Photos by The Style Crone

The navy cloche in this photo was gifted by our daughter Camille, who has always put a lot of thought into giving a present that fits the recipient’s personality.  Growing up her bedroom was adjacent to the hat room, so The SC’s  preferences were an obvious daily visual!  With the hat as the centerpiece The SC combined the accessories from yesterday’s green and navy ensemble, which became a collage within seconds.  And the vintage estate sale bracelet is a piece of art that screamed for a close up!  It’s a wonder what a few minutes of play in the late morning can do for the soul.


  1. What a lovely bracelet! It’s a great find, and the color combination is unusual.

    BTW, could you post a picture of the hat room sometime? I’m not really a hat person (for myself), but I love the idea of having a room dedicated to hats!

  2. I love how you put your outfits together. How do you go about doing this? I admire how others put together such beautifully coordinated outfits but when it comes time to getting dressed I stick with the tried and true!

  3. I just love cloches. I found a new one at Marshalls 2 years ago, and bought them in evrey color! They didnt have one in blue, though…..

  4. Discovered your blgg via ADVANCED STYLE and am so glad I did. I love your photos, your outfits, your pizazz, and the way you love your husband and daughter. Your blog might seem frivolous at first but it’s not at all. I can see how you would brighten the lives of the people at chemotherapy, or just those you meet everyday. I have the feeling that you are quite an inspiration to people. Could you address what to wear to and from exercise class. I hate to see women my age (63) in sweat clothes and sneakers outside of the gym but I do it myself. What do you wear if you have errands after yoga?Thank you, and my best wishes for your husband’s good health.

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