I’ve been blogging for almost seven years and as I look back over the weeks, months and years, I am amazed that I have been able to come up with something to write about every week, almost without fail.  However, I do have to admit that there are times when I have experienced blogger fatigue.

For me, it surfaces with procrastination, a lack of focus, and a sense of scarcity of energy and interest in composing a post.  Blogging is an integral part of my life, and having emerged from cancer caregiving, death and grief, I feel an intense desire to continue and move through these periods of burnout.  I have always been able to stumble forward with a renewed sense of passion and appreciation for Style Crone.

I’ve experienced blogger fatigue during the past few weeks, as I approach the sixth anniversary of Nelson’s death.  Perhaps it’s related to a deeper level of emerging grief, which I have come to believe is a life long process.  My current life is rich and full with incredible relationships and exciting adventures, but I find that it’s important to recognize and respect the history of the evolution of my blog, and accept the intermittent sadness that unfolds, especially during anniversary dates.

During these times of fatigue, my collections save me from descending into despair and immobilization.  This week the tulle skirt adorned with large silver discs saved the day.  Its playful presence inspired me, as I explored my closets searching for worthy pieces to accompany its lighthearted mood.

It took me several days, as ideas marinated and occupied my thoughts, replacing a mode of low motivation and heaviness.  The tulle skirt magically ignited my creativity, just as an array of hats and accessories have done in the past.  How could I possibly withdraw from the creation that has provided so much healing, growth and adventure throughout some of the most difficult times of my life.

Photos By Daniel

For today, the key to blogger longevity appears to be a focus on one week at a time and to not get overwhelmed with the weeks and months to come.  To trust the process of unending creativity and continual inspiration, which is everywhere.  To have fun with Daniel with each and every photo shoot, even though I may have low energy and the awareness of a myriad of activities begging for my attention. To accept the episodes of blogger fatigue as part of the process of any long-term commitment, knowing that there is another adventure related to Style Crone on the other side of my temporary resistance.

Tulle skirt, silver jewelry, patent leather belt and vintage gloves – estate sales, red top hat with pheasant feather by Cha Cha HERE, leather jacket – consignment store, patent leather boots – retail sale.

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  1. So many years…you have been an inspiration. And you have created a life after a life…and re created. The depth of honesty you share is inspiring. when we were young, we expect resolution. Solutions. Now we realize it is all a process, that things/events/people don’t have endings, happy or otherwise, for they morph into layers and experiences more like collages. Your writing is deeper and more honest. Thanks for the insights, smiles and new awareness. Grief doesn’t get done, it is another layer…

  2. I believe this is your best yet! That skirt!! Thank you for all the inspiration. Love it when I see your name come up!

  3. I hear you about the blogger fatigue, and am glad you found a way to stay inspired and keep the process working for you. The skirt is gorgeous, and Daniel’s photos are SO good!

  4. A long-time reader of your blog. Your introspection and thoughtful acceptance of life’s ebb and flow in this post are as inspired as your outfits! Thanks for this piece of wisdom. I look forward to seeing many more of your creations!

  5. You are so insightful (and of course beautiful inside and out!). …what sound advice to yourself and to others. Thank you as always.

  6. It is ok to take a hiatus from time to time. Sometimes a blog will take a new direction after that. While I have kept to my original blog’s premise of thrift shopping, but it has taken a back seat to my other creative endeavors I now highlight.

  7. This is the first of your blogs that I have read and I must say
    “Lady I love you”

  8. Judith
    When I read the headline I thought ” oh no! Judith is telling us something here!” and so you were but thankfully, not what I was thinking in my worse thoughts. Yours is a blog I read faithfully, for the fashion, style and beauty of course and for the nuggets of wisdom and humanity. Inspiration and thoughtfulness flow through every post which I greatly appreciate.

    I want to be like you when I grow up (which is happening all the time).
    Thanks you!

  9. Judith, I hear you in my bones!I like the last two pictures in this blog where you look a bit weary. Otherwise, always posed and stylish makes me feel like I “missed the boat!” I remember reading M. Scott Peck’s book “The Road Less Traveled,” and feeling a sense of relief or identification with the first line of that book. “Life is difficult.” I sorta know the ups and downs of your life, as you do mine. I appreciate that your blog has given you an authentic voice in sharing your experiences. I have learned so much from you! Your style and voice have lifted me up! When I experience my own weariness, I often have to forcibly start an activity that I hope will pick me up. It may be music, dance, flowers, an outdoor walk, or a visit to your blog. Love Janet

  10. I love all of your outfits because your style is on point. I must say this is my favorite. I think it blends unexpected pieces together in such an interesting and artistic way. I’m glad you are able to express yourself each week and find ways to jump over your obstacles in a truly fabulous way. I hope you have a delightful spring.

  11. Ah, Judith, thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling lately. I started reading your blog when you and Nelson were dealing with the cancer, and I remember being so impressed with your dressing for the appointments to help keep everyone’s spirits up. And I have been inspired by your journey through layers of grief.

    You are inspiring me to keep blogging, even when my energies flag. And your outfit in today’s post is perfect for your “space”.

  12. I know what you mean about blogger’s fatigue. I’ve been writing my blog for only two years and find myself waning sometimes. I just love the outfit you’re wearing. It’s one of my favorites. Thank you!

  13. When I first found you a couple of years ago, I went back a read your blog from the beginning. Hoe you reinvented-recreated has always been an inspiration. I think you nailed this blog thing-one week at a time. Sincere regards, Terri

  14. Wow, the years of blogging have flown by. And it’s hard to remind ourselves that it’s been six years since Nelson dropped his robe. And your life has gone on, embracing the grief and moving forward at the same time. You are looking gorgeous in the outfit and the tulle skirt captures your feelings. xox


  15. Killer skirt…the entire outfit works so well and really sparkles! I have only just found you so I do hope you will continue. You are a joy to see doing your thing! I do hope you will work through your upswelling grief and that you fatigue will be temporary. Perhaps the latter is a left over of your recent illness? It does take longer to swing back into gear when we get older. Darn it! Hope the sun shines on you, in all ways.

  16. Those six years have gone by so quickly. I can’t believe it’s seven years since I lost my Mum. Time is a great healer.
    You look wonderful and as always your positivity and style never cease to inspire me.
    After eight years I’m still very much in love with blogging. I’m sad that so many friends have fallen by the wayside, swayed by the lure of Instagram which, to a Luddite like me, feels staged and insubstantial. Keep doing what you’re doing, Judith. xxx

  17. Judith, thanks for your recent post … your photos are magnificent and even more, your commentary has touched me so very deeply. I’ve felt the same way so many times and just knowing that someone else has had a similar experience, is so life affirming … so many times I’ve had to struggle through days of fatigue and low motivation … only to rally in a burst of creative “fake it until you make it” mentality! But it’s a daily struggle between overwhelm and a desire to push forward and experience all the gratitude I feel for friends, family and the creative community of advanced style … thanks for holding me to a higher bar xox

  18. Hurrah for your honesty Judith. In blogland, as in social media generally, we’re all-singing, all-dancing, laughing, juggling and generally having a ball, when in real life it can all be a bit much to even get out of bed some days. It does help if you can identify what may be ailing you, but if not, the most sincere thing to do is share what’s on your mind so that others may take solace from being in the same boat.

    My go-to piece of clothing to lift my mood is a bright red floofy underskirt that makes me feel like fun and games without fail. Your tulle skirt looks like it has the same effect on you.

    Seven years of blogging is pretty awesome in my book and I applaud you for being such inspiration for so many women around the world. Thank you my dear x


  19. Dear Judith, you are one of the most amazing and truly inspiring bloggers out there! I am so glad that you are able to cherish the beginning, the roots of this creative venue of yours, and continue with new exciting branches and ideas.

    6 years ago, just about this time, we lost our dearest friend, who had a long and wonderful life and touched many lives in her 87 years of living, teaching, connecting, inspiring and supporting people. Yet still, it is a wound, and I also came to the realization that grief it’s a life long process… I strongly believe that Nelson and you are connected in a way that nothing can ever change.

    You look absolutely stunning, what a fantastic outfit and photos! Thank you for inspiring us!

  20. Anniversaries of most kinds are definitely moments for reflection. I don’t really celebrate them but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t on my mind or reflect in my life at that moment.

    The fatigue I understand well and I have not been doing this as long as you have. But like you, it’s a certain piece or photo that often triggers the words to go with it. I think it would also be satisfying just to see photos here if that takes off the pressure. Or to take a total break. We all seem to understand this ebb and flow.

    I’m glad this magnificent piece you are wearing and the creativity you share with Daniel has flowered into this post. This is dazzling.

  21. Dear Judith, I’m so pleased I discovered you one year ago when I entered the blogging world myself. You continue to inspire me, make me smile, cry and celebrate life. I love love love this glorious, fun outift and post. Love and best wishes to you, always. Elizabeth. xx

  22. You might be suffering from blogging fatigue but you are clearly not at risk of style burnout! I’m a great believer in putting on the glad rags to get through a spot of bother. ‘Putting on your red shoes and dancing the blues away’ works wonders too and I’m sure a red hat has much the same effect. Great pictures and best wishes Alice

  23. I remember reading about the how and why you started this blog and I so respect your grief and the healing you’ve been through. And how creative you’ve been.
    Also never forget what a role model you are for older women – above all be stylish, oh yes! As for the blogger fatigue – not once has that ever come through in your exquisite and beautiful posts. Furthermore, I think a post once a week is quite right, well, I qualify that, it’s right for you, and it’s right for me. I totally admire the bloggers who post more in a week, but I personally think a quality post once a week is sufficient. Because we all have lives to live. You are an example to us all – and yes, there’s always an adventure out there to be had. Many thanks for being the person you are x

  24. SEVEN Years………….wasn’t there an old saying about THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH?
    I too have been doing this for 7 years but started to sell stuff for my VINATGE/ANTIQUE shop!I do have BLOGGER FATIGUE TODAY in the sense I cannot keep up with ALL who I follow and am thinking to let them slip away un-read.I would imagine I will be be back………..but I need to step OUTSIDE not INSIDE to have my coffee and start my mornings.
    YOU NEED TO SEE THE BOOK I LAST WROTE ABOUT ON MY BLOG.Because, I think MOST likely YOU have even met HER in NEW YORK!IT is a BEAUTIFUL BOOK with other LOVELY LADIES like yourself………..the author is TZIPORAH SALAMON.
    SO SORRY, about your husbands death…….and of course you SHOULD feel sad at this time of year.IT Is the NORMAL thing to FEEL…………..SEND YOU A BIG HUG through CYBER SPACE!XX

  25. Judith: raw, real, inspiring that is YOU! You encourage us all to be real with your open honesty, and inspire us with your creativity and spirit. Thank you for sharing it all. I feel blessed to know you and cherish you in my life. Thank you!

  26. I look at you and your outfit and I have no words to say…marvelous, daring and unique! You give me so much inspiration with your looks. This dark red hat looks so incredibly chic with a cropped black leather jacket, black top and maxi tulle skirt worn atop black skinny pants.
    Jess from https://styledebates.com/

  27. Oh Judith, this is soooo good. I love, love love this outfit. The tule skirt is marvellous, the jacket is to die for, what a beauty, the belt is a clever one to use on your gorgeous figure and the hat.. the hat is such a find with this outfit. Not too girly, not too elegant, not too chic… just excellent.
    This hits the top ten.
    And blogger fatigue… tell me about it… just this afternoon I was ready to pack things up with blogging. It takes up much time, I don’t think I am that good at it, and my husband and I get into rows over the photo shoots. You and Daniel have fun during the shoots. Ron and I don’t work well together. Sigh.

  28. Judith, gorgeous and inspiring as always. This look is right in my wheelhouse.
    That jacket is spectacular. Thank you for the shout out on all platforms.
    Hope to see you next time you are in NYC. Would love to do drinks with you and Linda.
    Take Care,
    Cha Cha

  29. Thank you for this post, Judith!!! I feel the same these days. Worrying about what to write and what post and what to share. It gives me pause sometimes: Am I really enjoying this? Am I really willing to open up completely? Sharing my life doesn’t come easy….but you are an inspiration. Thank you again!!!

  30. Dear Judith, I admire your honesty and your wonderful words – as well as your amazing style! You are so eloquent and thoughtful and always, always inspirational. I think we all suffer from blogger fatigue from time to time; I’ve been struggling recently and find the best thing to do is to get out and about and step away from the computer for a while.I can’t quite believe it’s six years since Nelson’s death… but I’m pleased that your life is rich and full of new adventures and love following you on your journey. x

  31. I can’t believe that six years have passed since Nelson’s death, and that I’ve known you for that long! I am very familiar with Blogger Fatigue, which presents itself in the same symptoms you describe. I have been blogging for 8 years now, and I know I don’t have the same enthusiasm for it as I once did, and my energy is now split with my IG account, which I update frequently.

    I loved the outfit the moment I saw it on your IG. It’s elegant, fun, and total badass all at the same time. You are such an inspiration for me. XO

  32. You never fail to wow me with your spectacular outfits Judith! The tulle skirt is amazing and the red hat is perfection! I think we all get blogger fatigue at times – it’s just so time consuming. The photos are just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more work involved. My husband frequently gets fed up with the amount of time I spend on mine but I can’t imagine not doing it now. You have really inspired me to be more adventurous with hats. I used to feel too self conscious to wear them but now I love hats and I’m slowly building up a collection…not as impressive as yours, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere, right? 😉

    Emma xxx

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