) to see you in these photos. Such incredible style brings hope, it really does. For reasons much less difficult than yours, I have often found this winter hard going. Returning here reminds me that some things really ARE all right with this world.

    This is just – WOW.

    Thanks Judith!

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