The vintage scarf with double-faced fabric was perfect for a headwrap with just the right texture, shape retention and flexibility without stiffness to tie once and tuck within its own folds.  I enjoy the process of wrapping and how the end result changes every time, and presents a unique perspective at every angle.  This scarf provides multiple possibilities, with only creativity as the guide for the ‘wrap of the moment.’

Photos by Camille

Vintage double-faced scarf for headwrap – gifted,  70’s estate sale rust fringed semi-sheer top over black tank top,  cropped skinny jeans – Buffalo Exchange, vintage Troylings peep toe heels and vintage earrings and bangles – estate sales.

Close-up of outer face of scarf and earrings.

The SC has been avoiding estate sales as much as possible for over two years.  My intention is to cycle out instead of in.  However, I turn automatically and involuntarily, analogous to breathing, if a sign with the words ‘estate sale’ appears before me on a street as I drive by.  This was my experience last weekend, and I was rewarded with this antique distressed table and chairs (pot with plant included ) which fit to perfection on the small porch upstairs off of what has now been declared my bedroom.  It’s a small outdoor living space which I refer to as the veranda, which provides a view of my neighbor’s urban vegetable garden below and the upper levels of the many Denver squares in my neighborhood.

I’ve been going to estate sales since the 70’s and most of my inventory comes from discoveries at these ‘in home markets’ held across the city, usually on weekends.  It’s a great way to explore diverse neighborhoods and the people watching is superb.  It’s a bit of a subculture including the small businesses that run the sales, regular customers and the collective thrill of the hunt.  Years ago I went every weekend with my friend who was looking for sheet music.  I would run to the bedrooms for the clothes and he would head for the basement in search of the prize of the day.  However, over the past few years I am a sporadic thrill seeker, but my heart still beats fast when I find a sale that has a few fascinating items which make me stop in my tracks with awe.  It’s that feeling of surprise and the discovery of treasures that keeps me coming back for more, even if it’s only a few times a year.




  1. I nearly exclaimed out loud when I saw the photo of the table on your veranda. Just a few days ago, I found a cafe table and two chairs someone had abandoned on the street. I immediately claimed them for my new balcony. I have quite a spectacular view from the 14th floor, 180 degrees for many miles, and additional seating is a welcome addition. The set I found is a pale yellow color, but I bought bright pink paint yesterday to update it more to my taste so that will be a project this weekend if it does not rain.

    Like you, I am a fan of estate sales, and I have many treasures from, as you say, running to the bedrooms. Just last year I finally parted with my collection of women’s business suits from the 1940s and 50s. I wore them for many years, and I thought it time that someone else get to enjoy them. — I am seriously trying to down-size!

  2. This is one of my favourite outfits of yours. A fantastic blend of vintage and modern.

    I’ve been experimenting with my scarves for that perfect headwrap. But so far everything is either too slippery or too bulky. I know I’ll find something that works someday. This inspires me to keep trying.

  3. I love the burnt colors – you know. And the scarf is a perfect accessory and exciting way you’ve done it. The earrings is beautiful. I like the furniture for your veranda. I’ve always loved being able to go from bedroom to a veranda. It’s interesting the way you get the thing.

  4. We don’t seem to have estate sales here any more although I remember going to them with my Grandma as a child and the heady excitement of unearthing a treasure!
    I adore your head wrap and those rich autumnal tones and your wrought iron patio set is a thing of great beauty! x

  5. Your headwrap is absolutely amazing! I’ve only seen it done this stylish on Bali in Indonesia (by the men) and in African countries (the women). I’ve tried many times myself but have had to give up – I haven’t got the faintest clue how to get such an elegant result!

    I love how all the colours work together (as always in your photos!), even the leaves of the plant! I’m not sure what exactly an estate sale is… And maybe that’s for the best since I’m terrible at down sizing!

  6. Creativity is the guide for wrap of the moment…what an excellent way of putting it. Your headwrap this time is gorgeous. When I try wrapping my results are usually only suitable for a laugh in front of the mirror! I would like to master how to create a tower on my head, a wrap that swirls up and up.

    You also look fabulous in your skinny jeans! The warm-earth top is perfect with them and your wrap, and the sweet heeled peep-toe shoes accentuate the long lean line from your crown to your feet. Your legs go on forever.

    I can’t believe the potted plant came with that charming veranda set! One-stop shopping.

  7. Hi Judith, You look amazing as always. I wanted to ask your help…you can email me the answer if you like. One of my favorite students has recently been diagnosed with A.L.L…She just started chemo last Saturday and I went to see her today. She is so beautiful and thinks she will be happier with head wraps over hats when she eventually loses all of her hair. How did you learn to tie the scarf this way?? I want to show her and maybe find some beautiful scarves to take to her. Is there a tutorial or can you tell me?? Thanks so much for your help…she is in her early 20s.

  8. ….estate sales, and it helps that you have such exquisite taste……beautiful ensemble.

  9. As soon as I saw the first photo, I thought, “what a gorgeous patio set!” Love the curly-que’s on the table legs and the shape of the chair backs. There are very few estate sales around here, and they are impossible to get to without a car. It’s probably a good thing, as I think I could easily become addicted.

    You did an amazing job with the head scarf – I would love to see a tutorial as to how you wrapped it! I’ve just recently started tying bandanas or scarves around my head, and am enjoying the look, but this look is beyond my skill level. Those skinny jeans are so flattering on you!

  10. Burnt orange colors look good on you Judith. We also love estate sales, less for the clothes than the possibility of home furnishing. Several of our cherished pieces were purchased at estate sales. Now I would also look at the jewelry.

  11. A delightful space! I can see see you sipping coffee/tea as the breezes blow. I love the colors of this ensemble and the headwrap is beautiful.

  12. I love your veranda and the new furniture for it. It has been years since I’ve regularly visited estate sales, but I always loved trying to imagine the lives of the people who had owned the items. I’ve begun to experiment with turbans–inspired perhaps by you!

  13. A veranda must be an amazing place, sez the woman living with two 15-year olds in a two-bedroom town home 🙂 Peaceful introspection likely occurs there, and not an adolescent hormone in sight! Great find on the furniture, and a great way to spend time, appreciating and sometimes adopting items that really, really need a new home.

    Your scarf and your flowers play off one another so well, the gentle folds of your turban echoing the natural petals.

  14. You have such great taste in fabrics. And these colors are wonderful! Coincidentally I was just trying on a lacy sweater in the same color but sadly it just didn’t quite hang right. I love this on you!

  15. This is a wonderful post full of surprises. The skill with your scarf and
    wrapping around your head is wonderful. Your table and chairs find is
    magnificent and so is your sweet view of the neighborhood.

  16. The only thing left to add is your morning cafe au lait! Your patio set complete with potted plant is a real treasure. And you look stunning amongst the tree top background in your simply exotic ensemble. Like a sighting of a rare bird…

  17. I have never been to an estate sale, I don’t think people do them here.
    Beautiful colours, they suit you so well. Haven’t seen a colour that doesn’t actually! And you have wrapped that scarf with elegance and aplomb! xxx

  18. Marvelous table and chairs and even more marvelous you! I love the rusty orange and (is it navy?) “skinny jeans- you look so chic! The scarf and the way you describe how your headwrap is different everytime beguiles me. I want things to be predictable and the same so I now realize its perspective that adds to your timeless chic. You accept and embrace the waxing and waning, the ebb and flow of tides. I think perhaps, if I embrace, as you do, the thrill on this one expression of a moment, I might be able to enjoy a turban/headwrap or two. Love you! -Bella Q

  19. I love how you cross your legs in both of these pictures. Such a feminine, attractive pose. I’m studying body-movement and see you have it down to an art.

  20. What a lovely table and chairs! They look ever so chic (as do you.) You and orange, certainly are best friends. I’m glad to see that you are beginning to consider the estate sales again, and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  21. I know the thrill of the hunt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a feeling.
    Your photos are getting closer and bigger so I feel i can nearly can hug you.
    Much love always, my dearest Judith.

  22. I would love estate sales. But they don’t have them in The Netherlands. Pitty. On the other hand we do have good thrift shops. But unfortunately I am not very good at finding things there. Some people, like you, just have the eye for it. Like the multicoloured maxi dress in your last post.
    You have made a pretty picture on your balcony. Both with the table and chairs and with your outfit from head to toe. Very much like your style.
    PS thank you very much for your comment on “my” item on That was very kind of you.

  23. Such a great table and chairs. Love the head wrap, the orange, the earrings, the happiness and smile! I can’t believe I have never been to an estate sale, but hope to go some day. I can imagine how it must feel to find something special. 🙂

  24. Your scarf wrap looks so comfy vibrant and perfect for a summer day. I too like the occasional estate sale, the chance to walk into someone else’s world and save something they loved and held onto for whatever reason. I think the reason I don’t go more is sometimes I get very sad because it makes me think about death which I know is part of life but I don’t wanna think about it ever.

  25. You look amazing in your headwraps! I wish I could figure out how to make them like that. Maybe it is as you say, finindg the right fabric with the right thickness might be a good idea. Sometimes simple scarves don’t seem to do it!
    I can understand the automatic reaction to the estate sales sign – I have a similar one to the word sale! 🙂

  26. I always wonder what treasures one could unearth at estate sales – they have them in the UK too and have always been curious about going to one. Love this rusty colour on you and how imaginative you are with scarves – it looks wonderful as a turban!

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