Photos by Nelson

Photos by The Style Crone

Vintage sage green Japanese jacket and vintage green beaded earrings-estate sales, vintage green beaded hat-gifted.

Last evening The Style Crone briefly attended a friend’s birthday celebration with Nelson’s strong encouragement and with cell phone close at hand. For this event I chose to wear a timeless vintage Japanese jacket which has been a part of my extensive  Asian collection for about 25 years.  When I wear this jacket, I feel like I’m a walking meditation. I adore the beautiful, serene and repetitive scenes in this green on green patterned rayon. Calling all experts – is there a term for this type of fabric?

I wore this beloved piece for a presentation on ‘Domestic Violence Awareness in Health Care Systems’ in Portland in the mid 90’s, and yesterday as the jacket softly covered my shoulders, seminar memories flooded my thoughts.  Participating creatively in areas that I felt strongly about and engaging in activities that matched my values was what I loved the most about working in health care.  Choosing the outfit for each experience was always a part of my self expression and process.  For the most part I was fortunate to have supervisors who supported and enjoyed my love of hats.  I have been known to change jobs when the environment was not hat friendly; spending time in a ‘hostile hat environment’ would be unthinkable for The SC!


  1. Ohhhhh, that’s so beautiful! I LOVE Asian fabrics, prints and designs. There’s something so harmonious about them. The whole ensemble is just amazing.

  2. You made me smile. “Unfriendly… unthinkable.’ This is my favorite outfit. I love Asian
    fashion and decor. I would love to wear an outfit like this. I think it would look lovely
    with my blonde hair and of course you look fantastic in it with your red hair. And the
    details. Wonderful. This is my favorite post.

  3. Interesting to hear how “hostile hat” environments tried to make you conform to what they wanted, and not let you be who you are. “Fit our mold,” they said. And how right of you to say, “Mold? Me? Au revoir!!”

    It was also interesting to me to see that after the meeting of the Red Hat Society, most of the members put their red hats back in a bag, so as not to be seen in them on the street! Bizarre!

    Love from England

  4. I am glad that you get out and about. It is essential in order to give Nelso 110% when you return.
    Photos much better my dear Judith, closing up to the details of the outfit.
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fantastic.
    Million kisses and hugs to both of you.

  5. Though I love hats, I have to admit that I remove them when I arrive at work. I’m known widely for my colorful outfits, but I have not pushed the envelope in terms of maintaining my complete look throughout the work day. I have censored myself, and you have given me reason to reflect on why that is the case…

    As usual, I check in to learn how you and Nelson are doing and to enjoy the featured outfit, but I benefit most from your thoughtful comments. Thank you once again for the inspiration.

  6. Judith, the weave might be considered a Damask, but the color is definately what I would term Celadon. Lovely. Isn’t that funny that young people can work with spikes protruding from every possible location, and self scarring and tattoos must be accepted, but a ladies hat is over the top?
    I think not.

  7. And know that many of us appreciate each dispatch from you. It is one way we can be with you during this time.

  8. Judith, you are an inspiration! My jaw dropped when I read that you changed jobs which turned out to be hostile hat environments. How brave! I am a substitute teacher who wore hats to work, but in the end, couldn’t bare the glares from co-workers and principals. Oh, how I despise the age-old rule disallowing hats in school! I was even asked by one principal to remove my hat. I refused. I haven’t been asked back to that school. Grown-ups aren’t the only people with a love for hats. Many students wear hats to school, only to be forced to take them off upon entering the building. So, I decided that children in my charge for the day can earn the privilege of wearing hats (only) in the classroom. If they are a well-behaved group, we break out the hats! Vivre les chapeaux libres!

  9. This outfit makes me feel peaceful just looking at it. I love the beautiful shades of green and it looks superb on you. What impresses me even more is how thoughtfully you create an outfit that truly represents your inner spirit.

  10. I am also a lover of all that is eastern–love the aesthetic. That jacket/dress is just to die for. I just painted my bedroom celedon! So peaceful. Paula

  11. the color of this jacket is just so, so beautiful. I love the idea that an article of clothing is calming. I have such items…but they are not so beautiful. It is good that N. feels well enough to snap this photo. I would love to see more of your Asian collection.

  12. My parents gave me the red-orange version of this jacket for a birthday periously close to 50 years ago. I loved it, used it with black velvet slacks for evening wear for years, finally gave it away to the chagrin–after the fact; had I known, I’d have kept it — of my daughters. Love your style, not just in fashion but in life: count me as another of your many supporters.

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