Estate sale vintage black rayon crepe dress with snaps (before the zipper replaced buttons HERE) on the veranda with junk store metal screen as background.

‘Shiny’ estate sale earrings!

Crone face with multicolored stretch sequined beret/cap.

Crone feet with vintage silver heeled sandals.

Photos by Diana.

The SC has traveled to Florida in her quest to solve the issue of negative thought patterns which inhabit the brain.  Keeping the pedal to the metal in search of peace and a release of inner barriers to all of life’s gifts and abundance.  Why leave a stone unturned!

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  1. That sparkly chapeau is such fun! And it really brings out your blue eyes too. The metallic screen background is such a perfect complement to the metallic accessories. I hope you find the breakthroughs you’re searching for.

  2. Your beautiful black dress could be in a museum! The detailing is incredible, and it fits you so well! The glittery hat and the shiny shoes are perfect with the dress!

    I hope Florida will provide the surroundings you need on your search for inner peace!

  3. Judith, the close up pic is SO beautiful. And that gorgeous dress fits you to perfection, I love the ruffle collar detail. The stunning sequinned hat just sets it all off.
    I do hope your trip to Florida helps you on your quest for different thinking patterns.

    Btw, while I was in the hairdressers last weekend, I was reading Company magazine ( too young for me but it was what I got given!) and there was an article about Ari Seth Cohen and Advanced Style, and in the interview he name checked YOU! I nearly shouted out, “Judith’s my friend! I know her!” So there you are, you are the toast of July’s Company magazine in the UK – fame indeed! xxxxx

  4. How gorgeous you look! I love that medal screen too, a very nice photo prop!

    I hope your time in Florida yields what you are looking for. You never know where or when something is going to click and make that connection with you, so well done for keeping on with the search.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  5. Judith, you are spectacular! The screen is the perfect backdrop, echoing and amplifying the elegant arch of your head. I hope that your journey to Florida amplifies your sparkle as well.

  6. Travel safely, lovely Crone Queen. I am certain you will find what you need in your journey. I’ll be thinking of you, and picturing you in this beautiful outfit and sparkling hat.

    Love, Jean

  7. Keep that pedal to the metal! Fantastic look, especially the way the profile of you with your silvery metallic cap fits perfectly with that of the metal screen. Good luck in Florida!

  8. I will be interested to hear what you have learned in your travels! You look fabulously stylish as always, and I wish I could wear beautiful shoes like that, but only if I had your feet! Positive energy is being sent to you as you continue on your journey.

  9. That sequinned skull cap is beautiful on you, if that doesn’t help you channel your thoughts into something positive then I don’t know what will! Have a fantastic time in Florida, come back happier and more energised! xxx

  10. You never cease to surprise me Judith. What a unique hat again and so elegantly dressed. Women often aks me if they still can wear leggings when they are older. I should just point them to this page. This is how it’s done!

  11. Hoping your quest gives you the answers you seek, and that you are able to share some of your journey. I too get trapped between the mental “rock and hard place.” Sometimes finding that new path is difficult. God speed!
    Love from Arabia,
    PS: your crone feet look like those of a 20-year old!

  12. Have a nice journey, dear SC .

    Don t forget us, who are waiting for your postings like the visit of a beloved friend !

  13. I hope wherever you’re going in Florida helps refresh your mind and your spirit. I struggle with the negative thoughts these days myself. The Absent-Minded Professor said yesterday, “I’m only thinking positive!” So I’m trying to turn myself around a bit.

    If the word “crone” means “incredibly elegant ageless beauty” then it’s definitely the correct word for you. Judith, you also have really lovely feet (for a while there I was raising a ballerina so I know about pretty feet 🙂 and the prettiest pair of silver shoes I’ve seen in a long time.

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