Every weekend Mr J and I have made a ritual of shooting  photos for Instagram as part of our time together.  As we drive through the city or on our way to dinner or breakfast, a background pops out that catches my eye.  This practice has become spontaneous, and it takes only a few minutes.  It’s a fun and interesting way to document our exploration of Denver neighborhoods.

The photo above was taken in Cherry Creek North before dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  The vintage fabric turban was discovered at a consignment shop several years ago.


This image was taken before dinner at a restaurant on 17th Avenue, adjacent to downtown Denver.  The straw cloche is by Guy, and I purchased it at a flea market in NYC years ago.


This photo was taken at Root Down HERE, a restaurant in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.  The straw hat is by Maeve Carr, and is a treasure from my hat shop in the 80’s.


Driving through Denver on a Saturday morning took us to the River North area of the city, which is rich with street art.  The straw fedora was purchased from a street vendor during our recent trip to New Orleans.


Under the “love” etching at the Thatcher Memorial Fountain in City Park on a sunny August afternoon was the perfect place to pose with the vintage navy straw hat trimmed with ribbon, discovered at an estate sale.


Photos By Mr J

This photo was taken after dinner in the Berkley neighborhood in northwest Denver.  The hat is a straw pillbox by Patricia Underwood, also from my hat shop in the 80’s.  “It’s Always About People” etched on the concrete retaining wall in a park by the restaurant attracted me to this site.

As always, there’s a hat for every occasion.  And every location!

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  1. It is funny how you see your city with different eyes when thinking about taking pictures for the blog.
    I took some photos in front of that black & white wall for our chambray shirt series that will air in September!!
    That green color looks stunning on you Judith!!
    Maybe we should start a page about the best places in Denver for backdrops!!

  2. You have so many wonderful hats and outfits! I’m sure you are the best dressed wherever you go Judith.

    Also…I need you to give me some posing lessons. You are a natural.


  3. You are an exceptionally lovely woman and I am charmed by the delightful outfits you put together (even though I am not in the least fashion wary!).

  4. I do enjoy these weekly IG posts and love seeing your outfits, your always glorious choice of hat and the backdrops.

  5. What lovely outfits – I especially love the mid-length black dress and cloche hat. You have such style, Judith, and a great photographer. Your blog is an inspiration to us all x

  6. This is such a marvelous collaboration for you and Mr. J. and it is wonderful that it has become part of your regular routine. You are so lucky to have a number of photographers you can rely on to document your gorgeous outfits. I love that image of you wearing black and white against the black and white wall.

  7. What a great collections of hats/outfits with wonderful backgrounds. You enhance the beauty & diversity of Denver.

  8. Every photo is magazine-y – bold, confident, and absolutely gorgeous. Best of all, they were taken spur of the moment in the midst of happy travels with Mr. J. The best photo-taking for me usually includes this element of fun as well.

  9. You’ve got yourself one wonderfully understanding man there, Judith! There’s not many men who’ll stop and take photos when dinner’s on the cards, it’s bad enough getting a couple of blog photos! (Love him really!)
    Hasn’t he got a great eye, too. The black and white outfit in front of the street art is worthy of a fashion shoot! xxx

  10. Dear Judith;

    Once again a beautiful gallery of styling. As always, I am impressed with the fresh approach you take to the current trends in fashion. I especially appreciate it for those of us who are in our “golden years” and have many high quality garments in our closets. You are the best example I know of a woman who really knows how to wear classic garments and accessorize with an up-to-date flair. As always, the hats are wonderful. Although I cannot successfully wear many of the styles you choose in the hats, I do wear my “signature” Fedoras, of which I will wear one several times a week.

  11. I do not think you can take a bad photo, and your outfits are always outstanding. These photos are fantastic and you are as beautiful as you always are. What a model!!!!

  12. Fabulous clothes, hats and locations.
    You must have an extraordinary closet and hat display.
    Do you make this art in your home?
    Tell us more about Mr J.

  13. I love all of them, but especially the black and white compositions (second, fourth and fifth photos). Really a hat does finish a look. No that is not right, it lifts a look to a different, higher level. Beautiful.

  14. The black dress with the cloche, I ADORE it, it is just the dress that I’ve been looking for for ages and you haven’t told me anything about it! What a very elegant lady you are!

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