When Diana called last Sunday evening to invite The SC to a concert by a young man from England who would be playing at the Ogden Theatre on Monday, the following evening, I said ‘yes’ even before I knew that the outfit theme would be leopard! Without knowing the musician or the details, the thought of a spontaneous adventure in Capitol Hill was intriguing and I instantly knew that I was on board.

Capitol Hill HERE is a neighborhood that borders downtown Denver, is diverse and densely populated, and its eclectic architeture is a feast for the eyes.  My own personal history includes this area and I enter its boundaries almost daily, as my home is within blocks of its dividing line.  I lived in this historical district when I first moved to Denver in 1975 and I met Nelson two years later when out in the evening with a friend in a Capitol Hill bar/restaurant.


The occasion was the perfect opportunity to reveal and flaunt my new Fluevogs, as the chill in the evening air called for boots and a cape that could be wrapped to provide comfort as the evening unfolded.  I recognize this time of year by the seasonal choices of fruit and its transition from peaches to apples and the lingering melancholy that I sense, which is replaced with the anticipation of felt hats that take the place of straw. It announces itself with brilliantly colored falling leaves and the sudden need for layers in response to the loss of summer’s light and warmth.


We met at Diana’s place of employment, the CHARG Resource Center HERE, where she is the Administrative and Development Coordinator. The mission of CHARG is “to advance a model of genuine partnership among individuals who live with mental illness, mental health professionals, and the larger community through respectful comprehensive services.”  Having met Diana in the 70’s when working in the community mental health center system, this feels like home.

Diana invited friends who she must have known had leopard in their closets, as that was the request for the evening’s attire.  In ascending order on the steps of CHARG are Juana HERE, Margaret, Diana and The SC.


After a bite to eat, we walked to the Ogden Theatre HERE just a few blocks from CHARG on Colfax Avenue HERE.  Jake Bugg HERE, an English musician, singer and songwriter whose self titled debut album reached number one on the UK Albums Charts, was about to perform to a full house. His guitar tech OLI is the boyfriend of Emma, Diana’s daughter Ana’s friend.  (Were you able to follow that connection?) OLI and Emma live in Liverpool, and we were his guests for the evening’s performance.


The women in leopard meet the star of the show, second from the left, who was gracious and engaging. Jake Bugg is at times referred to as ‘the new Bob Dylan,’ and who could resist the likes of that!  Check out his “Lightening Bolt” video HERE.  OLI, on the right, generously and with great charm ushered us to the VIP area, where we had some of the best seats in the house.


Thank you to Diana, OLI and Ana for providing a spontaneous evening of frivolity and intergenerational fun.  Just say ‘yes’ to enchantingly impromptu invitations if at all humanly possible!  As you can see, Diana’s daughter Ana has the radiant charisma, beauty and dazzling smile of her mother.


Photos by Diana and Ana

In the darkness of the VIP area of the Ogden, The SC is wearing her contribution to the evening’s celebration of leopard in an estate sale 40’s turban and fabric vintage belt as armlet.  Enveloping the yard sale black background of leggings, tunic and knee-length skirt is the red wool estate sale cape, which can be thrown about in endless configurations to provide warmth if needed in Colorado’s fall evenings. Jewelry and black fringed scarf are estate sale/flea market finds and the green VIP bracelet is courtesy of the Ogden.

HAT ATTACK #3 will be featured on Tuesday, October 1st! THAT’S TWO DAYS FROM TODAY!

Whoever wants to can join in!  Just compose a post that includes any hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you love on Tuesday, October 1st.  Participation will be open for one week, or until October 7th.  Follow the directions HERE provided on Style Crone to post your photo and hope to see you there!


  1. You are such a gorgeous woman! I love it! I’ve always loved capes, one day I will have one. Thanks for being an inspiration to get out there and be the best we can. Love your work, love your style

  2. Another fabulous outfit, Judith…and all of you look great in your leopard!! I love how you are doing your shots on location and taking us on a tour. I am wearing leopard for a purpose today as well…hope you can stop by and see. Have a wonderful week and keep having fun!

  3. Is it possible to go wrong with Animal
    Print? YES……but you guys did it

    What Fun…..thanks…..!

  4. So gorgeous Judith and those FLUEVOGS!!! They are going to be worn so well by the fabulous SC in many posts, I just feel it! Thank you for sharing Jake, what a terrific young genius. Can’t wait for Hat Attack!! XOXOX

  5. Your posts are such a good reminder to expand the mind and try new things. This expansive feeling radiates from your smile in these posts. I love your new boots. Fun heel and it looks like you will wear these beauties often during the fall and winter. Lovely red cape and who can resist a group of women in animal print!

    blue hue wonderland

  6. What a gorgeous Autumnal look! I love you and the CHARG ladies in your leopard print on the stairs, a wonderful shot.
    Jake Bugg’s great, he’s from the Midlands so I’m biased! x

  7. Is there anything better than when leopards meeting music. It must be a delightful experience. Lopard is good for strong colors and red is really good. You see, as always, magnificent. Lovely pictures of your friends.

  8. Ana certainly does have her Mother’s brilliant smile! Please say Hello to Diana for me, will you? Looks like you all had a great night out in your stylish spots! I like your “armlet” and the red cape is the perfect topper for elegant black accented with leopard. I am in complete agreement with your statement about saying “YES” to “enchanting, impromptu invitations” My feeling these days is I don’t want to miss out on having fun, if at all possible.

  9. Sounds like a fantastic evening and you all look lovely in leopard. Jake Bugg supported the Stones in the Park this summer – we only heard the end of his set but it sounded pretty good to me.

  10. Diana did not only invite friends whom she knew had leopard in their wardrobe… nearly every woman has leopard in her wardrobe.
    What a fun site to see you all wearing it.
    I am probably biased… but… you were the best looking and best dressed woman of the bunch. Love your leopard details and YOUR BOOTS… awesome.

  11. I am swooning over the Fluevogs :). The cape is beautiful. I adore capes. How fun to be invited to a concert with a leopard theme!

    You have many inspiring friends Judith.

  12. You are the height of elegance, as always, Judith! Love your red cape with the leopard accents, and of course the new boots, just gorgeous!
    My friend went to see Jake Bugg and really enjoyed the gig.
    How lovely to enjoy an evening out with your beautiful friends, I love a mix of ages and styles all thrown together, with everyone appreciating the same event! xxxx

  13. Style Crone, you rock! I’ve been lurking on this site for a month now; I got here via “Amid Privilege”. I adore your joie de vivre. This Leopard Fundraising Event is such a riot! I can’t wait to share it w/ some of my pals in PR in Palm Beach, the second largest fund raising capital in the US (LA is #1). I’ve been living w/ chronic cancer recurrences (7X, 2 types) for 27 yrs. & feel I’ve finally turned a corner. I’m coming out after living behind hospital curtains and in medical facilities for almost three decades: I’m sometimes frozen, excited, often scared and use my clothes as armor. And I’ve always loved clothes: too much. It’s been my fascination, my weakness, it became my addiction. I always buy on sale but I don’t always buy what I absolutely need. I think I need more than I really do. I could do with much less. I have had most of my shoes for 30 yrs. True, I do wear favorites to the ground for 3-4 seasons, but that is rare, I rotate often. I have gone from post-radiation size 4 to size 20 in the last 30 yrs., I have lost 4″ because of that neck surgery. I have to consign all my heels higher than 2″ b/c my head is still tilted down & I fall over in heels higher than that (which kills me, but it’s better than passing out from lack of oxygen which is what was happening pre-surgery, small trade-off). I wear a size 12-14. The skin from my back sunk down in a strange way from losing 4″ & I’m still trying to figure out how to wear undergarments to minimize the folds of skin that developed on my sides that appear in all knits. I hope Style Crone can address this. Maybe the topic of the Spanx revolution, in general. Unless you all just consider the concept demeaning to women in general because it makes of our bodies something they no longer are and we should simply wear different clothing that doesn’t require such binding gear. I am sorry I shared for so long. I hope I’m not breaking some blog rule I don’t know about. Please take me aside and say so. I don’t take criticism or correction personally anymore. OX, Anna, @AJFlamingo

  14. Hi Anna, Thank you for your comment. You have been through so much trauma over the past 27 years. I celebrate your courage to share your experiences and so happy to hear that you have turned the corner. Using one’s clothes as armor is a positive in my opinion! You have a wonderful sense of humor and I will be sending you an email.

  15. Capes are the best and yours is a beauty. Just looking at that deep red color makes one feel all warm and cozy. Sounds like an enchanting evening!

  16. Judith what a rich post! I love how you set the evening, with your background of the area…

    Your outfit is perfection… and appears to be so fun to wear… I just love the drama of a flowing cape. You leopard turban is exactly what I am working on in the studio today… after a run to the fabric store yesterday. It was to be my hat attack contribution this month… but alas… the day has snuck up on me… how they seem to fly by… Luckily, your generous hosting is open for the week… so I will be back with another contribution! Your Hat Attacks are always a favorite of mine!!

  17. Hi Judith, I found your page via Adrienne and Jill’s fb page. I absolutely LOVE your outfit, esp the gorgeous red cape.
    All of you ladies are so inspiring. I’m trying to work up my courage to join all of you for the next How I Wear My. Maybe I can start with my legs and hands. 😉
    Stay fabulous!

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