The SC and Mr. J traveled to Vail HERE, a breathtaking mountain wonderland just an hour and one half drive to the west of Denver.  We spent three days wandering around an area known for its skiing resorts and in the off-season continues to attract visitors to its majestic Rocky Mountain scenery, galleries, shops, and restaurants.


We floated through each day without a structured agenda, like the soft floral scarf that I purchased at Wild Flowers Home, Gift, and Garden HERE, owned by dear friends Jonah and Brian, who have a great eye for that which tantalizes the senses.


Photos by Mr. J

The mountain weather changes at the drop of a hat, and layers were the answer to the sun’s disappearance behind drifting clouds, or the chill of the evening air.  My ensemble for the day, accompanying the floral scarf: blue straw hat – Patricia Underwood from my hat shop in the 80’s; purple wool wrap – estate sale; coral palazzo pants – Sense yoga wear; blue tank and bolero sweater  – Target many years ago; vintage orange earrings, dark red walking sandals, blue Fluevog booties, crystal pendant – gifted.


Photo By The SC

Mr. J’s ever abundant warmth shines through in a photo taken by a mountain stream as we walked to Lionshead, a resort area near Vail.  Lionshead and Vail Village are the lively centers where most skiers and snowboarders head to and from the mountain during the day and world-class restaurants in the evening.  The off-season is my cup of soothing tea, with a more relaxed perspective accompanying the summer panorama.

Enjoying new experiences is as much fun in our 70’s as it was at any age.  There is an appreciation for the here and now and the rich gifts of life and knowledge of its impermanence.  A depth enhanced by experience and transparency, seasoned with loss, and gratitude for the unexpected healing that it allows.

As Ziggy Marley HERE astutely proclaims, “Only if we give it away, can love be love.” Be it a friend, a child, a parent, a pet, a companion, or a partner.  However it is felt and expressed, without power, control or judgement.  The world needs more of the vibration of unconditional love.



  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. I love your posts and your outfits are just wonderful!!!

  2. Judith, Mr J is so handsome! I can tell just by looking at him that he’s an old soul filled with wisdom and compassion. It’s so wonderful that you two have found each other!
    I’m obsessed with that scarf. It just takes my breath away and you’ve styled it so beautifully. I need to visit Wildflowers Home’s website immediately 😉


  3. I love Ziggy Marley and never were there more truer words.
    I know Mr J would be a handsome chap and he is. What wonderfully kind eyes and a strong jawline. You must cut quite a dash on your adventures.
    That scarf is poetry and those rich, jewel like colours are magnificent. xxx

  4. It’s wonderful to see Mr. J. His warmth and intelligence shine out from his eyes, and yes, he’s a very good-looking man too! Peace and love to you both. Love your layers and your awesome trousers. xox

  5. You both look so happy!!

    I see the same look in my mother and her husband who remarried a few years ago at the age of 74. 😉

    Here is a quote from a movie review (forgot which movie) that I liked regarding love in later years:

    “Among the wrong assumptions of youth is that the most passionate feelings are experienced when young. But middle-aged people have an awareness of the clock, and that’s a profound intensifier.”

    Mick LaSalle

  6. Judith you look beautiful in your colorful, flowing outfit. And I loved seeing a picture of Mr. J whose face is so kind!

    May we indeed be filled with love and compassion!

  7. Again…every week you out do yourself!! The scarf is gorgeous…all of the colors so stunning! You never cease to amaze me with your style, Judith…and he is such a handsome man with a tender countenance. I love that top photo so much!

  8. What a beautiful post. Poetic and meaningful. Wonderful photos and you two really do make a handsome couple.


  9. What a lovely sentiment! Love Patricia Underwood’s hats. Do you remember Frank Olive? I used to buy his hats when he’d come to town with his trunk show… way back in the day.

  10. You are like a butterfly! Mr J is indeed a handsome man, but the warmth and kindness in his face is his best feature. Chiseled jaws are handsome but eyes like that are the best! So happy for your happiness!

  11. I just recently discovered your blog and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I am 33 and already have found that much of the fashion world is geared for younger than myself, but since I just wear what I like anyway, that doesn’t bother me. It’s so nice to see someone embracing aging and doing it so stylishly.
    By the way your outfit looks gorgeous. It actually reminds me of 1930s beach/lounge wear and just oozes with glamour and sophistication.

  12. Beautiful and inspiring Judith. So happy you and Jeff had such a wonderful time!

  13. How delightful to “meet” Mr. J – he is a handsome devil! It looks like you had a lovely few days in Vail. I’d like to know how you managed to coordinate your outfit with the blue and orange glass sculpture in the first photo.

  14. Hello Mr. J!! Wonderful pic and we’re so happy to meet you! 🙂 What a lovely few days you must have had! Judith, you are a glorious vision as always. I wish it would cool down enough here to enjoy beautiful layers like that. I hope I can come in August!!

    Take care and enjoy each other. XXOO

  15. Oh, the colors! So bright and vibrant, just like you and your approach to life. Mr. J. is certainly dapper and handsome, and looks like a wonderful companion. So glad you shared a little of your Vail trip with us!

  16. What a lovely couple you and Mr J make. I was going to make the same comment as Shelley. You coordinate perfectly with the art glass…serendipity. I think you and Mr J would enjoy Seattle and Dale Chihuly’s art garden. Perhaps one day, you’ll head further west.

    Pretty, pretty scarf. Your outfit sings, and you look gorgeous!

  17. Oh so nice! This post. Love your playing with “veiling” words. And I love to see Mr. J. What a handsome man! You are a handsome couple.
    Your husband was a beautiful man too. On the outside and from what I have read, also on the inside. I am so glad that you found love again.
    Beautiful words you used to express this mix of gratitude, sadness and joy.
    And yes your outfit and photoshoot are marvellous too. Especially that first photo. You have got the gift of styling.

  18. You always choose the best coordinating backdrops! I love the cart of purple flowers that just happened to be passing as you donned your purple wrap:-)
    It’s lovely to meet Mr J. I wonder if he feels well scrutinised by all your online friends! You look gorgeous as always, and I’m loving the blue and orange together. So happy for you both!

  19. Hello, Mr J – good to meet you! (Judith, he’s such a handsome chap!)
    I love the movement and drama of your outfit, and such glorious colours. You’re happy, and it shows! xxx

  20. Well, hello, Mr. J. So pleased to put your face to the name. You two are a stunning couple, but more importantly, I’m glad you have this powerful connection and are living life to the fullest. Judith, your scarf is stunning, a perfect complement for the flowers and the glassworks, not to mention your gorgeous vivid outfit.

  21. You both look Wonderful, in Body, Mind and Spirit. Thank You. Judith, for continuing to inspire the rest of us.

  22. Oh, how one is struck by the resonance between the glass objet d’art and the lady wearing art!

    What a pleasant agenda for a long weekend shared! It’s good to meet Mr. J — and to see that he is an elegant gentleman who also wears hats.

  23. Hi Judith, It is a pleasure to meet Mr. J.! I am happy for you both!

    Travel back almost 50 years to a very hot July 19th. Yes, we are celebrating our Golden Anniversary! I have been looking at pictures…you were a lovely bridesmaid. We are celebrating with a party at our farm. We hope it is not quite so hot as it was in 1964. It reached 100 degrees that day. We are thankful for our relationship. I enjoyed your Marley quote.

    Love, Janet

  24. Love you punning with Vail and Veil. And what a pleasure to meet Mr. J too. Such stunning pictures of each of you. So happy for you both, the quote fits perfectly. As does that gorgeous orange scarf!

  25. You are wise and I agree about unconditional love..I also try to appreciate the now and here, there are so many little things which make our living great!
    Very nice outfit on you…enjoy your holiday!

  26. My stars and garters. That piece of sculpture should be named Judith … it is the abstract form of your leggy, lithe elegance! What a delicious outfit! I cannot get over the beauty of the colors you’ve put together!
    Mr. J is as handsome as I imagined. You’re a pretty pair, no doubt.
    Dan speaks in hushed tones about the wonder that is Veil. Someday I’ll get there, I hope!

  27. Your wisdom on unconditional is heartwarming. Lovely to meet Mr J. and so glad to hear you are having a wonderful time. You look resplendent in this floaty ensemble and the electric colour combination is a feast for the eyes. I love the coral against the electric blue!

  28. Ohhhhhhh my goodness! Mr. J is giving you a look SO full of warmth and love! Lucky you. Or maybe luck had nothing to do with it. More likely it’s karma.

  29. Amen to that! Wonderful message and absolutely beautiful photo’s of the lovely SC and Mr. J. The photo of you by the cart of flowers needs to be framed, it’s just breathtaking as well as spiritually uplifting.

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