Photo by Nelson

Vintage 60’s wool jacket with leopard print trim, vintage yellow felt beret, and vintage yellow suede gloves-estate sales; Donald Pliner leopard print ankle boots-consignment store; jeans-Buffalo Exchange.

This week has been a bit chaotic, so my plan to wear leopard print in celebration of the Leopard Week pronouncement by Sheila of Ephemera was put on hold.  As I’ve mentioned before, my leopard print inventory is deep, so it’s fun to have a reason to play in this direction.  I’ve been in love with leopard for years and my many estate sale adventures over the decades have provided The Style Crone with an eclectic collection.  And I’m not saving any of it for a special occasion!


  1. Didn’t know about “leopard week” but ironically just finished an upcycled piece that started with an eighties leopard dress! You look wonderful. Yellow is tricky for me, but with leopard? I might have to indulge!!!

  2. Beautiful as always. How you can continue to blog with such dedication in the midst of all you have going on, I cannot imagine. I am not nearly so dedicated. I love seeing your beautiful clothes and it is a joy to read each posting. My heart aches for you and Nelson but your journey touches a deep place that is peace and trust and love. Blessings.

  3. I have a splendid Lambertson Truex leopard bag that I do (foolishly) save for special occasions. You have inspired me to use it TOMORROW for the special occasion of running errands. Thank you, Judith. Your yellow is wonderfully unexpected with the leopard. I mostly see folks pairing leopard with red, pink, turquoise.

  4. I only did one day of Leopard week….but wish I had done more! I would love to just walk into your closet…all of your pieces are so fabulous! I just love the leopard boots!

  5. In honor of leopard week I went shopping in Dubai today and bought fabulous leopard kitten heels (how appropriate!) and matching clutch. This will certainly add some zip to my spring look! Thanks to all for the inspiration!

  6. Creating without claiming…Doing without taking credit…Guiding without interfering This is Primal Virtue….Lao Tzu

    Judith and Nelson-

    I give to you…my work in Silence with the Universe.

  7. Life is always transitioning…I pray and meditate for peace and stillness within.

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