It’s been over a month since Mr. J and I traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a brief hiatus from our usual routine.  It’s one of my favorite destinations, with its slower pace, gorgeous views, high concentration of artists and eclectic restaurants.  And fabulous array of vintage, thrift and consignment shops!


One of the first adventures on our agenda was a visit to Museum Hill and the International Museum of Folk Art HERE.  The Apache Warrior sculpture outside the museum created a majestic presence as it emerged on the skyline.


The Flamenco Exhibit traced the history of dance from Spain to Santa Fe through costumes and interactive displays.


No adventure is complete without an exploration of headwear.  Montecristi Custom Hat Works HERE create their hats on site and we were thrilled to observe hat making in process.


It was an exciting surprise to run into Orren, who was featured in Ari Seth Cohen’s book Advanced Style Older And Wiser HERE.  He is a Santa Fe resident and we first met at Ari’s book signing in NYC in April of this year.  He is wonderful!  So much fun and very stylish!  Interestingly enough, we met again two days later. It was before noon, and he was wearing black sequin pants and I was decked in rhinestones.  It’s a small “Advanced Style” world!


We spent an afternoon inhaling art along Canyon Road HERE, where over a hundred galleries, boutiques and restaurants populate the area of one-half mile.  I chose to wear a vintage skirt that I’ve had in my collections for years, vintage leopard print cowboy boots, a linen shirt and the Minetta Designs hat HERE  that I discovered in Santa Fe the day before.


A visit to the Blue Rain Gallery HERE adjacent to downtown Santa Fe, introduced us to the talented artist Erin Currier HERE and her Series The Orchard Keepers.


A visit to the famous Japanese inspired spa Ten Thousand Waves HERE for dinner at its restaurant izanami was the perfect way to end a magical few days in picturesque Santa Fe.  I’m all for making this trip a yearly ritual.


Photos By Mr. J

After all, the Sake is delicious!

Silk turban by Heather Stoten of The Hat Workshop HERE

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  1. my dear StyleCrone,
    I was transported! The sake pic a a classic, and your white ranchera look w/ leopard print boots is cowgirl hot. Hats off to the photographer! Looks like a very fun trip, girlfriend!

  2. I missed you by a week. Santa Fe is my yearly summer respite from the world! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. You are so gorgeous in every picture; I, too, love the many faces of New Mexico, especially Taos and Santa Fe. Absolutely LOVE your styling, especially the “cowgirl” leopard boots with the great boho white ensemble…….

  4. You are a “grand dame”. Always a beautiful sight to see. Love your last two outfits.
    Of course you had that vintage skirt for years. You seem to buy everything to keep it in your closets for 10 or 20 years before you start wearing it haha.
    Santa Fe seems like a town I’d like to visit. And what a coincidence to run into Orren. Twice. I mean, Santa Fe is not a village.

  5. I love your travelogues, Judith. You’ve got a fantastic eye for the interesting details. Those advertising signs are utterly wonderful.
    Mr J’s done a cracking job of snapping you – but with a subject matter as gorgeous as you I’m sure it’s an easy job!
    Beautiiful couple. xxx

  6. Sante Fe…I loved it in 1986 and it’s one place J.B. and I intend to revisit one day. In fact, New Mexico was just breath taking. Thank you, Judith for taking me there for a short visit with you. That flamenco dress!! I would dance forever in that! The fabulous “living hat” you wore in an earlier post looks gorgeous with your beautiful skirt and boots. I say this every time, I think, but I love your blog – your beauty, style and zest for life continually inspires me.

  7. I’ve never been to Santa Fe but after seeing these great photos I want to add it to my list of places to visit.

    You look spectacular as usual!


  8. Beautiful pictures! And Santa Fe is on my list of places to see someday. All those shops, restaurants and the history. Fabulous!

  9. I love how you bumped into your friend again. Such lovely threads keep us together, very odd and wonderful. You and Mr. J look very striking together too. No wonder – look at all the fantastic things you took to wear. Really stunning, Judith. I can see how this would become a yearly getaway.

  10. I’ve never been to Santa Fe, but your post makes me think I would enjoy it. I love Orren’s style – isn’t it marvelous when you run into fellow “Advanced Stylers” in other cities?

    Every outfit you wore is lovely, but I am particularly fond of the cream-coloured vision with the full skirt. I think you definitely should make the trip an annual event.

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