Photos by Ari Seth Cohen

This past Friday in NYC I met Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style, a blog about stylish and creative older people, and Debra Rapoport, who has a page on Advanced Style.  I have admired Ari’s blog for many months, and I’ve featured the inspirational Debra Rapoport several times on Style Crone.  Following Advanced Style was influential in the process of launching Style Crone, so meeting Ari and Debra in person was a high point of my NYC visit!  We playfully roamed the streets and rode the bus as Ari took photos of fascinating people along the way.  Ari instantly establishes rapport with the people he asks for photos and I was mesmerized by his process. The Style Crone learned huge amounts in our intensely fun filled travels and the memories put a smile on my face today!  Check out Ari’s blog for more photos.


  1. Great News about Nelson and what great shots! I had forgotton how cool that coat is. Wouldn’t it be something if the original owner of the coat sites it on your bolg!?! Can’t be too many of those coat walking around. Love to you and Yours! MO

  2. From the brick wall to the wrought iron, The boldness of the pattern on your coat, and your boldness to wear it, (beautifully I might also add)… Everything in these photos amaze me in a most wonderful way! You are a style inspiration!

  3. Bravo, Ari Seth Cohen and the ladies of “Advanced Style”! Modern society has overlooked a valuable resource, the beauty of older women, once the village sage, venerated for wisdom, judgement and experience. Look at us NOW!

    I was a fashion designer BC (before children, before computers) and always had a flair for wild styles.

    I am 60 now and have stage 4 cancer. Now, I really let my freak flag fly. I get all dressed up for chemo…why not? I go downtown in San Francisco dressed to the bright nines. I don’t care if I gather stares. Amazingly I receive compliments from young men who seem to appreciate the older woman with verve.

    Most people my age don’t relate, or maybe I don’t relate to them. I find myself going to San Francisco’s street fairs, art shows and performances with the youth and LGBT crowd. I go alone and take photos of others dressed in their finery.

    I’m not supposed to be here, but I believe I hang on for the next new outfit and the smiles it conjures up!


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