Daniel and The SC spent an afternoon at Taxi HERE, a mixed-use development in the River North area of Denver which is now a community that fosters the use of creative spaces for living, working and playing.

As you can see in the signage above, there is much to do at Taxi, including dining at the Fuel Cafe HERE, and then strolling through the community garden followed by an espresso at Black Black Coffee HERE.  We wandered through an office building, taking photos with colorful walls and interesting spaces as background.


Coming up on the fourth anniversary of Nelson’s death, memories surface to remind me of the significance of the month of April.  Loss is forever, but so is the love that was expressed and received, and remains with me today.  The intensity of the feelings of sadness have evolved over the years, but they tend to emerge like a thunderbolt, so as not to be missed.  To be treasured and to be accepted.

I’ve learned to be still and curious, and to observe and write about my feelings as they pass through each and every cell, visiting as a reminder of the importance of the past. When I take time to experience the visitation of grief as I approach this pivotal date, to sit with it and let tears fall with it, I give it the respect that it deserves.  I honor it. I flow with it. I let myself be touched with it. That place in my heart that holds the tenderness of it.


It doesn’t interfere with my life or my relationships.  It is from this love that I am able to engage with the people in my life that I adore.  It is from this love that my new life evolves in form.  It is from this love that I throw myself into the planning of my daughter Camille’s wedding, soon to take place in May.  For out of grief comes her passion and creativity, more seasoned and deep than before.  I feel that too.  We have been anointed with the knowledge that we have survived and now thrive without the physical presence of someone who we thought we could not live without.


Photos By Daniel

I join Camille and her fiancé in a celebration of new beginnings which have grown from the depths of sorrow and loss.  We are better than before because love never leaves when someone dear transitions to infinity.  It grows.

Vintage white leather jacket, vintage earrings and vintage black with white trim leather gloves – estate sales, vintage white leather cap – vintage shop, black suede booties and black turtleneck – consignment shops, black ruched jeans – hand made years ago by friend.

Thank you to Who What Wear HERE for the inclusion in “Style Wise: The 7 Best Blogs By Older Women.”  I am honored to be in the company of the inspiring bloggers who were featured!

Thank you to Sylvia of 40+Style HERE for the inclusion in her post “Inspiration: black and white,” taken from her Instagram hashtag #40PlusStyle.


  1. The top shot of you is fantastic. So well styled and staged. congratulations to Camille and her loved one and their upcoming nuptials. I wish them love as I do you.

  2. As I continue my journey through the ‘Year of the Firsts’ after loosing my Husband, I think of you often, and wonder how you coped, how you deal with the sudden explosions of grief, how you learned to enjoy living again. Yesterday, I was thinking of you, as I pondered these thoughts and considered what you might reply, if I asked the questions…
    Today, it was as if you read my mind, and provided all the answers, without my even asking…
    Thank You from my Healing Heart.
    You look Beautiful, and so does your outfit. They match your Glorious Spirit.
    Best Wishes to Camille, and I look forward to the photos of the Wedding which is sure to be Gorgeous!!

  3. You are a born artist! Your words are poetry that often bring tears to my eyes and makes me think deeper about things. Your style is timeless. My best friend lost her husband of 30 years, four years ago in November. I thought the grief would kill her. I am going to share this with her. I think it will bring her comfort. Peace! Cheryl

  4. Beautifully written, Judith! I could not agree with you more – love never leaves, it is always here, and it’s ever expanding. You have such a beautiful spirit. And your outfit is stunning!

  5. Thank you for letting us join you on a bit of your journey inward (always the most exciting journeys, imo). Love doesn’t die, in fact it grows. I wish you and Camille and her groom all the happiness, in planning their wedding. xox

  6. Judith, you are a marvel. I love how you honour your journey without dispair.
    And you look equally magical in black and white as in colour!
    All the best for your continuing walk through April, and morphing into the joy of May. 😀 xo Jazzy Jack

  7. That first photo is so wonderful with the background and colours! It needs to be on a magazine.

    You speak with such wisdom on your losses. I need to take notes.


  8. Your writing is so powerful and authentic. You convey the rhythms of life so well in this piece. The losses and new beginnings, the capacity to hold sadness and joy all part of a life well lived. You look hauntingly beautiful in these photos. I am greatly honored to be in the company of a woman as graceful, wise and elegant as you.
    Accidental Icon

  9. Judith, you are awesome. Your blog should be required reading for anyone who feels they are drowning in grief. No one could read your blog and not feel better.

  10. Judith, I am so grateful to be a part of your circle, even if it’s via blog and instagram/Facebook. Your messages, written with such heart and soul are a treasured gift. Thank you, my friend, for this incredibly lovely and inspiring message.

  11. A moving post Judith. As usual you express yourself so well. You look as gorgeous as ever; what a beautiful jacket and hat! Congrats on the WWW feature and thanks for the shoutout on #40plusstyle!

  12. Judith, your openness, honesty and insightful observations are so appreciated. I love that first picture especially; the sign and your outfit harmonize nicely.

  13. Judith, You have such a Beautiful way with words as well as dress. I am sure You will help a lot of people with what you wrote today. It was Beautiful.

  14. You look smashing! Mod. Ready to hit the town. The stark contrast in colours is powerful. Now to reconcile that vibe with the introspection in the writing…
    I’m glad you feel strength from the core of that sadness and I’m sure I’m reading some of that in the visuals. Clearly it has taken time to get to that place, for you and Camille. What an exciting time for you both and Camille’s fiance.

  15. Four years? Goodness me, doesn’t time fly?
    In the words of Fat Boy Slim, You’ve come a long way, baby!
    Loving this white leather jacket on you and , as always, your wise words and openness. xxx

  16. You deal with your pain soo well, so mature. Admirable.
    Love the jacket.
    Of course you should be mentioned as style blogger, you are so inspiring.
    And congratulations on your daughter’s wedding to come. Lovely, happy planning ahead I suppose. With moments of sadness too because her father cannot witness it.

  17. Looking so very 1960,s mod in this outfit, so wonderfully put together.
    Your writing on grief is always so insightful, such wise words about a difficult journey. Your writing always touches a cord with me, though mine is the loss of my daughter not a spouse .
    Take time to feel the strong forces of grief so you can really embrace the wonderful joy of Camille’s upcoming wedding.

  18. Unlike your outfit, life is not so black and white, and there are so many stages of grief and of joy and emotions in between. I can’t believe it’s been four years since Nelson’s passing!! You’ve had many adventures since then, and have shared your emotional and physical journey with us in your beautifully articulated posts. I hope Camille’s wedding plans go well, and that she and her fiancée have many wonderful adventures of their own.

  19. It’s been an honour to share your emotional journey during the years of grief and healing, Judith – those two continue to be inextricably combined, it’s not as though the former ever comes to an end, but the latter means that life continues with love and joy in the mix along with the sadness. Congratulations to Camille and her fiancé, how exciting to have a wedding to plan! You look like a cool Mod 60s chick in white leather, great photos. xxx

  20. Thank you so much for this essay on loss and the beautiful photos of this outfit. You look great and your emotional life seems rich and deep. Stay blessed

  21. I am holding a baby piglet in my lap who is sleeping away at the moment but I want you to know you AMAZE me on SO many levels.Four years is not that long ago but you have kept going and Marched forward and have made SO many new friends!!!!!I am so SORRY for your loss.
    The wedding will be joyous and magical and YOU must show us what you are FEATURING!!!!The BRIDE too of course!!!!!

  22. Judith: your light shines here and the depth of feeling and honesty is so clear. You have turned the grief into an honoring that illuminates lives. The sparkles will be everywhere as you make the next few months even more magical!

  23. Dear Judith, thank you so very much for your powerful words of deep resonance and exquisite tenderness. The journey / travel metaphors in your imagery are likewise perfection! Big love to you, and to Camille and her betrothed, xoxoxoxo

  24. Whatever background, you shine on all the photos – the leather jacket is fantastic!

    I admire how you handle your grief. You’re setting an example that we can all learn from. Thank you for being so open Judith, and sharing with us all.

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