July’s Hat Attack was designed by Carol Markel, milliner, artist and blogger at Femme et Fleur HERE. I chose this beauty from Carol’s “Hat Shop In A Box,” which was featured on my post of last week.  Carol names her creations, and this chapeau goes by “Circle In The Square.”  I love its geometric shapes and vibrant colors trimmed with a touch of sparkle.


I was honored to be photographed by the generous and talented Denton Taylor HERE just before leaving Manhattan for LaGuardia Airport and my flight back to Denver. Denton has several blogs, including Silver-Haired Beauties HERE, a homage to beautiful women with natural hair.

Denton’s photos are showcased regularly on Sylvia’s 40+Style HERE. Thank you Sylvia, for the feature on your blog several weeks ago HERE.


Photos by Denton Taylor


After purchasing “Circle In The Square,” I didn’t take it off for days.  It had a special energy that I felt drawn to.  Then Carol shared the history of this beauty, and I understood why.

Carol wore “Circle In The Square” and a dress of her own design to the Museum of Modern Art to participate in the museum’s new program for people over 65, “Prime Time.”  Four models, including Carol, posed in the museum’s Sculpture Garden, while people of all ages sketched them.

The above photo was by Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE, with a painting by Andre Derain as background.  The photo was posted on MoMA’s Instagram account and received 4000 likes.  As Carol states, “Circle in the Square has been seen by lots of eyes.  Maybe that’s why it has so much energy.”

Now it’s your turn to throw a little headwear love my way!

Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore, give The SC a JULY HAT ATTACK  and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post. Can’t wait to see the beautiful contributions that you share throughout the next week. Participation will be open through Tuesday, July 7th.

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  1. Denton has captured you so well in your wonderful “Circle in the Square” hat.
    Carol’s artistic talent shines through in her choice of colours and shapes, I so admire her talents, especially her amazing hats and beads.

  2. I remember seeing this wonder of a creation on your instagram and was hoping for a story behind it. I loved it at first sight but now I will enjoy it even more so. The whimsical vibe it radiates is pure joy, you make the perfect model and home for this lovely hat.

  3. I truly love Carol’s hats, they are so full of life. Circle in the Square is no different , and it looks so at home on your head! I’ve always managed to miss your Hat Attack link-ups in the past for one reason or another so I’m delighted to finally manage to link up as I adore all kinds of headwear! XX

  4. The hat is fantastic & I like how you’re wearing it here, with the all-black outfit. Great photos, too. Sounds like you had a brilliant time in NYC.

  5. What a vibrant hat, and it has such an illustrious history too! Wonderful hat, fabulous photos, glorious you! xxx

  6. Carol’s hats are a wonderful reflection of her – so colourful, whimsical and full of personality! That is a lovely hat on you, and it’s so cool that it comes with a extra gift of energy!

  7. I love the sparkle trim and I’m glad you pointed it out. It adds a lot to this piece. No wonder you feel positive energy. I always think people leave a spiritual residue, if you like, in their clothes, which is why some vintage pieces don’t sit well on me even though I love them.
    Beautiful hat, Judith. And worn with perfection. Thanks for hosting this linkup again.

  8. What a bold bright fabulous hat.

    Did you get my email about the card I made of you? I sent you a file that you can print yourself, or if not, send me you address and I can mail one to you.


  9. I love that this hat is named for a theatre, or at least, has the same name! And is that a houndstooth brim? Which I also love! I’ve admired Carol Markel from afar for a long time – what a thrill to own one of her creations. You look marvelous in it. I’m especially fond of your second pic, because the line of your body is so lovely and sets the hat off so well! Gorgeous!

  10. Oh how I enjoy your every post, but Hat Attack most of all. Thank you, Judith, for introducing me to some other fabulous bloggers with a passion for chapeau and life!

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