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Photos by The Style Crone

Vintage embroidered silk Asian jacket and gold clip on earrings-estate sales, red silk beret-flea market.

The Style Crone chose to wear one of her favorite jackets in honor of the tribute to Nelson written by Mark McIntosh, former Denver television sportscaster and current motivational speaker and writer, on his website/blog titled, ‘Continue Steadfastly.’  Mark is a member of the gym where Nelson has rowed and coached over the years, and the words that he wrote touched me deeply.  Nelson is admired and loved by many, as the following testimonial portrays:

‘In the pre-dawn darkness of a chilly Colorado spring morning, I approached the gym door and heard music, reggae. It meant a special man was present. I saw him immediately, cherished a warm embrace and whispered, “How ya doing?” His response, as we continued the hug, was sobering: “I’m on the final journey.” ‘  Click here for entire text.

The regal silk jacket provides a worthy visual for this tribute!  ‘Nelson will flourish forever in spirit.’


  1. What a beautiful ensemble! How nice that Nelson is receiving tributes while he can appreciate them.

  2. I have been “lurking” around your blog. My mouth waters at everything you wear. My eyes water when I hear Nelson’s story. I read the beautiful words that Mark wrote, and I save them, I am going to print them out as a reminder to myself to cherish everyday and to persevere in the face of adversity.



  3. SC, your blog has made us feel as though we know your family, but please know I say that with deep respect and lack of presumptuousness. This tribute to Nelson is so moving, and I add it to all the reasons I already have to hold you both as radiant examples of all the dignity and beauty that we humans can embody. I aspire. And your spirits will flourish forever in MY spirit. With love.

  4. What a wonderful tribute to Nelson. I read it. What an amazing man and you look
    beautiful and glamorous in tribute to him. I love the details. A very rich looking
    jacket and the hat is perfect with it. My love to you both.

  5. Linda has said it all … nothing left to add. I do think of you quite often these days, example that helps to go on. Love from Munich.

  6. Only through your blog have I been able to know Nelson. And now through the article. He has been a person I am grateful to have known of. He is a person I am sorry not to have known personally. As are you. You both exhibit a joy in life that is a true gift to those like me who need inspiration to do well. Love to you both and Hello to Nelson.

  7. Judith, I cannot tell you how much this touched me…especially in light of writing my own tribute this week. I am going to share this today with my journalism students and discuss writing tributes. I will be pleased to share Nelson with my students…where in Texas is Nelson from?
    You are such a woman of strength and dignity….I honor you!

  8. Though I was initially drawn to be a Style Crone follower because of the outfits you document, I have come to realize that I really visit each posting for the spirital nourishment provided in the comments SC provides. Your thoughtful reflection on the connections between how we dress and how we live have real significance for me.

    I hope you and Nelson have a wonderful day. This being Friday, I recall that it is “date day” so I wish you the best in whatever fashion you choose for togetherness today.

  9. This tribute only confirms and enhances the image I already have of Nelson. He is a treasure and his influence on others enormous through his dignity, grace and humanity. Thank you again for being part of my life through your wonderful postings. I think of you and your family often.

  10. Marvellous way to honour Nelso, wearing his favourite Jacke. And what a jacket!!!
    I have read the article, i am so touched, and proud of such human being exists. I keep:“I have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me.”
    Much love to you both.
    Fantastic close up photos Nelso.
    You are both my heros!!!

  11. I absolutely love the Asian pieces you shown in your last couple of posts. This embroidered one is stunning. Did you have the side seam altered to be more curvy? They are usually cut straight from bust to hem and end up looking boxy, but this one fits you like a dream.

  12. This “jacket” is so beautiful…and it makes me wonder how long all the embroidery took to do. I’m off to read about Nelson.

  13. I didn’t alter the jacket, so unless the original owner of this piece had it changed. this is how it was designed. It may be hand made as there is no label. It also has a pocket inside. I love the details of vintage fashion! Thank you for the question.

  14. Wabi Sabi – The Japanese aesthetic that includes the ability to “coax beauty out of ugliness” and the deep appreciation of life – including the patina, wear and change. Both of you demonstrate the elegance of wabi sabi, while truly creating proper legacies. Love

  15. That was a very moving as well as inspiring testimonial to Nelson indeed and a lesson to everyone about never quitting even in the face of the worst adversity. What a stunning jacket with so many beautiful details and I love how you’ve picked out the red with your hat and lipstick – you look positively radiant – what a wonderful way to honour your loved one.

  16. Relax, that’s what gives me this post, I do not know why …. but this is the feeling I get when I open your blog. Congratulations to Nelson and have a person like you to his side …

  17. I think of you both every day, along with your beautiful daughter. You are a true inspiration.

  18. J, all the sentiments above echo my own. I too aspire to show the gracious, dignified courage you exhibit with each new post.
    Love from Abu Dhabi,

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