Photos by Camille

The Style Crone and Camille planned an overnight escape into the picturesque foothills of the mountains of colorful, magnificent Colorado.  About 40 minutes from Denver lies the community of Evergreen, where we enthusiastically embraced the experiences of a night at The Highland Haven Creekside Inn HERE, relaxing massages, dinner at a charming bistro, and a long luxurious stroll through the the streets in the morning.  The SC discovered a fabulous consignment store to explore, which falls under the category of  ‘mood elevation’ and ensures more frequent visits to this magical place.  We shared precious time together, discovering that even one day removed from the usual rhythm of life is healing and provides a new perspective.

To celebrate the occasion, The SC wore a kimono purchased from Iman of  Mishaps and Miracles HERE . The description on Iman’s Etsy site reads,  ‘This  is a silk haori, a shorter kimono usually worn as a light weight jacket over longer kimono. It’s done in wonderful shades of orange, green, and light brown. It’s quite unusual and this adds to its beauty.’  I discovered Iman, who blogs from Japan, through the extraordinary Terri of RAGS against the MACHINE HERE.  The internet provides beautiful and meaningful connections, reflected in the orange of the fabric of this kimono.

The brilliant sunny day called for a Diane Harty HERE straw hat and orange patent leather open toe heels found at a Nordstrom’s summer sale several years ago.  The pumps shone as brightly as the sun and as radiantly as the time that was spent with my elegant daughter, highlighting a highly valued connection!


  1. Your posts always make me smile. I’m so glad you had some time together with your daughter in a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing the haori and your smiles.

  2. OhMY!!! That haori is absolutely STUNNING! The colors are just magical. It looks like a lovely setting, and I’m glad you and Camille were able to have a getaway together.

  3. Love to you and Camille! So glad you were able to have this time together! As always, the hat ties it all together. What would have been a lovely outfit becomes a stunning ensemble when completed with a hat.

    The next time I come to Denver I’ll have to check out Evergreen.

    BTW, found two hats at H&M today that will be

    on my Fall playlist! . Can’t wait until the weather changes!!

    Love you1 …..J.

  4. How wonderful this kimono is…and even more wonderful to discover that it came from Iman. She has a wonderful eye for quality garments. I’m glad to learn that this brief getaway has given you a new lease…

  5. Gorgeous! Would love photo of the incredible ms. camille also. What fun for the two most elegant and fit ladies to sparkle together. Love from new orleans…I will dress in Judith style for a meeting at The Napoleon House as I meet ancestors from Old New Orleans…

  6. These autumnal colors are appealling as I look forward to the change in seasons. I particularly enjoy the way this jacket stands in contrast to the landscape. — We are in for some unseasonably cool weather for the remainder of the week here in Ohio so I am looking forward to bringing some autumn accessories out to welcome the coming cooler weather.

  7. Judith, that sounds like a wonderful getaway, a perfect time to gain some peace, and strength from your daughter and your surroundings. That kimono is AWESOME! I’ve never seen one in that colour combination before, and is great with those shoes. You look so elegant….

  8. Wow! You sure do know how to wear a kimono Ms. Lady. I’m so proud to have you as a customer. You wear it well. I have been browsing through your archives and I’m in awe of the linen coat and the HATS!!!. I have also noticed the courage that you display so well. I truly am inspired by you and happy to have found yet another stylish lady.

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