This photo was taken on the street after meeting the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas for cocktails and a bite to eat at Kittchai, a Thai Restaurant in the hotel 60 Thompson Street, on the day after the Fab Over Fifty Fashion Show. I was drawn to its lack of focus which evolved into the photo below, depicting the three of us appearing in a swirl which reflected our outfits. Tequila Minsky HERE stopped us on the street and took photos with our cameras in this graffiti covered doorway.  For a focused photo and commentary on our evening escapade, check out the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE.

The photographic documentation of ‘Crone Energy.’

The IFs informed The SC of a sample sale taking place in the Ansonia (photo above) on the Upper West Side, presented by Brigitte, a designer who has decided to close her business which has been located in this majestic and historic building.  Because I arrived at the sale during a time when there was a limited number of shoppers, I had full access to the unusual and architecturally designed fabric hats at unbelievable prices. Needless to say, I have several new residents in the hat room (and gifts for friends) as a result of playing amidst Brigitte’s creativity.

One of Brigitte’s fabric hats made its debut between the interestingly shaped black hats worn by Jean (on the left) and Valerie of the IFs (Idiosyncratic Fashionistas) as we brunched at the Bowery Bar.

The IFs after brunch and before hat hunting, standing in front of a colorfully grand mural near the Bowery Bar.

The ever clever and inventive Jean and Valerie of the IFs put together a gathering at the DBGB restaurant on the Bowery to celebrate the date of 10-11-12.  Above is a photo of artist and milliner Carol Markel (on the left) of the blog Femme et Fleur HERE, and Valerie of the IFs decked out in black on blue polka dots for the event.  Carol is wearing the brilliantly vivid silk scarf that she purchased in Paris; she has been blogging about the trip that she and her husband Richard recently enjoyed.

Meeting the beautiful and creative Shelley of the Forest City Fashionista HERE for the first time.

From left to right, Jean of the IFs, Debra Rapoport (in a hat of her own design) and The SC.  Debra and The SC had participated in a magazine photo shoot before the 10-11-12 gathering, and appeared in full makeup.  The makeup artist was going for a David Bowie look and the black eyebrows and darker colors surprised me when I first saw my image.  However, I decided that it was fun and interesting to try a temporary new persona, which added to my list of new experiences and could be easily removed with a return to my more comfortable identity.

The question of what ‘feels too far’ and finding personal style boundaries relates to a recent post by Melanie of Bag and Beret HERE.  It’s interesting to me that  I can wear a hat every day without blinking an eye, but black eyebrows with my coloring made me feel a bit hesitant. Life is fleeting and so was the gift of an unexpected journey of self experimentation and the exploration of an unfamiliar exterior.

The evening included many examples of bloggers in action!  Shelley (on the left) and Carol take photos in the restaurant as the 10-11-12 event comes to an end.

The SC is joining the celebratory crew at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE.


  1. Oh, wow, beautiful hats!

    I understand your discomfort with black eyebrows. I have never gotten the hang of eyebrow pencils, and feel strange even when I experiment with darkening my brows. I did love it when my stylist recently dyed my eyebrows with the highlights she was using on my hair.

  2. Oh yes, I get that feeling of “out there!” But the vibe of “having SO much fun!!!” comes through in spades. What a wonderful gathering it must have been! I’ve recently begun following Femme et Fleur, and have been enjoying her Paris recaps. I’m looking forward to seeing the new hat acquisitions!

  3. It was interesting to read about your experience with this make-up. I’ve been following all the posts about your trip to NYC and had actually wondered if you’d been doing your own make-up. And how lucky were you to score all the new-to-you hats?

  4. Crones with Crowns sounds like the kind of NY Regency I’d like to hang around with. Top notch ladies having a top notch affair!

  5. I think the dark eyebrows are great when you’re wearing a dark hat, and the David Bowie make up is fantastic!

    The colours on your skirt in the top photo are gorgeous! Is there any possibility that we’re going to see that skirt again? I hope so!

    Don’t we have to go too far, to know where far enough is?

  6. I adore all these hats. Looks like a wonderful time!Eyebrows are a challenge, but the darker ones do make your eyes “pop” and as you said, easily washed off. You look terrific.

  7. I just wanted to say that I really admire your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and try something different, when it was called for.

    I’m also just yearning to ask you to teach me how to figure out hats- they’re a little of a mystery to me. Maybe I’ll find a way to meet you on some future trip to NYC…

  8. I love dark brows. I think black brows on a blond looks so exotic. I recently read about a trick for darkening brows. (Or a technique.) Take your mascara brush and wipe in on a tissue to get rid of most of the color. Then gently brush it over your brows. Voilà. Nice, natural, dark brows.
    P.S. We are ready for Sandy. Plenty of wine on hand.

  9. I am drawn to Crone Energy – it is some powerful stuff! You are wonderfully vivid in gold, and the unfamiliar makeup works as a different illumination. I so hope I get to see the results of the magazine shoot. Thank you for these posts of your journey!

    And Judith, I finally got out my hats! What’s taken me so long??? I used to wear them quite regularly, starting in my early teens. A couple have fit issues because I used to have *a lot* more hair, but I was absolutely thrilled to find no less than 5 ready for daily wear. Hooray!

  10. Hi Judith!
    I just discovered your blog. What a gem! I am scarf and hat addicted and looking at many of the pics you posted makes me feel like getting more new hats (cl;oet almost full with hats) All yours are so so stylish!!! I hope one day hats will be back in trend as scarves now are. In the meanwhile, I will be a faithful follower of your blog and will dream of all these adorable “bibis” (a fun word used by French women in the 50’s 60’s when hats were a must).
    All the best from Florida,
    Anne (Playing With Scarves)

  11. Your New York adventures have been captivating, Judith. You look very dramatic and stylish in your stage make up, Vix is right, it looks very New Romantic. Of course you have to take risks and experiment – it’s only make up, after all! Are you digesting all your experiences now you are home? I wonder whether you feel they have changed you? At home, away, new make up, usual make up – you are always an inspiration, Judith! xxxxx

  12. Yes, it’s certainly been a whirlwind, what with all the excitement gathering as the crones with crowns continue to converge. And what a pleasure to witness these adventures, as bits and pieces get jettisoned our way via posts all across the blogosphere. Cheers!

  13. I’m jumping to the end of the comments so I can express my initial reaction: WOW!! Your “David Bowie” makeup reminded me of the ’80’s (in a good way!) and I barely recognized you! What fun!! The hats are joyful and the experiences will stay with you forever. New friends, new energies, and the miracle of life moving on. Thank you for sharing it all. I’m energized and exhilarated.

    Sending love to you.

  14. What a journey! Judith, I didn’t recognize you at first with the makeup. My first thought was, “I really like that yellow eye shadow on her”, then I looked again and said, “Oh, that is the SC!” It is dramatic but a fun change and so easy to wash off, no commitments! 🙂 I am so enjoying following this journey SC, I love it! xo!

  15. Wow! What fun to go out on a limb with makeup! I read your NYC blogs with fascination and a twinge of envy. You have made such a mark with the SC, and look where it’s taken you!
    Can’t wait to see you in Denver. I’ll send you my dates as soon as I have them.
    Love from the desert!

  16. Thinking of you and these lovely women, hoping you are all keeping warm and protected from Sandy.

  17. Looks like you are having a ball! what a load of stylish ladies you get to hang out with!
    I really love your David Bowie look by the way! Sometimes it’s fun to do things like that and let someone reinvent you in ways you hadn’t considered yourself.

  18. One of the best things about blogging is meeting like-minded people – and it looks like you’ve made some great friends in NY. I noticed your make-up was looking a little more 1980s than usual in that photo, before I read your David Bowie explanation! Make-up artists do tend to slap it on for photoshoots, but you’ve got such a gorgeous face you can carry it off.

  19. All of you wear hats like no others I have ever seen. Hat’s were made to be worn by such lovely ladies as you all. That feather scarf is beautiful, such vibrant colors and a fantastic design.

  20. You all look amazing! I particularly love those hats and the incredible vibrant scarf! . What I love is you are all clearly having so much fun with your style. Absolutely stunning, and a total inspiration to me in my mid 30s!

    I’ve just started my own blog, with a halloween post featuring an 18th century hand sewn provencal cape and a ballgown made by my granny who was a couturier in the 30s. Do have a look if you get the time and let me know what you think:

  21. You in heavy make-up… That is a new one. But you can pull it off. Really like your yellow jacket. Gorgeous. You are having a lot of fun with the other fashionatas.

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