Daniel is out-of-town on a much-needed vacation, so my friend Wren is taking Style Crone photos in his absence.  We traveled to the periphery of the Denver Botanic Gardens HERE, where the autumn leaves are at their colorful peak.

I consider myself in the autumn of life, and verging on winter. My hair has turned to silver, just as the leaves of the trees have transitioned to the most radiant and brilliant hues of orange, red, yellow and brown. We don’t judge the trees and they do not lose their value as they shed their foliage of gold. There is no ageism in nature. Is not spring as beautiful as fall?

As I rebuild my blogging routine and deal with unsettling tech problems, the color orange has become my best friend. I discovered this bedazzled fringed orange leather bag in a vintage shop in Florence, Italy.  It followed me home to Denver, and it didn’t take me long to find this orange vintage pillbox with rhinestone adornment in the hat room.  And the orange vintage gloves were easily retrieved from their residence amidst my glove collection.

In researching the benefits of wearing the color orange, on the site Empowered By Color HERE I found that, “Orange aids in the assimilation of new ideas and frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves. At the same time it encourages self-respect and respect of others.” I don’t know if this has been explored scientifically, but it sounds good to me and I’ll take it and run.

I can only describe what the color orange does for me.  It makes me feel exhilarated and that cannot be overrated. Or is it just the coffee?

Fall, like spring, feels like new beginnings and I’m planning several projects as I move forward.  I’ve learned in yoga that if I’m not shaking I’m not changing or growing. I’m taking that concept off the mat and into my life, as I enter a new phase of possibilities.  I’m riding the wave of the energy that launched my blog which was birthed through the ashes of death.

Photos By Wren Duggan

Black “free form” dress – a little shop in Rome, tall black heeled boots – Fluevog, rhinestone earrings and necklace – estate sales.


  1. Dear Judith
    You always look so fantastic and are an inspiration to every woman out there, no matter their age. I love how you embrace and don’t let our ageist society dictate to you. You inspire me big time.
    Thank you so much. You are one powerful beautiful women.
    Best regards
    Wendy Mercer (New Zealand)

  2. Such a stylish combination of orange and black! We have an orange car, about the color of your hat.. easy to find in the parking lot! I wear orange in all seasons; it’s an energizing color and works well with various dark colors.
    Thanks for posting.
    Jane F-B

  3. Spring and fall are my favourites seasons, your analogy is a wonderful one. I will have to remember it.

    You are looking as beautiful and vibrant as ever Judith!


  4. Beautiful, thoughtful, poetic and charming. I haven’t shaken on the mat in a long time, nor have I really stretched my abilities … a reminder that complacency can lead to a dullness and resignation of so much that should never be taken for granted. As I start to move through the Act III of life, I sometimes fall prey to the “is that all there is” melancholy that Peggy Lee immortalized in song. But your blog reminds me that this time of life can have it’s own richness that comes from reflection and expression through creative endeavors such as your lovely ensembles and photos always personify. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  5. wow. what a classic yet stylish look. i love the combo of black and orange. just lovely!!

  6. LOVE the orange…such an underrated color. You look marvelous as always, inspiring and radiant. Thanks for the link to the colors. I enjoyed reading a few like about orange and my fav color red…like they have something there. Thanks for you thoughts, beautiful photos, candy for the eye, and your positiveness that we all need a dose of in these challenging times. You are the best!!! Sheryl

  7. Oh gosh, this is lovely. (I should really stop using this word, but it is so true in your case). In the 5 years that I follow you now I don’t think you have shown anything I didn’t like. I find this a true miracle. As I always say: “sorry I cannot please everyone all of the time, as tastes differ”. You don’t seem to have this. Amazing.
    And I love orange. As you know.

  8. Beautiful photos as always, and yes your spring/fall analogy is a great one — inspired and inspiring.

  9. ALL seasons have beauty, although winter’s is harsher than the others. Orange is supposed to be a very creative colour too, so perhaps it will inspire further blog posts.

    I like the idea that “if you’re not shaking, then you’re not changing or growing”. I think it’s time for me to do some shaking. xo

  10. Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons. I consider myself to be in the Autumn of my life also. But, aren’t we at our most beautiful in this season? Like the leaves shedding, we shed what we no longer need in life, to retain the most cherished people and things. It’s a moment when we receive new energy, free of many constraints-
    I enjoyed reading this post and your gorgeous pictures. The orange mirrors some fall colours.

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