Blue/mustard multicolored garment embellished with beads and rhinestones – yard sale, vintage mustard knit hat with gold sequins and vintage long blue gloves – estate sales, black suede booties – consignment store, earrings- gifted, all on black background.

Decorating for the holidays is a minimalist activity this year.  A poinsettia and perhaps I will throw some jewelry on a small faux tree that I acquired by trading with a hat two years ago.  I intend to simplify.

The most important part of the holidays for The SC is to spend time with the people I love and focus on the peaceful moments, minimizing the stress that unpredictably floats through the season.  Decorating myself in festive attire, with the usual meditative mode, will be enough for me.

 Photos by Diana

I discovered this garment in the same closet that held my Thanksgiving outfit.  The upper back of the piece, which ends above the waist, is tattered in places and the front forms a panel which ends below the knee and the short sleeves are trimmed with beads.  It’s never been worn until today, and I’ve decided to have it repaired and take it out into the world for a special occasion.  Like a self date on a Friday evening or to dinner with friends.

Feather Fascinators Frolic every day of the year on the mantle.

Decorating with headwear is always cause for celebration.

And it’s always cause for celebration to connect with Patti and the crowd at Visible Monday HERE.


  1. That blue is so stunning on you! Like you, we’re keeping it simple this holiday season, by minimizing the “shoulds” and focusing on spending time with people who are dear to us.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous, but are hard to notice with you standing next to them in the vibrant blue! I hope you saw my post from yesterday…your inspiration led me to take a step of courage and wear a hat! Thanks Judith for being my inspiration!

  3. Wow, those gloves are outstanding. They look so good on you. You have the elegance to look perfect in a hat and gloves. The blue is so pretty on you.
    Your poinsettia is so lovely. I really like the newer ones that are more delicately shaded that the bright red of the past.

  4. Oh mustard and blue, and your graceful arms plunged into the intensity of colour above the elbows!

    I’m as yet weighing whether to entirely forgo decorating for a third year in a row – perhaps more time is needed before I can again greet my lovely decorations with a joy and affection and sense of exuberant play similar to what I experienced in coming across my box of archival clothing. 🙂

  5. What an amazing piece, Judith. And those cobalt blue over-the-elbow gloves – wow! Fascinators as decor are delightful too. Who needs x-mas decorations.

  6. Oh yes, that lovely quirky piece needs rescuing and taking out on a date, poor thing! She has languished alone for too long… Beautiful colours and print, and the blue gloves add even more drama. As always, you have singular style, elegance and poise.
    There are many and varied ways to decorate one’s home for Christmas, and it’s not obligatory to have Santas and baubles – a poinsettia and feather fascinators seem just fine to me. I always like some greenery, as a nod to the pagan origins of it all, and snip some holly and ivy out of the garden to rest along the top of picture frames and weave in the banisters. The kids insist on a tree, of course, but that’s all we do. I decorate myself instead! xxxxx

  7. That dress is utterly wonderful and certainly should be taken out, wined and dined. The hat and dramatic gloves take it to another dimension entirely!
    If we’re here our decorations will be holly and ivy from the garden and some decorations made from vintage fabric scraps, tinsel and Santa don’t do it for me either! x

  8. What a glorious dress, it looks wonderfully dramatic and decadent with the blue gloves and those amazing earrings. The best kind of festive glamour!

  9. Beautiful dress. Fantastic pattern and gloves and hats adds the perfect. Your hat decoration is exciting and beautiful. lovely decorations – the small painting on the 4th image. Beautiful and exciting

  10. You are a vision in that dress! I like your idea of dressing festively for Christmas, especially if it gets me out of putting up a tree. I love the holidays, but hate the time putting up and tearing down! I have so many things that I want to do with my time. Happy holidays!

  11. Decorating with headwear – what a fabulous idea! I often check in on your blog for creative ideas.

  12. I love the blue and black (the winter 2012 colours) and I love your gloves. I was just wondering whether it would even be sassier (as in smarter) when the dress was a bit shorter? I don’t know as I cannot see the dress from head to toe full front. (Hope you don’t mind if I say this.)

  13. I think there might be a great novel simmering somewhere about your magic closet, Judith. I love these beautiful blues and detailed textures on you, and am especially in love with those gloves! It’s so rare to see truly beautiful gloves these days.

    I have tried to talk The Absent-Minded Professor out of putting up the tree this year, due to having an 8-month old kitten in the house. He’s intent on putting it up, but I will not be hanging my treasured breakable ornaments on it, for sure 😛

  14. I also flow through the season, and concentrate only on being together. Chatting with my girls, and having quality time with our loved ones.
    My husband is the decorate, he gets all excited about it, so I let him do…
    Much love, my dear friend.

  15. Love this blue color on you and you gloves are fabulous. You look like a movie star!
    I am with you about the minimalist Christmas decorations. The idea of jewelry on the tree is really neat! I have tried to decorate our tree with… scarves used as large ribbons. But the result was not exactly the best – to say the least.
    These feather fascinators are gorgeous. These make a very decorative touch. Congratulation for your imagination!
    Anne (Playing with Scarves)

  16. Oh Judith you look DIVINE! I am so glad you rescued this piece to be worn out because it is stunning on you – and the bright blue gloves and gold hat are so marvellous with it.
    Hope you are enjoying every minute of this meditative preparation for Christmas with your loved ones.

  17. Judith, it is so nice to see your smiling face. I LOVE those gloves! I am insane for blue suede shoes right now and those gloves would match. Gold and blue is so regal and elegant, it certainly suits you. xo 🙂

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