My glorious trip to NYC began with the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, a visit to The New York Botanical Gardens HERE in the Bronx  and The Freda Kahlo Exhibit: Art – Garden – Life HERE.  Jean and Valerie have blogged about our adventure HERE, with a beautifully written and detailed post which includes more photos of tropical beauty, information on exhibit features which we didn’t have time to visit and images of additional Frida inspired outfits worn by garden visitors.


Valerie, on the left, and Jean, on the right, frame Frida perfectly in their creative ensembles of the day. Valerie wore a deep orange Ivan Grundahl sleeveless dress, an Osamu Mita woven throw, Pleats Please blouse, antique ethnographic necklaces, and knitted cuffs with Frida’s portrait (cut from socks).  Jean wore a black sleeveless voile shirt which she adorned with cascades of bakelite and prayer beads.


Jean donned Trippen boots, that’s me in embroidered red fabric shoes, and Valerie wore flats made of Kuna Indian molas.  Our diverse choices of footwear withstood hours of walking as we made our way through the Enid Haupt Conservatory, which showcased plants and flowers reflecting Frida’s intense interest in the botanical world. We strolled through the rainforest, the desert and then to Casa Azuel (Blue House), all of which reimagined Frida’s garden and studio in her lifelong home in Mexico City.


I wore a floral silk kimono and man’s silk shirt (both from the 20’s), a Maeve Carr straw hat from the 80’s and a vintage red double layer chiffon maxi skirt.


I was fascinated by the headwear that Valerie and Jean wore, and wanted to share as many perspectives and views as possible.  Valerie wore a Japanese tenugui (hand towel) as headwrap and Jean wore an Ignatius hat.


Along the way we were surrounded by a wonderland of natural beauty which enlivened our senses.  The above photo is only one example of the magnificence that was on display.  The Mysore Clockvine is native to India and its color combination will most surely find its way into an outfit in the future.  I already have something in mind!

IMAG0859Valerie snapped a shot of Jean and me in the midst of foliage which comprised a rainforest canopy, accessed by a stairway.


We spent time admiring a recreation of the pyramid which was located outside of the Casa Azul, where Frida lived with her husband, muralist Diego Rivera.


This photo by the Ifs captures the representation and details of another side of the pyramid; the original was designed by Diego Rivera in 1941.


The other visitors provided as much visual delight as the gardens.  In this photo, Erica stuns with her colorful tropical print sundress and hair flower.


I was thrilled to be introduced to Sandy Long by Jean and Valerie, who was wearing the most spectacular hat which topped off her colorful outfit.


I loved everything about this woman’s outfit, but was of course focused on the crown of flowers that adorned her hair.


Valerie and this woman dressed in turquoise and prints shared a few laughs as we strolled along the garden’s grounds.


Outside the entrance to Shop In The Garden HERE a woman demonstrated traditional backstrap loom weaving, dressed in a beautifully embroidered top.  The gift shop provided an opportunity to browse through Frida-inspired items, which functioned as another gallery within the gardens.


To top off the day, we enjoyed cocktails at Cipriani, a restaurant at Grand Central Station, which is where our journey began hours earlier.  This photo depicts the gorgeous bakelite that Jean is famous for wearing and Valerie’s wrists display her Frida cuffs made from socks, which you can create too, by following the directions on this post by the IFs HERE.

There’s never a dull moment when hanging out with these two generous, warm, witty and creative women.  They embody the vibrancy and beauty of a city that opens up my world more fully with every visit.


  1. Just what I needed on this Monday that was full of personally difficult news. Grateful for your prose and photos that transported me to a world of joy.

  2. Love are fabulous ladies! Thanks so much for sharing such a lovely day.

  3. This looks like such a wonderful day!

    You are all dressed so creatively. A visual feast for the eyes.


  4. Thank you so much for including us in yet another wonderful post! The Botanical Gardens were great, but going with a kindred spirit made it so much more enjoyable. We’re SO glad we got to enjoy your company again. Come back anytime!!!!


    Valerie and Jean

  5. I do wish we can meet one day, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so jealoussssssssssssss
    Tons of love and admiration, my dear friend

  6. Ladies you all look so fabulous! Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure.



  7. Oh what a wonderful post!!! The world would be so much duller if you lot weren’t around to liven things up. I love how all three of you so carefully built your outfit. You chose a hat which makes your outfit with the splendid kimono totally 1920 (ish), Valerie repeated the bow of her headband in the throw and of course all colours and jewellery sang the same song. Jean blew me away with her hat. Love it to bits. And I watched her arm candy, there is a rythm of colours there. Her dress and boots form a unity and platform for the colours of the gorgeous necklaces and bracelets.
    How about if I become a subtitle writer of fashion photos hahaha.
    Lovely post, lovely ladies.

  8. How wonderful! Where in the world did you get your red embroidered shoes? They are so fabulous.
    I always enjoy all your posts. 🙂

  9. This was such fun reading, and seeing the bright outfits, hats, jewelry and just all around plain fun. Wish I had been there with you all. And Cipriani’s afterwards…wow. You ladies sure know how to do things in style!!

  10. What a lovely time you had! I visited Frida and Diego’s blue house in when I was in Mexico and it was fascinating.

    Jean and Valerie do embody what is wonderful about New York, don’t they! Your outfits are all works of art in themselves, and I’m sure that Frida would have wanted to have cocktails with you.

  11. I so enjoyed your words and images of what must have been a truly enjoyable day spent with friends. All three of you look simply wonderful . I love your closeups of the headwear details from the back and the footwear.

  12. Wonderful celebration of Frida. Her birthday is in July so this exhibit and dress-up party in a neat honorarium. Thanks for sharing; I love the colors worn, And the shoes made from molas are my favorite fashion article.

  13. All of the women featured here are like exotic, colourful blooms themselves – so much to enjoy! Your kimono is especially beautiful, Judith. And I can just tell from the photos that you were all having a wonderful time. xxx

  14. Oh, this looks like a wonderful day. The contrast between the outfits you are all wearing is invigorating and a great showcase of how different personalities can all shine with incredible force. I especially see it in the footwear.
    How I would love to camp in that garden. The air must feel like it does after rain. And I’m glad you caught photos of some of the other beautiful women who visited the garden.

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