The SC and Daniel traveled the short distance from home to Cheeseman Park HERE for an afternoon of photos.  We started with the Cheeseman Park Pavilion HERE as background to an ensemble which was neutral based, but adorned.  Decorated.   Covered with ornamentation.  Accessorized.  Embellished.


I began today’s composition around the 1930’s evening bag which instantly caught my interest at an estate sale. Inside the bag was a tag which described the bag as “gold brocade , silver and gold work, double-sided jade and emerald beads.”  The perfect illustration of adornment.

Inside the bag is a small and elegant satin pillow which I assume serves the purpose of maintaining its shape when not filled with useful content.  It sits upon my mantel in the living room so that I can reflect upon its beauty daily, thereby adorning, enchanting and enhancing my life.


‘In all ages, far back into pre-history, we find human beings have painted and adorned themselves.’  ~H.G. Wells, The Work, Wealth and Happiness of Mankind


I feel the concept of adornment deeply.  My daily ritual.  My art.  My self-expression.

I’ve learned not to judge it, but rather to enjoy how it feels.  Not to question the presence of its impulse, but to go with its process.  Adornment is second nature to my humanity.


Sequins are the perfect example of adornment.  They shine.  They glitter.  They serve to celebrate.  A small, shiny disk sewn as one of many onto clothing for decoration, they brighten the day and lighten the night.  I have been sequin-inspired by Tamera of the blog Tamera Beardsley HERE, who is the master of these magical disks.  

Swinging through the hat room and my closets, I was greeted by the sequin treasures of an estate sale vintage headpiece and sleeveless top.  The sequin and beaded neckpiece has a permanent place on my bedroom dresser, and is another example of how accessories serve as home decor.


The Denver Botanic Gardens HERE are adjacent to Cheeseman Park, and the fence dividing the two provides background to the estate sale vintage gold brocade jacket with stand-up collar.  The white cropped pants were a retail sale find during my trip to Florida in 2012.


The estate sale gold heeled sandals adorn crone feet and accessorize the focus of today’s ensemble.


Photos By Daniel

I love any opportunity to pull on the luxurious estate sale vintage long off-white leather gloves with pearl button closures.  They are as soft as any gloves that comprise my beloved glove collection, which lives happily with the residents in the hat room.  I could rename the room “The Gathering of Adornments” if I were so inclined.

I’m linking up with the other visibles at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Patti has adorned herself with a lion patterned blouse today!


  1. What a wonderful brocade coat and hat! i love how you’ve dressed it down with the cropped trousers so it looks funky and current! Gorgeous! x

  2. Judith, you just get better and better…each post, each outfit more fabulous that the last. This is gorgeous from hat to shoes…the coat is amazing! You inspire me so! Have a wonderful week!

  3. You’re adorned so beautifully, Judith! What a treasure of a bag you found. I always appreciate the beauty your posts send my way, and thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday.

  4. Stunning!! Your pose and prose brighten the beginning of each week, and I often return to re-view.

    I only debate “crone” feet, since my post-polio physique now demands funky feet encased in boots year-round to stabilize that which is above them. As a recovering shoeholic, I am so happy that I once spent my only 70s money on 3 pairs of fashion-forward shoes, incl. high boots of crinkly faxed brown leather, high heels, too. I may not have peep-toes, but I have memories!

    Thank heaven Dr. Martens has released such variety! I am getting serious about searching for the London-only rendition in…lace!

  5. Oh, I’m absolutely swooning over this outfit. The elegance! The glamour! That brocade coat and bag are the stuff of dreams.

  6. I am drooling all over your wonderful ensemble. The brocade is fabulous, and I am so glad you are perfect for this Saturday´s Share-in-Style: gold
    How not to ADORE YOU?

  7. You look so enchanting and exquisite with your fine adornment. Your writings bring me as much joy and inspiration as do your beautiful photos.

  8. You look STUNNING!I love your use of words here.”The gathering of Adornments!”
    You also have beautiful feet!Your photographer has captured YOU beautifully.
    I have one question……tell me about the word CRONE?!!I understand it to mean older……….perhaps I should go look it up in my dictionary!
    Beautiful post!

  9. Breathless! The whole outfit is classic and elegant but also modern and chic. The bag is stunning and the coat makes me swoon. I am in awe! I want to dress like you when I grow up! (If I ever manage it.)

  10. LA Contessa stole my thoughts away: Gathering of Adornments indeed. Coming to your blog is like unwrapping a box of exceptional chocolates. How could I ever chose just one. So I luxuriate in all you bestow on us.

  11. I love adorning myself. And to me you are such an example. Take f.i. this outfit. It is so well balanced, so chic. You and Elle (My Daily Costume) are the best estate sale and consignment store shoppers. Oh, and Suzanne (Suzanne Carillo Style Files). You have done a wonderful job with this creation.

  12. Take my breath away. With every post. And wearing it all with the white capris just made it so very right on. What can I say? I’m so happy to be able to see what you’ll do next. Thanks Judith, you’re the best!

  13. Never have neutrals looked so luxurious, elegant and adorned! The coat, hat and bag are beautiful. Judith, I really appreciate your apologia for self-decoration and adornment. Sometimes, I feel others see an interest in clothing and self-presentation as superficial and frivolous; like you, I believe it has a creative and artistic purpose, that it expresses something about us which we need to say without words. Yes, a part of out humanity. And in your case, a thoroughly gorgeous part! xxxx

  14. Judith – your style inspires me! One of these days I may find the courage to post on Visible Monday. You make “stylish” look so effortless!

  15. ooo….that coat reminds me of the original Barbie evening coat, Evening Splendor! (Remember, gold lame on white brocade?)

  16. Wow you really pulled out all the stops on this one. You look like you need to be in a Hollywood movie. Stunning. Just stunning. Every detail adds a bit more interest without overwhelming the tableau.


  17. In a word, Pretty! If I saw you in the park that day, I’d be stopped in my tracks, thinking how very pretty you look! I love that stand up collar and the bag is gorgeous! A blog post worthy of coming back to again and again. Hey, I always love me a little sparkle and gold! Now! I do hope the SC and Daniel dined out at a splendiferous restaurant!

  18. Stunning outfit, Judith, from the gorgeous hat right down to the golden shoes.
    Brocade has never looked as good as in this coat, perfect with the sequins.
    Self adornment is indeed a wonderful creative endeavour.

  19. Such wonderful and fresh colors today. And a great setting for the photos. I love to put a few things on display from my accessories to enjoy too. Scarves and necklaces hanging on lamps is just one.

  20. Oh my dear … you are speaking my language here to be sure! I Love everything about this ensemble … from the neutral color pallet … to the textures and of course the sequins! I absolutely adore this creation!

    I had to chuckle when I read your sequin inspiration … was none other than myself! Truly honored I am, my dear Judith! You have inspired me to ‘dress’ today!


  21. This outfit took my breath away! You look positively regal in gold and white. Every detail here is perfect. That coat is beyond fabulous. How I’d love a wander through your hat room and closets!

  22. Holy Cow, you look divinely gorgeous!! The dramatic shape of the coat, the brilliant detail of the bag, the perfection of the gloves, hat and shoes – it’s all soooo glorious. Daniel’s photos are wonderful – the last one showing the detail of the bag, gloves and brocade coat is a perfect shot. You two make a great creative team.

  23. wow…..stunning and brocade-beautiful! The gloves are so gorgeous; I can feel their softness.

  24. This outfit looks like pure pleasure, beauty for the sake of beauty. To adorn yourself in such a delicious way, to enjoy your collection and share it with us, is a generous gift. I love brocade and soft glove leather, the glint of gold with layered neutrals, and your exquisite combinations of texture. You’re right! Tamera is another brilliant acolyte of this aesthetic. Is it a coincidence that we are Pisces people? 🙂

  25. That structured coat in brocade paired with the chic informality of the cropped white pants! One could easily envision Joan Collins or Elizabeth Taylor wearing this ensemble to a swank restaurant in the 50s.

    The bag, however, is worthy of the Queen herself. I’ve no doubt Ma’am has pretty little pillows for each of her precious evening bags — and for the toes of her pumps (if the Corgis haven’t nibbled on them). What a sensible yet luxurious solution to protecting that beadwork from a damaged backing!

  26. I agree completely with your philosophy on adornment. I wish other people didn’t judge it quite so harshly. That bag is exquisite! It’s easy to see why it rests on your mantle when not in use. The rest of the outfit is very Old Hollywood and you look every inch the star in it 😉


  27. A beautiful concoction for any background, and you are lovely amid the greenery, but you are astonishing and completely beautiful in front of the stoic architecture.
    Wow! Brocade always wants the additional embellishment that worked so well in its historical context, yes? Perfect taste, Judith. You have it.
    I’m off-again-on-again about jewelry with my outfits these days. In this humidity, I’m happier with less, but I do sort of yearn for summer versions. And I have a fantastical and large metal cuff, decorated full around with various sizes of same-metal bees … not incised, but three-dimensional critters. It doesn’t really want to go with much of my wardrobe. Any ideas for making it work for me?
    Such a treat, this post. You’re so lovely, always.

  28. Wowser! You look stunning! So glamorous and channelling a movie star look from a bygone era. Gorgeousness x a million dollars.

  29. Daniel should have turned around quickly and photographed all the gawkers watching you, their mouths hanging open at your stunning beauty. This outfit is the pinnacle of elegance. I would not be surprised to find a trail of gold glitter behind you. Thanks so much for demonstrating so brilliantly how glamour is not just for special occasions but every day.

  30. Having been raised by feminists, Quakers, and hippies, I was taught that adorning oneself was “mainstream,” “anti-feminist,” etc. I’ve had to unlearn all that. Like you, it is a part of who I am. I struggle with a chronic pain disability caused by child abuse and I can’t tell you how much adornment — of myself and of my home — has helped me cope with this struggle. I embrace adornment now. Love to hear that you do too.

  31. Oh my word this is stunning on you! I never would have guessed that gold could look that good as the highlighted color but it is gorgeous on you.

  32. Oh, I love all the cool crisp whites, creams and taupes in this outfit. The mixed textures of brocades, sequins, leather and shiny gold are just wonderful, Judith. Thank you for linking up to Shoe Shine!

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