Last week I traveled to New Orleans with Mr. J to attend a four-day conference, Revolutionizing The Culture of Aging, which was presented by The Pioneer Network HERE.  Originally developed around the vision of creating a culture of aging that is life-affirming, satisfying, humane and meaningful in the long-term care setting, its overall aim is nothing less than transforming the culture of aging in America.


Mr J has been involved with the Pioneer Network for many years, and he generously invited me to present at one of the workshops that he led.  Sage Conversations: Reflections On Aging From An Elder Sage offered a venue for me to talk about the evolution of my blog, the revolutionary Advanced Style Movement created by Ari Seth Cohen HERE, and my views on agism.

I was impressed with the other presenters who shared their wisdom and perspectives. It was a privilege to be included in this dynamic group of leaders who have devoted their lives to culture change in long-term care communities.


One of the highlights of the conference was Mr J’s book signing.  The recently published Oh Mercy! The Coming Of Age Of A Nursing Home Pioneer HERE, is a memoir about his 32 years of experience with his management company Pinon Management and his personal growth during that time.  Mr J was one of the original voices to champion the psycho-social model in long-term care, with a career dedicated to leading care communities through transformation to person-centered care.  His entrepreneurial endeavors are felt across the nation today, as evidenced by the many examples of innovation and culture change that were presented at the conference.


The workshops were compelling, so there was little time to wander.  I did manage to carve out some time to walk the neighborhoods with Erin, my friend who had lived in New Orleans for four years.  She took the above photo on our way to a flea market a short distance from our hotel.


I was happy to be back in magical New Orleans, with its intricate ornamental iron, beautiful architecture, music, culture, history, art, food and diversity. This photo was taken on our way to Magazine Street HERE on the day that we left the city. I was attracted to the ironwork on the balcony of this building and would love to do the tour of the French Quarter Ironwork Trail.  That remains for another visit!


No visit to New Orleans is complete without visiting the French Quarter in the evening, accessorized by touches of sparkle and bling.  Our taxi cab and Lyft drivers, life long residents of the city, honored us with stories of survival during the tragedy of Katrina, the devastating hurricane of 2005.  The energy of suffering and resilience hung heavy in the hot and humid air.


The morning of our departure, we had brunch at Brennan’s HERE, a 70-year-old iconic restaurant that stuns with its opulence and charm.  The famous “banana foster” goes up in flames at many a table.


I left for a moment to climb the stairs to the restaurant’s second level to admire the dining areas, which were accessorized with chandeliers.  This is just one of the rooms that captured my attention.


Mr J and myself were honored to be in the company of conference presenters (from left) Sarah, Jude, Sandy and Nancy.  These are just a few of the many inspiring and dedicated people who I met during the conference.  My one regret is that I wasn’t able to post photos of everyone who touched my life during the time spent in New Orleans.


After brunch and before leaving for Denver, and accompanied by friends Janice and Erin, we hit Lili Vintage HERE on Magazine Street.  Its beautifully curated collection kept us captivated until we had to dash to the airport.


Vintage shop photos by Janice

Trying on a 1920’s turban was the grand finale of my New Orleans adventure.  I’m looking forward to our next visit to the city of never-ending mystery and historic neighborhoods.

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  1. We honeymooned in New Orleans and returned 4 times before we moved to Denver 20 years ago. The conference sounded wonderful- and important. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How wonderful – a magnificent city and a worthy (really an *urgent*) issue. Both Sandy’s’ and my mother are in AL, and I must read Mr. J’s book (so proud and happy for him). Thanks for sharing and you look elegantly beautiful, xox


  3. Beautiful! Lovely!! Elegant!!!
    You are always stunning and always inspiring, Judith.
    And, now I want to hurry back to NOLA for another visit….

  4. Is it possible that you keep getting better and better? Both in depth of character and presentation? But, of course! I follow about 3 or 4 blogs all about older women and they are all fascinating but you Judith win the prize in my book.
    Thank you for your insightful thoughts as well as your exquisite taste.

    I need HIS BOOK!I am having a HECK of a time with MEMORY CARE facility for my 91 year old MOTHER!THE LACK OF………is UNBELIEVABLE.

  6. Nice to know a bit more about Mr. J. He has my respect for all his accomplishments. This must have been a very joyful event. I bet they loved you speaching. You looked beautiful and stunning in every outfit. You are my great example. Even though I know I will never reach your level.

  7. Judith, love your blog and style But NOLA in August? So hot and muggy! I live in Lafayette and the best time to visit is Feb & March or October through December Maybe you can convince our friend Carolyn Fineran to come with you and we could show you the city from a locals perspective! I wanted to tell you about a fascinating article about what they’re doing in the Netherlands. Building multi-aging assisted care facilities. Discounted rent and studio space for artist who do activities with all residents. They also have a kinder are section and the “seniors” do art with the kids and read to them. Brilliant concept that your friend may want to investigate.

  8. Mr J’s work sounds very impressive and much needed. What a brilliant conference – and you look fantastic, Judith. Gorgeous selection of outfits, incredibly chic.

  9. Hear, Hear on your continued involvement with aging issues; it sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

    As always, your styling is fantastic and soooooo suitable for you! I look forward to your next post..

  10. Lovely to learn a little more about Mr J, he’s as intelligent as he is a snappy dresser!
    Jon’s cousin lives in New Orleans. All of a sudden I feel like I need to visit! xxx

  11. I. too, love New Orleans, my husband’s hometown. So glad that you enjoyed it and that you hope to return soon. The recovery from Katrina (almost 11 years ago) continues, and it is important for us all to support the city in this process, in any way we can. I’m most intrigued by Mr. J’s experiences and would love to know when he might be having a signing event in Denver. Please keep us posted.

  12. It was so interesting to learn more about Mr. J and his career experiences with long-term care! I would have loved to have heard your presentation at the workshop, and of course, you were perfectly turned out for every occasion.

  13. I’ve been away from the internet while on holidays and it’s like an extra treat reading this post, Judith. You look so beautiful in everything you wear and wherever you go. Your style, inner beauty, you radiate positive ageing. Thank you for introducing me to Mr. B and his wonderful work. I loved the snippets of New Orleans which I visited with J.B. and the boys in 1987. It’s got to be time to return soon. xx

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