The passing of the holidays appears to have released palpable energy and I find myself motivated to finish organizing my home, which I would do in one day if humanly possible.  I have enlisted the help of two young and vibrant students from the Art Institute of Colorado who have brought new life to my projects. I hear them laughing together in a room close by and it makes me smile as I receive the effects of playful enthusiasm.  After they leave I find little gifts of creative display in the rooms where they worked their magic.  How can I describe the warmth that this brought to my heart?

It feels like I have an increased ability to create more structure, similar to the lines of this jacket.  I feel in the flow of my goals, in tune with my sanctuary and hopeful that I can contain my collections.  The burden of overflow is about to be released, and the abundance outside my front door is waiting to rush in, leaving me laughing under a layer of roses and my beloved intentions, replacing that which no longer serves me or the now of my life. My spirits are elevated, like the vertical trajectory of my three storied hat.

I believe that these two beautiful and talented women in their twenties have my back and my peplum, and that they enjoy the playground of my inventory and the quirky delights of my century old home. And just maybe I have something to teach, about vintage, hats and the twists and turns of life. Intergenerational energy has value and the power to shift, sift and stir.  I’m already planning for the day of their return.

Close-up of jacket and vintage earrings.

Photos by Diana

‘Paris jacket pirelli taupe’ – Brigitte of NYC going out of business sale, vintage black felt hat – Buffalo Exchange, black turtleneck sweater and long black fingerless gloves – consignment stores, vintage black wool pencil skirt – estate sale, black heeled boots – gifted, jewels – everywhere!

The SC is off to join the crew at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.


  1. This ensemble strikes me as both vintage-classic and futuristic at the same time. I love the graphic nature of the jacket, both the lines and texture. The three tiered hat compliments it perfectly and the high heeled boots look extra chic. Another fabulous ensemble, one that I’m particularly enamoured with.

    Glad to hear you have help with your home. How wonderful to have that kind of energy around you. I’m sure they wish they could play dress up, too!

  2. Your hat is so stunning. I adore hats and you always wear them with such panache!! This whole outfit screams chic confidence. I love how you’ve styled your bracelets on top of your fingerless gloves! Beautiful.
    Have a terrific week,

  3. What an incredible jacket. I love the back! You look amazing as always. I can imagine that the help of 2 young women stimulates you. It’s nice to be around the energy of young people, and I’m sure you would have a lot to teach them also.

  4. Can’t even begin to tell you how enjoyable as well as inspirational your blog is. Every post has such a fun and unique meaning. I couldn’t agree with you more on your feelings towards the intergenerational energy, so well said! You most definitely have something to teach. Your words alone lift us to a higher place.
    Now for the fashion sense, you are a master teacher. Always so elegant, ladylike and yet fun. Your jacket says all this in one easy statement.

  5. Incredible structure to that jacket and I love the fingerless gloves. Very cool connecting with the younger students– I think intergenerational relationships are very important and are undervalued (at least, here in the states).

  6. You have such beautiful clothes Judith. But even more importantly the beauty you create in your views about life is what really shines though.

  7. Another stunning jacket and hat! I love everything about this jacket! The colour, the interesting fabric, the structure, the subtle peplum effect. What a sublime piece. And the way you put it all together is always perfection. Hope you will share the fruits of this collaboration with us!

  8. Oh my goodness, Judith, that jacket is beyond fabulous…just gorgeous…I would love to find such a piece. You always are able to amaze me with your styling! Have a wonderful week…stay warm and safe!

  9. One thing I know for sure Judith, you have much to teach…. about so many things! You have styled another outfit to perfection! Wishing you a wonderful week my dear!

  10. Wonderful how your home redesigns are coming together, Judith. And I think it’s brilliant to invite the two students to participate. The jacket, well, it made me catch my breath – so exquisite. Thank you for sharing with Visible Monday!

  11. A masterpiece of chic-dom. This merits a museum some day. Yes, here we have a sampling of the fabulously renowned SC collection on display. Ah, and here is the SC now wearing one of her gorgeously styled ensembles to say a few words about the intertwining of style and life…

  12. Sounds like 2013 is giving you a new lease on life – how wonderful! Your words are inspirational and your outfit is gorgeous. I just love the long, fingerless gloves! I think the students will learn a lot from you, as your readers do.

  13. What an amazing sculptural piece that jacket is! It does have a futuristic feel to it, as Jean says above; you are like a sci-fi heroine, Judith, setting out to explore the future!
    Always elegant, always interesting, always curious and interested in learning and connecting with others, these are such wonderful qualities. I am sure your relationship with the two young students will bring laughter and insights to both you and them. xxxx

  14. How lovely that you have created an opportunity for you, and those two young women to learn from each other. Sometimes you need to invite someone else’s energy into your home to see different ways of displaying and organizing things.

    Every time I see something else you bought from that sale in NYC I wish could have gone. That jacket has such interesting structure and looks elegant, and fun.

  15. I am sure that your two protegees will learn an enormous amount from you, and how lovely that their presence brings such a feeling of playfulness and fun. what a great way to start the year.

    I’m fascinated by your jacket, it is such an incredible design and the structure is amazing plus it really suits you!

  16. Marvellous to hear you so energized and heartened, Judith! What incredibly dynamic shape and texture – and lucky, lucky students! All best with the processes of your projects toward your joyful vision. As always, you have on the perfect hat.

  17. Such a beautiful jacket! I love the shape so much. It’s always wonderful to be around people who stimulate your creativity and energy!

  18. Nobody gets the semiotics of personal style better than you do. That you take the time to speak to us this very personal way really defines what is best about pursuing and curating personal style.
    And it just looks freaking amazing because it’s so cool.
    We just love you. All of us.
    (Sorry not to be able to come out and play at VM this week, but am changing out tech toys and tools for the next week or so. Hope to be back soon.)

  19. You absolutely have something to teach. Each of your posts speak volumes of your innate sense of style and of your life experience. I love how you marry your outfit with content about emotions, and thoughts, and feelings. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Judith, those are two extraordinarily fortunate art students. I’m so jealous of them! Perhaps I could do an internship amongst your amazing collections? 🙂

    I noticed that jacket on your new FB profile pic. It’s an incredible piece. It reflects the stylish, vibrant, and smart woman you are.

  21. Everybody said it all before me, so I can only repeat: gorgeous jacket. Also very well combined with the turtleneck, the long sleeves with bracelets over them, the earrings. Very well done my friend. You could teach me a lot too. However, there is an ocean between us.

  22. Pairing two very structured items is usually not easy but you have made a wonderful job with your hat and jacket.
    Enjoy the company of your students 🙂 Happiness is obviously contagious!
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  23. such an amazing jacket, great piece, you really look like your lady friends in New York!
    This is something one of them would wear i think
    I remember working with young students in my previous job they such positive energy

    Ariane xxxx

  24. That futuristic jacket is incredible on you, Judith.
    2013 sounds like it’s going to be another incredible year for one of my very favourite ladies! xxx

  25. So good to hear that you feel energetic and creative, that means you have found harmony and balance! I hope we get to see photos of the home decoration project?

    Your jacket is a gem! You look amazing in it, and it’s perfect with the three tier hat!

  26. Judith, I haven’t been here in so long. I didn’t know you got hurt, I am so sorry. I am terrified of slippery ice… it is the most unnerving surface. I am glad you are healing. Your blog is so beautiful. Your words and your photos and your styling. I love it. I have read all the posts and caught up. How fun you got to see Jean! I haven’t been to her blog in a long time either. 🙁
    I love seeing you SC, you always bring a smile to my face and understanding to my heart. xoxoxoxo

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