The SC chose the pink headpiece with bow, created by friend and Denver milliner Erin Saboe of Go Go Chapeaux HERE, to accompany her downtown and uptown on a Friday in Manhattan.

Thank you to my friend Jackie for the generous offer of a place to stay on the Upper West Side during the first part of my NY adventure.  Stunning, with a great sense of style and humor, and a warm heart, Jackie expressed that her apartment has become my intermittent East Coast closet.

I met my dear friend Carl at the Gandhi Statue in Union Square.  We’ve known each other since the mid 70’s, and Nelson, Camille and I wouldn’t think of leaving the city over the years without a visit, basking in his brilliant smile and listening to his ever changing and exciting life stories.  Carl was sporting a dapper hat for the occasion, which made The SC especially happy.

Debra Rapoport informed The SC that Piazza, who has been featured in Advanced Style HERE, was going to be in the area of Union Square on this very Friday, so I was thrilled to meet her and admire her outfit and jewelry.  She makes headpieces of fringe and is wearing her black creation in this photo. I loved how it moved when she tossed her head.

Piazza is a hat maker, and we discovered that we had met several times before in SoHo during the years that she sold hats as a vendor.  I have several of her creations in my hat room, and promised to send her photos of the beauties that I purchased from her in the past.  It was amusing to realize that I was meeting someone who I already knew!

After spending time with Carl and Piazza, I took the train uptown to Harlem to meet Starla (to the left of The SC) my glamorous friend of many years, at the Red Rooster HERE which is across the street from the last apartment that Camille lived in during her time in NY.  Starla is the perfect name for the STAR that she is!  We were joined by Starla’s gorgeous friends (from the left) Katya and blogger Gervel of Gigi’s Meanderings HERE .  On a Friday night at the RR, we all hit the dance floor together in a swirl of celebration.

Hat lovers tend to find each other in any location.  Hat chat is one of my favorite activities, and the Red Rooster was no exception.  I have the card of this beautiful woman in the photo above to the left of The SC, but finding it upon my arrival home became an exercise in futility.  I’m sure that I’ll discover it. along with other misplaced items, as the days unfold.

Today the pink hat is back in the hat room, reminding me of the adventures we shared on a Friday in NYC.  All tied up in a bow, waiting for another outing to add to its appeal.  Hats are facilitators, connectors, and communicators, reaching out to grab life and pull it in to be cherished.

I’m happy to be back with the vibrant bloggers gathering at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE!


  1. Your circle of friends has such vibrant energy! And your hat, your magnificent hat…well, pink on one’s head is bound to bring all kinds of happiness. I love how there’s the pink, and lipstick, and earrings, and then black, including those awesome elegant gloves. Tremendous! I agree that hats are excellent friend-starters.

  2. This is my favorite hat of yours…and that is a big statement since I love so many! This one is just fabulous! Thank you for introducing us to the designer! You look gorgeous and joyful!

  3. You look so dazzling, Judith. I think that gorgeous hot pink hat helped keep you from just floating off the ground! Everyone around you is beaming with delight. Is that hat energy?

  4. Oh! it sounds like a beautiful journey you had. Such a travel gives so much joy and energy. And it is wonderful. And amazing hats and clothes and exciting women we have seen. The pink hat is so beautiful.

  5. What joy and abundance!! Being able to tap into the amazing energy of New York is such a blessing and I’m so happy to see you looking so gorgeous. The pink hat is exceptional; what a marvelous choice for your adventure. Now that you mention it, it seems to me that when I wear a hat, I do somehow connect with strangers more easily. It must be that I feel that much more confident and happy. Now I just need a pink one!!!! Maybe Piazza has one for sale.


  6. I wish I had the courage to wear beautiful hats! They just look so pretty and put together. I just feel wrong when I try them on, guess they just aren’t me. But I love seeing others wear hats 🙂

  7. Piazza is a fierce looking woman and how wonderful that you already owned several of her hats. Would love to see video of all the dancin’ that was going on.

  8. Every time I see you in a different hat, I think, “that one is my favourite”, until I see the next one. This hot pink number is definitely my current hat crush! Thanks for posting some photos of your adventures prior to our meet up – I’m jealous that you got to go dancing with that awesome group. I am pretty sure I met Piazza at the Stephen Jones Hat talk last October. She has some serious style chops; what a stunning neckpiece she’s wearing.

  9. Judith,
    You must come to the big apple more often. Your hats will be vying for a chance to leave the Hat Room and fly to New York (on a plane).

  10. Judith you share your adventures so eloquently, as a hat lover myself…all of these hat stories made my soul happy! Thank you for generously sharing your hats and travels!

  11. I too find that hats and other unique accessories serve as “facilitators, connectors, and communicators” just as you suggest. I am quiet purposeful in my use of accessories as a means of creating opportunities to meet people. They spark the initial conversations that can then lead to meaningful encounters, and they give me entre to many an interesting conversation, ocassion, or venue. Individualists with a unique style are able to utilize fashion as a means of negotiating the world and enabling enjoyment of special moments in life that might not otherwise occur.

  12. You and your friends and NYC and Harlem…..OH MY !!!! You look fabulous, of course, and your friends do too. I admire how you just “go for it” and live your life.

  13. SC in NYC! Your beautiful pink hat was the perfect choice, you look stunning and I love seeing you having a great time with so many stylish and interesting people. Hats, or any item a little out of the ordinary, do draw attention and conversation, I have noticed that phenomenon too!
    Hope the pink hat is suitably rested back home in its spot in the hat room, and reminding you of a fabulous adventure. xxx

  14. Perfect….. you, the hat, the outfit, the trip. Gives me a warm feeling. So many friendships.

  15. That is such a gorgeous hat! I love the colour. Looks like you had a wonderful time out in NY. How funny that you already “knew” the hatmaker!

  16. Judith, you are vibrantly, devastatingly beautiful in your perfect pink hat, glowing among dear friends so brightly as to light up that whole giant city.

    Thank you for these wonderful stories of connection.

  17. SC, your life never ceases to amaze me! All the wonderful connections springing up everywhere, it is so gorgeous. And speaking of gorgeous… I must get one of those fringe hair hats! I can imagine the movement, how fun! I love you in pink, you are a glowing and glorious being dear Judith. Your smile is a bright light in the world. xo

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