Photo by Ari Seth Cohen and posted on Advanced Style HERE

From the left, Valerie and Jean of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE; The SC; Debra Rapoport, artist who works with the visual and healing arts and Shelley of the Forest City Fashionista HERE. Check out the links to the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas and the Forest City Fashionista, who write brilliantly about the Manhattan Vintage Show, including the lunch before the show, which was filled with laughter and ‘blogger talk.’  An incredible and unforgettable day spent with talented and generous people who all believe in living life to its fullest at any age.

Photo by The SC

Bloggers just want to have fun!  From the left, Jean, Ari, Debra, Shelley and Valerie.

Shelley and Jean taking a shopping break in the cafeteria.

Valerie and Zandra Fox strike a pose.

Vintage splendor at its best!

Lynn Yeager, contributing fashion editor to and contributing writer to Vogue, was spotted by a rack of vintage coats.

Here we are again, ready to hit the show a second time at 4pm, on the last day.  From the left, The SC, Shelley of the Forest City Fashionista HERE and Jean and Valerie of The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE pause for a quick photo before entering the treasure filled extravaganza.

From the left, Shelley, Zandra Fox, Jean and The SC.  As you might notice, Zandra is decked out in vintage for the second day of the show. Jean and The SC were fortunate to find new hats, which were immediately worn for the above photo.  Changing hats in midstream always enhances my day!

From the left, Valerie, Jean and Shelley as we celebrate the last hurrah, leaving the vintage show, happy with bargains and filled with thoughts of the new outfits to be created with our purchases.

Thank you to Bella of The Citizen Rosebud HERE for her mention of Ari’s Advanced Style post HERE about our adventures and for maintaining the +40 Blog Roll that honors aging and visibility.


  1. There is nothing invisible about all of you gorgeous and beautiful women. Just incredibly inspiring and ever so stylish. Great pictures.

  2. Oh it looked like you all had so much fun – like an extended dress-up play date for grown-ups!!! It does make me smile, as Pam says, just looking at all the pics. I swear it makes the world a better place, yes indeedy.

  3. Lovely friend, you are the Queen of Manhattan. I swear you get more beautiful everyday. I can sense such a frisson of excitement between you and all the hot babes you got to hang with. And you got to meet and squeeze darling Shelley!!! Yes, a hat change mid-way through the day is a splendid pick-me-up – I’m stunned. big hugs to you!! xoxoxoxoxoox

  4. It’s been such a treat to look at everyone’s blog posts about our adventure; it brings back so many memories of a wonderful weekend! I was so happy we finally got to meet, and hang out doing things we love, like trying on hats, and gabbing over good food and drink. I so hope we have an opportunity to do it again!

  5. I feel like you packed me in your suitcase and took me along for the ride. Great pictures and even better stories!

  6. I am just so envious that i wish I could go this event one fine day. Who knows, it may just happen. All of you are representin’ for us well.

  7. You guys… well, I just have to say that you are balls of fire! Blazing trails with your attitudes and style. I must comment in particular on Lynn Yeager though. WOW, I have a penchant for the same makeup styling as she has. I toddle along in your big footsteps! Hey, Shelley – what a trip. Thanks, Judith, for letting us in on the fun. Gorgeous, everyone!!

  8. WOW SC! This is just such a bundle of awesomeness I can’t stand it! So much fun energy and happiness, I am so glad you are there and you are a part of this amazing ride. You are so beautiful in every hat. This post makes me happy! Hurray for aging! 🙂 xo!

  9. You ladies are just beyond gorgeous, I’ve loved reading your posts on your trip out. I want to be there with you. x

  10. The photos from this trip have been a joyous celebration of style, vintage, creativity, and most of all friendship. And hats! xxxxx

  11. This just makes me look forward to getting older, and have fun like that! You’re all fabulous! I’m so inspired by you Judith, the style and the smile!

  12. What a delightful post with many superb photos! I went over to Idiosyncratic Fashionistas to read even more. What a smorgasbord of delights and everyone looks so happy and sparkly.
    Thanks for sharing this delightful gathering!

  13. You looked so elegant. You always look so perfect, like a model in a magazine. I am so glad that you are getting the recognition you deserve. You are a wonderful role model to women of all ages!

  14. Great adventure Judith
    These pics are great
    I love all the older ladies rocking it, it is the way it should be anyway!
    Can’t get over you got to see Lynn Yeager! Wow!
    I am very happy that you had a Canadian girl with you Shelley – That makes me proud!

    Thanks for your kind words about E
    I saw her yesterday, she can not open her eye yet, still very puffy, but she is doing great


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