Since I’ve had my flight into health,  I feel energized and ready to get back into the swing of things.  Daniel and I headed to the River North HERE area of Denver to explore the street art and other possibilities for backgrounds.  New street art and sculptures are continually popping up and the colors are magnificent.

I discovered this gold beaded gown at an estate sale last summer during the time that gorgeous blogger friend Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE was visiting.  When I did a quick “try on” of the dress, she mentioned that it would “shine” with a jean jacket.  Her brilliant idea has been brought to life with this post.

This jean jacket has been in my closet for many years after I purchased it at a Denver boutique closing sale. The sequin cap, rhinestone jewelry and gold trimmed shoulder bag are all estate sale finds. The black heels were discovered at a Denver consignment store years ago.

The ever evolving street art brings me back to this area again, and again, and again. In the midst of the self-expression of artists my creativity is heightened. It makes me feel inspired and more alive and it fit perfectly for today.

To be ill is to be forced into stillness.  There is sense of moving into the internal and distancing from the intense focus on creative projects, treasured connections and the rituals of my yoga practice.  Fierce independence suddenly transitions to needing help from others.  It is humbling and provides a contrast that reminds me that every day that I experience the precious gift of health is a day to be celebrated.

I wore this ensemble out to dinner with Daniel after our photo shoot, so it’s already had its first outing.  Since I have a weakness for gowns, I know it won’t be its last!

Photos By Daniel

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  1. I think it’s fabulous that you wore this gown with a jean jacket—it’s that yin/yang that I think is so fun!!
    Now the question is—where’d you go to dinner? We are always looking for fabulous restaurants, and Denver seems to be full of them lately!

  2. Love, love, LOVE the Jean jacket with the dress. In fact, I love the jean jacket–the fit on you with the great seam lines. You have such an elegant look.

  3. SO SO FABULOUS STARTING with the HAT but not ending there. GOWNS what a novel idea. Stay well and strong now that SPRING is coming!!!

  4. Oh, Judith! You are so very special.

    I really needed to start my day filling my eyes and mind with beauty – the tree brimming with white blossoms outside my window as I write this, the exuberantly sunshiny day, and then…this post.

    The gold gown and jean jacket and sequined hat = a BRILLIANT combination! As are your words and graceful grateful attitude. Thanks for inspiring me yet again!

    Love to you today!

  5. You always look fabulous, but here you are absolutely radiant! I read this post after a trip to purchase a little something that will forever remind me of how lucky I am to be here today, I rejoiced with you as tears flowed for the first time. Thank you Judith! You inspire, always!

  6. Such a brilliant combination of denim plus super-glam, Judith. We often take our health for granted, and there are lessons in being sick for a short while (although I don’t want you to ever be sick again!) Thanks for linking up, xo


  7. I want that jean jacket ! You look amazing, inspiring & the street art is pretty fabulous too.

  8. Oh how I love this!

    The shape of that jean jacket is fantastic!

    I’m so glad you are feeling more like yourself. It is true that we take our health for granted. Being able to prove and exercise is a privilege.


  9. This Jean jacket is so well tailored, looks wonderful against the soft dress. Loving the contrast and the street scenes are fab! Glad you are energized , you rock!

  10. Absolutely stunning. As you say the background is fabulous for this shoot. You were wearing solid colours so no competition with the street art.
    As for health.. you are so right. We have to celebrate it when we are in good health.

  11. Once again, you have blown me away. My friends and I regularly look to your blog/instagram for inspiration, you always look so incredible!

  12. Gasp! sequins and lurex, my favourite combination.
    You look wonderful, Judith – so pleased you’re back to rude health. xxx

  13. Another smashing juxtaposition of casual with cool glamour! Your prose is as eloquent as your ensembles are elegant … I’m saddened that you have had some health issues and glad to see you are back in glorious form … But I can also so relate to your wise and thoughtful description of what happens to us when what we take for granted can sometimes turn on a dime … Your resilience, spirit and spunk continue to inspire!!! Wishing you continued recovery, love and peace. XOX

  14. I love the idea of wearing a denim jacket over a fancy gown – it has to be the perfect jean jacket, and the one you have is a lovely tailored version.

    Your description of how it feels to be ill describes exactly the feelings I have had when I’ve been in bed with Pneumonia or bronchitis. You are forced into stillness, and the rest of the world goes on while you fight to rejoin it. I’m glad you’re better and back doing photo shoots with Daniel.

  15. Judith, I loved seeing this outfit on Instagram and here “on the big screen” with a story, even more so. The elegant split at the back and gorgeous little cap add that extra pizzazz. (And you compliment the street art wonderfully). xx

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