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The SC has become aware that there are periods of time when sadness recedes and my energy level allows for traveling outside my zip code.  Recently I wandered to Boulder, and though I have been shopping my closet for months, I couldn’t resist a consignment store adventure.   I discovered this Catherine Malandrino top HERE at Common Threads HERE, and threw it together with my skinny cropped jeans that have been my ‘uniform’ of the summer and ventured out to dinner with Camille in the evening.  Consignment store shoes and estate sale pearls went along for the ride.  Two shades of navy proved irresistible and this Diane Harty hat HERE, accompanied this vintage straw estate sale bag with gold hardware. Grief remains an ever present force, but windows of calm appear out of the aching void, allowing for life to emerge through a small portal that reveals itself as I relearn how to live in the world.


  1. Oh, to think you were so close! I LOVE Common Threads, what a divine store, and am happy you found a little treasure here in my home town. If you ever feel up to it, let me know when you are in town again. I would be honored to serve as a small window of calm, should you need one. Walk and talk, walk and not talk. Sit and sip tea or marvel at the gorgeous mountain backdrop we all share and love to live next to. Call me anytime 303-554-9215.

    May the learning be less arduous each day, and may the angels of peace continue to find you and be your constant companions.

    All love to you & Camille —

  2. How great that your healing is providing you with these windows of calm to enable you to slowly re-enter the world that grief/mourning snatched you from! I would think that the pain of such a loss can never completely heal; it must be another state of happiness a widow creates in her life, tho the wound is forever stamped in her heart? May all your readers’ gratitude and enjoyment at your posts help you feel the support and love we send you. We ‘need’ you to keep inspiring us, SC!

  3. You lifted my morning – how beautiful and radiant you look! In NYC, we are recovering
    from Hurricane Irene. It is amazing how this City just came to a halt this past weekend.
    With this past week’s earthquake, I think we are all appreciating the full force of Mother
    Nature and how small we really are in comparison to this great universe. It really makes
    you humble and grateful for what you do have.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have such a positive and wonderful influence on me and so many others who have grown to care for you and your family.

  4. Yes, my dear, you are stunning, just as the other folks said. I’m so glad you have found small portals of calm in your life. Glamour is your constant companion.

    Much love from England,

  5. Oh my! You are beyond stunning…you RADIATE!!! Seriously, you just exude elegance and I just love this look soooo much! Anyone who says that women over 40 shouldn’t wear skinny jeans has NEVER seen you! These were MEANT for you! You look happy and I couldn’t be happier for you…..Big hug! ~Serene

  6. One of our Canadian poets and songwriters, Leonard Cohen, has a line in one of his songs that says, “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. I feel that you have been cracked, but not broken, by Nelson’s death, and those cracks are going to allow new light into your life. You continue to look incredibly stylish, even in these difficult days, and I am in love with that little navy straw bag!

  7. I’ve been reflecting on this post for a day or so. It has reminded me of how the process of grief has worked in my own life. Six years ago, my sister passed away unexpectedly, and my partner and I took over raising her two teenaged sons. The immediate devastation of loss was expected, and we all found that over time our feelings of grief receded for longer and longer periods. The overwhelming saddness and feelings of anger at our untimely loss became increasingly muted. However, I continue to be surprised when seemingly without notice some small reminder will send a stabbing pain through my heart and tears flowing down my cheeks. The anniversary of her passing occurred a few weeks ago, and the day was a somber one for me as I recalled the series of events that sent us all reeling. However, I also take great delight in watching my sister’s sons grow in to fine young men who not only look like her but they favor her in their mannerisms and creative pursuits. — I’ve come to accept that grief ebbs and flows. Most of the time I’m able to celebrate the wonderful memories of my sister, and I appreaciate the special relationships I have with my nephews. — A style note: I claimed a few clothing and jewelry items from my sister as we cleared her closet, pieces that give me a great feeling of closeness to her when I wear them. Just a few days ago, I wore a favorite pair of her earrings, and one of my nephews immediately took notice, giving us a great opportunity to share favorite memories of his mom, my sister.

  8. So glad to hear the portals are opening up for you–even if briefly! You look fabulous! and those skinny jeans on you are just PERFECT! oh and the hats……

  9. I love that straw bag! Does the hardware form the handle? I’d love to see a photo of you holding it so I can picture the scale and structure. Glad you see you emerging!

  10. Dear Chrone,

    I love “Spectator” style pumps. I always associate them with my mother. In 1958 she had a pair of white and tan…I loved them and still do.

  11. You look so beautiful! That outfit is the epitome of “classy!” I love love love those pants on you and that hat is amazing! Kiah

  12. The new top is gorgeous…I have just spent the afternoon shopping unsuccessfully for a white evening blouse to wear to our upcoming family wedding. I’m convinced you are wearing the very top I need.

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