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Time for the hat room transition when The Style Crone pulls the spring/summer hats out of their beautifully boxed hibernation, cleans the fall/winter line, and puts them to sleep in their tissue paper and boxes to rest until the next seasonal change in September.  This is a twice yearly ritual and it’s a delight to reacquaint myself with each and every ‘sleeping beauty.’  In celebration of the conversion this vintage pink felt hat with navy burnt ostrich feathers and veil was too seductive to ignore and landed on The SC’s head before slipping softly away into its spring/summer retreat.  Nothing like wearing an evening hat on a Tuesday afternoon with a navy turtleneck for self entertainment and fun.

Nelson’s status has stabilized with hospice meds and I can feel it in my energy level and my comfort with leaving home for errands without anxiety.  Another ‘sweet spot in time’ is upon us and I’m looking forward to Nelson bringing out his substantial collection of spring hats too.  The hats for the ‘date days’ that are surely in our future!


  1. Most important: So glad that the two of you are having good days. Less important, but vital: Can’t wait to see the summer hats! I have piles of winter ones, but almost never wear summer ones, as all mine are “too-much” wide brimmed fancies…

  2. We must be in tune. Just yesterday I marked my calendar to hold much of this coming Saturday for seasonal closet transitions. It will take most of the day to complete the shuffle, partly because there is simply a lot of work involved and partly because I take time to reflect upon outfits I have enjoyed, which slows things considerably.

    I’m not at all surprised to learn that Nelson too enjoys sartorial splendor. My Sidney dresses very well, and of course as I’ve come to realize, that is simply one more way we complement one another as partners in life. — Best wishes to both of you for another wonderful day together!

  3. I, too, have a seasonal shuffle, although it seems to go on for weeks, as we often have 2 or 3 seasons in one day. On another note, I have joined the Red Hat Society here, so met with 12 others wearing various degrees of red finery the other day.

    I’m so glad that Nelson is comfortable, which allows you some peace of mind as well.

    Love from England.

  4. You look very smiley today, your face is “illuminated” with the pink hat, I hope your life with Nelson is just as “enlightened” to peace to share beautiful days together.

  5. Couture Allure, I love to wear veils in the evening to house parties given by friends or small live music venues. I’ve been wearing veils for years, so it’s comfortable and fun for me. Thanks for the question!

  6. Yes Terri, Nelson wore hats before I met him. However, his inventory increased with my estate sale finds and he really knows how to make a hat sing!

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