Spring brings new beginnings and new life after the dormancy of winter.  Color is everywhere, as The SC is embraced by the flowering tree a block from home.


Spring is about movement.  The gifted high-waisted black with gold threads circle skirt by Camille’s talented friend Tess of 50 Dresses HERE can be tossed about and twirled, creating dramatic patterns with its energy.


Yards of fabric take up space around me.  I feel moved by the skirt’s drapes and folds, and how it envelops me with its volume.


April marks the third anniversary of Nelson’s death.  Feelings of sadness move through me, like the skirt whirling and expanding around me.  They leave behind a calmness in their wake.  The skirt then lies soft and billowy, flowing gently as I walk from place to place.


Mr. J recovers in the hospital from live saving surgery.  Miraculously life moves forward, ever mysterious and paradoxical.  A surprise at every twist and turn.


The estate sale black headpiece with feather by Frank Olive HERE moves upward, creating a line that pleases me.


The crinkled white shirt with high collar was a moving discovery at Origins HERE in Santa Fe.  Jewelry is from various estate sales over the years.


Moving into open toed shoes for the first time in 2014 makes my toes happy.  The estate sale gold metallic heeled sandals pick up the shine of the gold threads woven through the fabric of my skirt.


This past week one of my yoga teachers asked us to choose any number of the following phrases to inspire us during class.  I chose them all, meditating on them in class and off the mat, as I moved through the week.

I am Strong.  I am Flexible.  I am open to all Possibilities.  I am Content.  I am Alive.


Photos by Daniel N

I’m moving over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Style.  Patti is wearing her best color and is looking like spring!


  1. Beautiful as usual. I can only imagine your “costume” closet. And that hat! Ah that we all dressed like this.

    Fingers crossed for you as your life moves forward with Mr. J.

  2. That skirt is just breathtaking! So smart of you to wear black and white to let the Spring blossoms add the color.
    I’m so glad that Mr J is on the road to recovery. You deserve every happiness life has to offer 😉


  3. Judith you remind me of an Irving Penn fashion shoot with his wife Lisa Fonssagrives- so classically and eternally chic! I’m glad to hear your amour is doing well and onto recovery. Wishing you both a vibrant and healthy spring!

  4. Your meditations are so wonderful, I have copied them and will use them as well. And that skirt! It’s a dream, and you look gorgeous. Healing thoughts for Mr. J. xoxo p.s.: Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  5. You’d conquer the world in that fabulous outfit!
    So pleased to hear that Mr J is on the road to recovery. Thinking of both of you and sending love. xxxx

  6. Hi Judith,
    You look so beautiful! I love every piece you’re wearing. This is my first time to comment on your blog, although I’ve followed you on and off for some time.

    My husband, James, died Christmas three years ago, so I identify with forging a new path. I live in Texas but will probably be living in NYC by this time, next year. Last year I stopped blogging on my BreastCancerSisterhood site and like you, and so many in our demographic, am starting a site for women of a certain age.

    Now that I’ve said “hello,” I look forward to getting to know you.
    Brenda Coffee

  7. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Love the skirt. and the high collared shirt. And the hat and the sandals. You always manage to find shoes and boots that are modern and stylish. No matter how old they are. It is an art.
    PS Glad Mr. J. is recovering. You need some love and happiness again in your life. The memories of Nelson will never leave you but the pain should.

  8. You look the very essence of beauty, elegance and old Hollywood glamour, Judith! What a fabulous skirt, and the hat is the perfect accessory.
    I am sending much love and all best wishes to Mr J for his recovery. xxx

  9. Judith, you look stunning in that amazing skirt, shirt and not to mention the wonderful hat.
    May this spring be one of renewal in your life, best wishes to you and Mr J.
    Also thankyou for sharing the meditations, I also have take note and will include them in my every day.

  10. Judith you look stunning! The styling is perfect as usual. I love the shirt and the hat. And those shoes are divine! Thank you for taking my skirt and giving it the outing it deserves! Big hugs.

  11. You are absolutely stunning! you are proof that age is an attitude, and htat you enjoy each day- I am so proud of you.

  12. This is the perfect whirlwind of spring and hope and style. Your photos feel almost of another era, your outfit is so iconic. Breathtaking.
    I like how you wrote “life-saving” for Mr. J. Yes! Time is funny, everything ebbs, flows, is swept away and comes back. Your voluminous skirt is a perfect metaphor.

  13. This is simply beautiful Judith. Moving words and stunning pictures. I love wearing very full, long skirts. They feel so dramatic, feminine and fun. Inspiring!!

  14. Clothing as zen – what a wonderful approach to life! You look absolutely radiant as well as wise, and these photographs are so beautiful!

  15. What an emotional roller-coaster it has been for you lately! I can’t believe three years have passed since Nelson died – I remember your post about his passing and the amazing celebration of his life that took place. I hope that Mr. J’s recovery goes well and the two of you will be able to experience many more adventures together.

    This is such a stunningly beautiful outfit! The skirt is old-hollywood romantic, and the hat has a lovely shape. Despite the emotional upheavals, you look gorgeous and full of life and love.

  16. I love those inspirational phrases.

    How difficult things have been for you and yet there you are, strong, vibrant and lovely. A walking inspiration to us all.


  17. You write with such poetry and insight my dear, and live, as you write, with a deeply inspiring mindful attitude as you face the highs and lows of life. I am so very glad that Mr J is recovering from his surgery, hope he goes from strength to strength.

    The incredible long black skirt is fitting evocation of your resilience and fortitude – I hope you can be embraced by the blossoming tree of hope every day you need it.

  18. So, so lovely, Judith…I think that skirt is fabulous and I LOVE the movement. I am keeping you and Mr. J in my thoughts and prayers…


  19. So beautiful Judith! it’s pictures like these that keep me coming back to your blog. In the face of life’s challenges you feel hopeful and hold your passion for life. I admire this quality!

    blue hue wonderland

  20. The dress, the scene, the dancer! All that is lacking is Gene Kelley in a black sweater costume and music! Life is indeed a form of theater, dear Judith, and one enjoys the program notes you provide.

  21. Pluperfect, this outfit. One of the dictionaries defines pluperfect as “perfect with respect to a point of reference in past time.” Isn’t this definitively classic white blouse and skirt just that? It has the same confidence as the first New Look full skirts and tailored tops … you, in this combination, gives the outfit that.
    Another definition applies; ” beyond perfect.” Perfect is perfect, but the addition of the also perfect hat and the surprise of the little gold sandals adds another set of perfect elements.
    All you say is true about spring and motion. The design of that simple skirt is wonderful, begging a twirl.
    I could go on and on (and often do) but this is the best use of retro design and styling of the year.
    Can you tell I like it?

    So happy to hear that Mr. J is recovering. I know we all wish him a speedy one!

  22. Like Bella, I thought of the beautiful Irving Penn photos!! This outfit is timeless, utterly gorgeous. I loved your line “that pleases me”. I know that feeling of satisfaction with an artistic stroke. The backdrop of flowers and Denver springtime add such a lovely touch to your photos. Plus, unlike many of us, you have a wonderful person to smile at behind the camera!! (Hi Daniel!!)

    Anniversaries are always poignant. I’m glad you’re able to be strong, flexible, open to all possibilities, content, and Alive. You help me be the same.

    Love to you and yours!! XXXOOO

  23. If I didn’t feel like dancing a minute ago, I certainly do now. You just captured the true essence of Spring in this post. What a lovely, lovely skirt and you just own in in every sense. Love the celebration of open tow arrival. Glad to hear Mr. J. is doing well with recovery, do keep us posted.

  24. I find your posts of late so deeply moving, it takes me several days to be able to respond. And even then, I’m wordless. Thank you for your most beautifully poignant expressions.

  25. Beautiful you, Judith. I hope that Mr J continues well ing the road to good health and thinking of you as you remember Nelson x

  26. You are so awesome. Thank you for this enriching site and sharing your wisdom. (and beauty)

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