Several months ago The SC became enthralled with a post that Carol Markel, milliner, artist and blogger extraordinaire published on her blog Femme et Fleur HERE, which previewed her new hats.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her remarkable manikin heads, and sent Carol a message asking if they were for sale.  I was excited that her answer was “yes,” and during my trip to NYC, I purchased one of her manikins from the lovely line-up above.  There are some pieces of art that are irresistible!


Carol designed this hat shop in a box, and when opened, displays  a thrilling array of hats on manikin heads. This is the gorgeous woman who greeted me at the door when I visited her studio.  Spending time with Carol has a magical quality.  She is witty, welcoming, generous, gentle and vibrantly creative, as can be seen clearly by her self-expression in the above photo.

It took me a long time to decide which piece of art to take home with me, as they are all so individually beautiful and expressive, with red lips and dreamy eyes.  Through a complex process of elimination, I chose a manikin head covered with vintage rose patterned tissue paper and sewing patterns;  blue, purple and black felt eyes; and red lips to live for.  She’s located in the upper right hand corner of Carol’s Hat Shop In A Box, in the first photo.  The photo does not begin to reveal her true beauty.

In the process, I fell in love with a hat by the name of Denise, and I now have a budding collection of Carol’s art.  The hat in the first photo was discovered at Carol’s studio during my last trip to NY.  Denise will debut in my next post and she was my hat of choice for New Year’s Eve.  Denver was very appreciative!


Carol’s charming and debonair husband Richard, wearing a colorful shirt from Paris, joined us for tea.  He has wonderful stories to tell about his life as an artist and an art professor.  Thank you Carol and Richard, for a fabulous afternoon in your studio and home.


If you are anywhere near Carol’s studio on February 22nd or 23rd, check out her innovative “Hat Shop In A Box.”  I can promise that you will not be disappointed.

Linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  I missed the last event, so very happy to be back and joining the party!


  1. When I was younger I used to wear hats and look good in them now that I am older I can’t seem to find a hat that looks good on my aging face. I keep trying. These are lovely. Looking forward to seeing your new hat.

  2. These hats are wonderful and exquisitely creative. Great use of materials and mannequins have an original feel. Good find!

    blue hue wonderland

  3. What fun it must have been to meet them! They seem like the most vibrant and interesting people. And I’m sure your shared love of hats made it even more delightful.

  4. I feel in love with her hats too when I first saw them! I thought of you and it comes as no surprise that you two are probably hat soul sisters! Xoxo

  5. The hats, and the heads, are so beautiful. I am imagining you, Judith, as you thoughtfully and deliberately made your choice, listening for which of the lovelies was calling your name most clearly!
    How wonderful to have such interesting and creative friends. Having been introduced to Carol and Richard, I am now eager to meet Denise! xxx

  6. I’ve always admired Carol and Richard’s style from Ari’s blog, and was thrilled to meet Carol on one of my NY trips. I am disappointed I won’t be able to see the hat shop in a box in person. I love her mannequin heads – their bold coloured eyes are a perfect compliment to her technicolour hats. Carol’s gold hat is pretty amazing, and I am looking forward to seeing Denise.

  7. Your trip to New York rewarded all of us with beautiful new insights to the
    “hat world”. I am so enjoying your hat history and story of all things hats.
    Thank You. Kathy

  8. Carols hats are wonderful, as are the manikins, each with such individual style
    and character. Looking forward to seeing you in your new hats.

  9. Like Shelley, I’ve admired Carol and Richard when I’ve glimpsed them on Advanced Style. I appreciate their love of color and style, complimenting each other with their selections.

    Carol’s hats are amazing and how wonderful you were able to treat Denver to a taste of her artistry. Hopefully I’ll get to NY in the coming year. I’ll definitely check her out when I do.

  10. They are very different and indeed a work of art.. Although not really my thing I can appreciate the craftmanship and their uniqueness. They remind me of the roaring twenties. Glad you had a lovely time with them.

  11. I love those hats! I remember seeing Carol and her husband via Advanced Style. There’s nothing in the world that could’ve stopped you two from getting together and spreading hat love all over the place.

  12. How lovely! Thank you for sharing Carol’s pieces with us. They have such a mod ’60’s vibe to them. I also acquired a piece of fashion art I’ll be posting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing your new hat as well.


  13. I’m so impressed with this woman and her art, so thank you, Judith, for the introduction. You look beautiful in her creation, of course.
    So cool that we get to see yet another women, no longer in her callow youth (ahem!) who rocks her creativity in unique ways. She’s no copy cat stylist, is she? I love that wiggly line where art and craft meet … it so often happens in the very best way in fashion.
    Thank you again for a much-more-than outfit post. Outfit posts are great, but I always want the whole tour!

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