I’m back to regular programming and my rose garden is in full bloom.  I love to travel, but returning to my sanctuary always feels comforting.  It’s time to settle in and give my home and garden some much-needed attention.


Time to smell the roses and take time to enjoy the simple pleasures that surround and ground me.


In an effort to simplify my life and more fully embrace the aging process, I’ve made the decision to allow my natural hair color to grow out over the next several months. I feel excited, ambivalent, confident, unsure, determined, hesitant, and most of all, curious.  Like any transition, it will be a journey of discovery.  I have many role models in the blogging world and in real life who have inspired me.


Photos By Daniel

It’s not all black and white.  Or red and white.  I’ve been a redhead for 22 years. Before my 50th birthday, I chose a new hair stylist.  Assessing my then blonde locks, he made the comment that I looked a bit “washed out.”   I went with his recommendation to “go red,” which happened over my lunch hour.  When I returned to work my colleagues didn’t recognize me.  And I’ve loved the color ever since.

However, the texture of my hair has changed and the color doesn’t hold like it did years ago.  I’ve been thinking about it for several years, but now I’m ready.  I support the choices of others to dye or not to dye.  Hair color is something we can control, unlike many things in life that can change on a dime without warning.


Photo By Linda

Just for fun, I went with my friend Linda to a wig shop, where I tried on “headwear” in white, which is the color that my roots display beneath the red.  It’s a big change, but it’s not life or death.  And if I don’t like it, hair color isn’t permanent if I don’t want it to be!

Vintage navy pillbox with trim and sparkle, bangles/bracelets and vintage navy/pink earrings – estate sales, Uniqlo tunic on sale in NYC, cropped skinny jeans – Buffalo Exchange, blue pumps and pendant – gifted.


  1. The thing is, you’ll look lovely whatever your hair colour. And it’ll be great to embrace your natural white/grey locks. it’s not for me though – yet. Maybe one day but for now will continue to colour (pale blonde) and I feel happy about that. That’s the main thing – enjoy your hair. I look forward to further reports on your hair’s progress!! x

  2. Absolutely love both the cut and colour of the wig, it really suits you. I had blonde tips in my hair from the age of 16, then went steadily more blonde with age, I got my hairdresser to make it a champagne colour and then keep cutting it until it grew out, it was the best decision I have ever made. It is silvery white at the front and quite dark at the back. I have had more compliments since I went natural than when I was blonde. I just love it. You will look fantastic and not only will you save time and money, a whole new colour palette will be yours to experiment with to match your beautiful new hair colour. Have fun and enjoy!!

  3. I had silver hair(different degrees of it) from 12 years old. Needless to say: genetics. I’m 64. But I went through several transitions and finally over the last 40 years I’ve remained silver.

    I love it.

    The periods of coloring were fine, but the upkeep was horrendous. I’m about 95% silver and it seemed like every 2 weeks I had new silver roots. The cover sticks and disguises were taxing on my spirit.

    Now I can focus on all the things I love with my personal style. During the transition I disguised my hair with scarves and some silver extensions mixed in. Now a days there are so many ways to transition when you go through that “skunk” period: wigs, 1/2 hair pieces, professional low lighting techniques. You can have lots of style and even have the wigs styled so you can blend in your hair or rock a new look. Don’t forget the turban scarf wraps.(there are plenty of good videos on YouTube) Also lots of websites.

    If anyone else is reading this comment are there particular areas of going silver that pose a problem for you? Please respond as this is an area that I would like to explore in a website.

    Rock your wig when you feel like it and most of all enjoy this part of the hair journey. You look fantastic.

  4. You said it – hair colour isn’t permanent. Change is fun. And yes, you can always try the red wig in the future. I just bought some coloured hair styling gel, wash-out type. I hope this will be a fun way of changing things up when I get bored.
    and beautiful rose garden photos. Too bad we don’t have smell-o-vision on our computers – the scent must be intoxicating, in a good way.

  5. The white looks great!

    I let my hair go natural a few years ago. I, too, was a redhead for 30 years.
    I thought it would come in grey, ’cause that’s what happened to my lady parts quite a few years ago — but it’s a mouse brown with grey sprinkles — except at the temples — which grew really curly!!

  6. I started going grey at 19. I colored my hair for many years, which I hated doing–I always make such a mess, and it grows so fast…and somehow it’s like toxic waste, all those chemicals! I have a friend who’s a hair dresser, and for a while we traded services: I got my hair colored for free and her son got voice lessons. (BTW, she calls that red color that we all seem to gravitate toward “menopause red”!!! And yes, I went red too!) Since I had returned to school late in life, I kept coloring it, but right after I got my Masters degree I let it go once and for all. My husband loves it, and it’s a lot easier. I do find that I have to make sure I’m wearing brighter colors (makeup, scarf, something) or I do looked washed out.

  7. You look totally amazing with the grey hair!! It’s fun to make changes for yourself when YOU want to do them. How exciting and beautiful. Your outfit and garden are stunning as always! Xoxo

  8. Love the silver on you. I am 68 and had silver for several years. Luv it but recently added violet streaks. Whatever makes you feel good. No reason not to enjoy. 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness, that photo of you in the wig is fantastic, you look amazing! Good luck with the changes you are planning, Judith, and enjoy your time at home and in your garden. You look beautiful and elegant as always! xxx

  10. It would be lovely to see you with a head of soft Lilac hair 🙂 but no matter what colour your tresses are, Judith, your sense of style continues to intrigue me, inspire me, put a smile on my face.

  11. Love, love, love the white gold hair. It makes your complexion look so gorgeous! You are such a stylish woman that I know whatever you do will be inspirational. Can’t wait to see how it goes

  12. Kudos to you for making the leap and letting your natural colour come in! However, I will always think of you as a redhead 😉 Your lovely smile, spectacular hats and elegant style will be just as entrancing regardless of what colour the hair.

    I starting shaving the sides and back of my head when the gray hairs starting to equal, or outnumber the mousey brown, but I’m not ready to give up my coloured section, and probably won’t be for some time, as it’s kind of become my trademark. That said, the colour fades much faster now, and the upkeep is expensive.

  13. I love this wig on you, Judith! Changes are exciting, a bit unnerving. I am in the process of deciding whether I want to color my hair red again, or go natural. I did not color my hair since March. I have not decided yet, but I’m with you – it’s so easy to change the hair color at pretty much any time! xxx

  14. Oh my gosh, I love your hair white!!! It looks very soft and truly makes your face look younger. You have enough contrast with your complexion so it’s very flattering. I’m so pale that I’d look like a washed out little old lady. If I could wear it natural I would!

  15. You are bound to look fabulous whatever you decide to do. And the wonderful thing about hair, as so many have already said here, is that it grows back, and leaves us free to try another experiment. You could always buy a red wig for those days when you want to go back – call it Comfort Hair!

  16. Darling…..silver or red….you are still gorgeous!


    P.S. For some inexplicable reason whenever I try to ‘join’ your site the email thingy keeps saying there was an error!! Any clues about what I should do?

  17. If there was ever any doubt about letting your hair go au naturale, the white wig should have blasted it away; your blue eyes jumped out of the picture. I will watch your evolution with curiosity and delight!

  18. Judith, I understand the transition you are experiencing. I died my hair red for over 30 years and by the time I was 60 I decided I was tired of the inconstant color and upkeep that red hair required. I finally grew it out to a beautiful silvery white and have never regretted the transition. I have let it grow out and wear it back and use hair pieces to achieve various looks for which I get a lot of compliments. I hope you enjoy your silver hair as much as I do mine. I do have to admit, it was a chore letting it grow out. At least you have head pieces to cover it up. I didn’t wear hats or head covers, so it was out their for the world to see. Enjoy.

  19. I love the gray! It makes you look softer and younger. Your eyes and smile really jump out.

  20. I like the effect of the colour of the wig, but as you say, it doesn’t need to be permanent if you don’t like it! There is a gene in my family which means some of us don’t go grey quickly or easily but turn a dirty mouse colour – not cool! I have browny gold highlights which just lifts it. If I was a ‘proper’ grey I would wear my hair like that.

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