IMG_9862The weather suddenly shifted, as The SC and Daniel braved the chill and the beginnings of snow to play at the Pavilion at Cheesman Park HERE.  I’ve blogged about this location in the past, but always during the spring or summer.  In the photo above, the snow shows up on my jacket with streaks of white.  The roses continue to bloom, but I daresay not for long.

IMG_9877Last month I discovered this boiled wool coat and hat in Nice, France.  I was strolling with Mr. J on the narrow streets of Old Town HERE, when I spotted hats and a multi-colored mannequin in the window of a small storefront by the name of Coat d’Azur.


An immediate “Hat Alert” registered in my brain, which has become an automatic reflex similar to breathing, as my thoughts connected involuntarily to my motor neurons.  I made an immediate turn to the left and walked into the door of Sabine Lebeque’s studio and showroom.

IMG_9965Suddenly I was thrust into a wonderland of color and creativity.  As I scanned the perimeter, my gaze rested on this pink with purple combination in polka dots, which magically floated to my head. The accompanying jacket, trimmed and adorned with the same fabric as the hat, was destined to leave the boutique and return with me to Denver.  I would love to share a link, but at this time Sabine does not have a website for her talent and artistry.

IMG_9904The square buttons of the jacket were hand painted by the artist and her sense of playfulness appealed to me.  I love to support artists whenever possible, whether it be a painting for my home, or in this case, wearable art.  The art of millinery or hat making is close to my heart, though I wear it on my head.

I just happened to have these estate sale vintage earrings, vintage pink leather gloves and vintage pencil skirt that fit with my vision for the composition of the day.

IMG_9913I’ve been slowly integrating what I learned on my European adventure, and feeling more clear about my focus and intentions as I move forward.  I feel an opening space, as I settle into the next step.  I’m aware that my primary goals continue to revolve around health and relationships, which are closely linked.

IMG_9952Over and above the structures which health and relationships provide, I continue to enjoy participating in the movement which is changing how our culture views aging.  A drop in the ocean of the efforts that many are engaged in and actively pursuing.

IMG_9892 I also desire to be, in my own small way, a part of that which improves the health of the millinery industry.  I’m filled with new and exciting ideas and possibilities.  I feel best when I pursue my passions and my interests, connecting and growing with others that are like-minded.

I’m not sure how this will all play out, and my aspirations could change at the drop of a hat.  But for now, this is where I stand, by the columns of the Cheesman Park Pavilion on a frigid day in Denver, with the cityscape on the horizon.  I’ve found that intentions bring their own power and energy and the results seldom look like that which I picture the end game to be.




  1. Beautiful magenta! Lovely winter outfit. Wish I could wear the colorful earrings. My ears are hurting from the weight of my heavy earrings. You
    can be assured you are doing a lot for the art of millinery.

  2. What a stunning coat! It is surprising you came across it in Nice of all places! It barely gets cold enough there to wear such a coat.

    You look fantastic!


  3. Love the outfit! It is so French. I don’t normally wear hats, but you’re inspiring me to do so… I’m going to France next fall and will look for hats. (The stores in France have the most ingenious window designs,,,)


  5. I would love to see a return of fashion hats and gloves, especially hats. I feel like an outsider in a world of ball caps.

  6. What a lovely purchase. Of course you know these works of art suit you very well. I think it is wonderful. The term wearable art, is very true. I saw a video last week about haute couture and the ladies who could afford this (dresses of € 100.000,-) said exactly the same thing: wearable art.

  7. A fine example of wearable art, that suits you so well , a stylish holiday momento. I hope your aspirations pan out the way you intend them to.
    I am sure you have every milliner in your heart and you display the love of their craft so elegantlly.

  8. What a lovely find – this one-of-a-kind hat with matching coat. I enjoyed reading the back story as well. Snow? Brrrr. But you put a brave face on it, especially wearing this outfit. Gorgeous, Judith. Great photos, Daniel. I’m happy to hear that you are still feeling positively fueled by your passions and have active curiosity to explore.

  9. What a wonderful hat and coat ensemble, Judith. As always, you look supremely elegant, especially in that last photo where you look as though you are contemplating your future plans and aspirations. I love to hear your thoughts about ageing, relationships, and of course millinery! xxx

  10. As ever you look stunning. The weather looks as though it mirrors that which we get in Torquay, Devon Uk. so I find your pics always appropriate. wish I could find a “Daniel” to take pics of me so that at 81years I would start my own blog –inspired by you.

  11. What a beautiful coat and hat, you look absolutely stunning! Love your gloves, one of my favourite colours.

  12. AMEN to all that you say.. It’s like a sort of manifesto !!!

    Thanks to women like you we are never more to be invisible

    I love your otfit, it’s a pity that Sabine hasn’t got a web link
    Thanks again for sahring with us !!

    Regards from barcelona

  13. The most beautiful coat and hat, Judith! How lovely you can always associate them with a magical moment, too. Keep making magic, xox.

  14. I love the hot pink highlights in the outfit and the patchwork mannequin.
    How exciting to hear of plans to help the millinery, if you can’t do it then nobody can! xxx

  15. Your sentence ” I feel best when I pursue my passions and my interests, connecting and growing with others that are like-minded” is exactly how I’m feeling these days, and I feel frustrated that I can’t seem to do this in the place where I live. Anyway, that’s a topic for another conversation. I love this coat and hat – the shape, the colour, they were made for you!

  16. Judith,
    I look forward to your blog everyday. You never cease to amaze me with your choice of outfits and how well you put them all together. It is so fun seeing someone who enjoys dressing well as much as I do. And, you do it in such a creative way. I would love to see your hat collection someday. I love hats but never feel comfortable in them. I have purchased several and some I have never worn. Maybe one of these days.
    Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving. Stay warm.

  17. I too would have been drawn to this, it’s bright fun cozy and handmade, add a lil pink and what’s not to love. It really looks fantastic on you. I love supporting individuals over corporations whenever I can and wearable art is my favorite way!

    I love how contemplative your posts always are, my mind is so much more scattered but you can tell you know how to be still.


  18. My dear, you must go shopping in Europe more often!! I am LOVING this outfit. It happens to include my favorite color – that hot almost magenta pink. It is “tres chic” agains the black coat, and the grey Denver skyline is a poignant backdrop to the Colorado autumn to which you have returned. Hats off 2 Daniel!!

  19. Dear Judith,
    We met several years ago in the Off Broadway Boutique in New York (with Ari and Debra) when I was visiting from Vancouver; I recognized you by your blue “soft-swirl” hat.
    I have ardently followed your blog and have long admired your style, creativity and joie de vivre and decided it was finally time to write and say so!
    Warmest wishes, Mary (Vancouver, BC Canada)

  20. I love the play on words, Cote D’Azur. You stumbled upon a treasure…one that suits your aesthetic brilliantly. I love the animation that the polka dot bobbles bring to both the hat and the coat. Yes, the ensemble is sophisticated and chic, the French sense of style is obvious. But, there is also a playfulness and energetic movement in your outfit, which I love! You look radiant!

  21. It is a very interesting post (as always) about artists and art. And as seen in the beautiful pictures of the coat and hat, it is a true artist of color and design. I can easily see you turning quickly around a corner to see what happens in the store. That I recognize.

  22. Love the ensemble! Wearable art is so chic in my area. Lots of talented artists here in Hartford.

  23. Is the coat made of wool or of polar fleece? It is hard to tell from the photographs. I can see that the seams are on the outside, but cannot tell if the polka-dots are felted in or are printed upon the fabric.

    I love your sense of style and wished you still lived in the Twin Cities. I come to your blog to remind myself that at 58, I still have some good years left.

  24. Reading this post made me happy (and you know that’s a trick these days). Your coat and hat are whimsical yet elegant, something the French pull off with relative ease. It doesn’t hurt that you’re gorgeous, either! I need to find a similar coat; perhaps with a matching hat 😉


  25. yes….”wearable art” !!

    as always, you are an inspiration….please continue to share your thoughts on art/aging/beauty

    lovely lovely outfit!!

  26. Thank you firstly, for playing along with Shoe Shine! I’m a huge fan of your Fluevog boots!

    Secondly, yes! To actually see incremental change in how we view aging, and how we don’t have to be relegated to the background. Thank you to you and to Patti for “Visible Mondays” for pioneering this, and for your continued presence.

    Thirdly, WOW, what a fabulous coat/hat work of art! I am always impressed with your impeccable styling – love the pink gloves with it.

  27. Hi Mary, I remember you well! It was a wonderful day in NYC, and you were part of it. Thank you for following Style Crone and For you sweet comment.

  28. I adore this outfit! – and I love your telling all about the artist who created it!

    What you write about Europe rings a bell, for I have recently read the same insights from a young woman who spent a semester abroad, Lauren. Her blog is She has maintained this blog since her high school days, yet the biggest evolution in her fashion has happened since she went to Europe! In fact, the beginnings of it can be seen as she writes about purchases she made while abroad. If you have a chance to look over her blog, I’m sure you will find a kindred spirit 🙂

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