This photo shoot was precipitated by a Monday morning jury duty experience. The Denver City and County Building and the surrounding area looked to be a location with endless possibilities for background opportunities. Everywhere I go these days includes a visual survey of my environment.

The next day Daniel and I found ourselves back in the center of Denver, with its landmarks and historical buildings.

I adorned myself in layers of blue, originating from Denver estate sales, a Mexican street vendor, a Paris hat boutique, a Minneapolis consignment shop and Target.  I have always loved diversity.

The blue fabric toque with a touch of grey has been a winter favorite for several years and paired nicely with the multicolored blue boiled wool and embroidered blanket scarf that I discovered in Mexico a few weeks ago.  The powder blue vintage gloves and the blue vintage brooch and earrings were found at Denver estate sales.  I purchased the jeans at a Minneapolis consignment shop this past summer.  The blue boots are from Target.

The vintage navy jacket was also purchased at an estate sale.  It’s been in my closet for years, but this is its first outing.  I love the details and the buttons.  Sometimes it takes years to fall in love with a piece that has been with me forever.  And then I wear it again, and again, and again.  It’s part of the rhythm of my life.  As a collector I believe that if a garment or accessory can be worn once every 20 years, it’s a keeper.

Photos By Daniel

As a reminder, Hat Attack is open for participation, all day, every day.


  1. What a beautiful combination. Blue is my favorite color, and the navy coat is to die for. So elegant! Thank you for the inspiration you give your readers.

  2. So very lovely indeed! My absolutely favorite color! It always makes me ponder, how long did it take for her to locate all of the wonderful shades of blue.

  3. love everything about this … and you! I, too, am a big fan of the diplomatic mash up … I’m all about the hi – low, in dressing, decor and living! It makes life so much more interesting! Viva diversity! Hope the jury duty went smoothly … love those blue boots!

  4. You and your syle are just spectacular Judith.
    I too love to combine pieces from all sorts of origins. In my view that is the way to truly express an individual style. An awareness and receptivity to the endless options available takes time, maturity, creativity, and self awareness. Appreciating the style of others requires these same attributes.
    You are an inspirationall woman.

  5. Judith, you never cease to amaze me; the styling for this outfit is divine!! Every design element is utilized to make this ensemble perfect for you. I love the playful aura that surrounds the look while also being right on trend. It is also very affordable, (except maybe the trip to Paris!) but retains the couture look, especially with your signature hat. Once again, another fabulous ensemble

  6. Absolutely stunning outfit! I do love blue, from the pale slightly lilac Winter sky blue to deep sea blue, and you are wearing almost every shade!

  7. This is all so beautiful- I can’t believe that you haven’t worn the jacket before! I agree that keeping beautiful things pays off in the end.

  8. Judith, You are one of my absolute favorite blogs, I simply love everything you do. I would love to see your closet and how you keep and store all these beautiful treasures and would love to tag along on one of your shopping sprees.Looking forward to many more posts.Lovely!!! Lovely!!

  9. You are so amazing and so beautiful. WOW. I adore your fashion sense and the presence you seem to create just by “being” love you 🙂 oh and I wish we still had a Target in Canada because I adore those boots eeek . Cheers to you

  10. I adore your fashion sense and the presence you seem to create just by “being” love you 🙂 oh and I wish we still had a Target in Canada because I adore those boots eeek . Cheers to you

  11. Stunning, absolutely stunning. You to begin with of course, but all other items too, every si gle one of them. Such a lovely combination. My kind of thing. Putting all these treasures together untill it is more than the sum of them. The fact you have a coat (as good as this one) for 20 years before you wear it, makes me think you live in a castle. I know about your hats room and I have seen your wall of scarves (how do you keep the dust away?) but that must be the tip of the iceberg.

  12. Blue is one of those colours that looks good on everyone, and there are so many lovely shades in this outfit. The scarf is gorgeous, and the perfect size to wear many different ways. I can’t believe you got those boots at Target!

    I’m a firm believer in having coats in different weights, fabrics and colours, and if one or two don’t get worn one year, they will get worn the next. The shape of your navy coat is very chic and the details are exquisite – definitely a keeper!

  13. Wow! I don’t know that I can add any more to the above comments but when I saw this ensemble, and that coat, I knew I had to weigh in with my “wow”.

  14. “As a collector I believe that if a garment or accessory can be worn once every 20 years, it’s a keeper”. So very true, Judith. How refreshing. I can’t be doing with all this “if it hasn’t been worn for 6 months then chuck it out”. Rampant consumerism is so very wrong.
    A glorious outfit, each and every piece bought thoughtfully and with love. That’s why you’re a style icon. xxx

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