The SC was interviewed by the warm and engaging Colleen O’Connor of The Denver Post and a front page article appeared in the newspaper on Valentine’s Day.  CLICK HERE to read the piece in The Post. The first photo above was taken by R.J. Sangosti, who accompanied Colleen, and the second photo was taken prior to Nelson’s diagnosis by my dear friend Kelly. The process felt honoring of Nelson and our relationship and lightened a day that had bittersweet meaning as I felt his loss throughout the hours. Last year on this day we went out to dinner CLICK HERE and he was fully present.  We were unaware that in two months he would no longer be at my side.  I am conscious that life is unpredictable and how important it is to embrace each moment as it presents itself.  The full continuum of feelings.

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Mexico with friends.  It will be a new experience and the opportunity to gain a different perspective.  I will be taking a break from blogging, which has been a lifeline since I began on July 13th, 2010.  How will it feel to board the flight without Nelson?  How will it feel to see the sights without the inner dialogue of what I would describe to him about my travels upon my return? How will it feel to take a break from the life sustaining inner planning of my next post?  What headwear will I discover during my travels within this vibrant culture?  And you would be surprised with the number of packable hats that can occupy the small space of a travel bag.  One never knows what inspiration I may encounter and I need a hat inventory to respond to the influences that cross my path.  I know that I intend to immerse myself in this adventure with all of my SC heart.  I believe it will be good for my soul!   I will be return to this wonderful, diverse and international world of blogging upon my return.


  1. Not sure if my other comment posted, but I just viewed the newspaper article. I’m glad you are featured and honored in this way. Your trip will be wonderful, I’m sure. We’ll miss you and will keep the “home fires burning” while you absorb the warmth from the healing sun.

    Much, much love,


  2. Congratulations on your article Judith. What lovely pictures. I just love the hat and outfit you are wearing in the top picture. And you and Nelson look gorgeous in the second pic. Enjoy your time in Mexico and be sure to take many pictures! Mexico is a place that is still on my wish list, so you’ll have to give me your recommendations!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful trip. A time to grow your inner strength, to experience and absorb a colorful and diverse culture. While Nelson may not be with you in person, a physical presence, his essence is always with you, in your heart, no matter where you are or lay down to rest. It is that essence that sustains. Take care, have fun, recharge.

  4. Your newspaper article was absolutely wonderful and that picture of you & Nelson breath-takingly beautiful. You look amazing and I know you’ll have the most fantastic time in Mexico. xxx

  5. I wish you the best and hope you have a truly restorative time in Mexico. It will be so marvellous to see and hear about your Mexican adventures when you come back to us in the world of blogging.

    Much love from England,

  6. Have a wonderful trip! Your blogging family looks forward to hearing about your
    adventures upon your return.
    Bon Voyage!

  7. I’ll look forward to hearing of your adventures in Mexico…may N. be with you in spirit. The first photo is absolutely gorgeous. Now, I’m off to read the Post article.

  8. My beloved and I did not meet until we were in our 40s, and we often joke that our lives prior to that were on such different pathways that we would not have been ready to meet and find love. When we did meet, we both knew this was the relationship in which we were meant to live out the remainder of our lives, that we found one another at the right time. We have grown together — as you note in the Post article, “our values were like the wisteria.” — I enjoyed reading the article and learning more about your love and life with Nelson. Though I’ll miss your regular posts while you are away, I wish you a peaceful retreat in Mexico. Enjoy the people, the culture, the weather, and time with friends, and I will welcome you back when you are refreshed and ready to resume your blog. Many regards!

  9. I am missing your posts, but more than that, I am hoping you are finding happiness in Mexico. It’s hard to know how to respond to this kind of journey you are on, so personal and yet with so many threads that bind people together – in a good way. The newspaper article was very moving.

    I look forward to reading about your travels when you are up to blogging again! and seeing your new hats(?)!! I love the above photo with the beautiful simple tulips. You look radiant!

  10. That is a beautiful photo of you and Nelson. Stunning. You both look so happy. Have a wonderful time in Mexico and I look forward to hearing about your adventure – and to seeing your travelling hat wardrobe!

  11. I know you need a break, and you’re gone, and havin’ a lovely time, I hope. But, boy, I’m ready for you to come back!!

    Missin’ ya.

    Love from England

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