The SC and Mr. J spent a week in Miami for a change of pace from the cold Colorado winter.  Today’s post begins part one, with “my shadow and me” enjoying the sand beneath my feet and the soft wind blowing off the ocean with a scent that was soothingly sweet.


Speaking of sweet, I met up with Patti of Not Dead Yet Style HERE for lunch and animated conversation.  We met for the first time over two years ago, and we took up from where we left off with instant rapport.  Not only is she beautiful, but bright, witty and kind.  As retired mental health professionals, we have much in common. However, there was much more than that to talk about, including blogging, style and recycling, aging and the intricacies and transitions of life.  Thanks Patti!  It was much too short and I look forward to the next time.


Another meet-up took place during our time in Florida.  Mr. J met his cousin Rifka for the first time, along with her gallant husband David.  This photo best illustrates their instant connection.  Rifka also exudes beautiful, bright, witty and kind!  It was a beautiful day.


Art and hats have always been an intriguing combination for me.  But then I consider hats as art.  In this case the hat that I discovered in Nice pairs with a stunning piece by Roberto Matta.  Miami’s art, culture and people were vibrant and exhilarating!


Accessories as art appeared in the form of brightly colored bags in a shop window on our way to dinner one evening.  Boutique windows can be miniature museums, with their brilliant displays of wearable art.


Always on the look out for inspiration, I spotted this gorgeous woman with glorious white hair and a dazzling smile at breakfast one morning.  She proudly asserted that she was 76.  What a stunner!


Another “Advanced Style” moment presented itself when I noticed this amazing couple.  I loved their yellow accents, their glasses and their smiles.  And what about those hats!


During the time we were in Miami I was taken by surprise by my inclusion in Buzzfeed’s piece on “15 Senior Style Instagrammers To Follow HERE”  I feel honored to be in such amazing company and thrilled that older people are becoming more visible.  I read recently that old is the new black.  That’s a concept that I can support and celebrate!

Part two of our Miami journey will be out later, as I move back into my sanctuary and my treasured life here in Denver.  I look forward to visiting the blogs that I love and reconnecting with friends, online and face-to-face.

Linking up with Sheila’s Shoe Shine HERE at Ephemera.  With tongue in cheek, bare feet will be my contribution!


  1. Oh Miami is looking really attractive today, and of course you do as usual! Sounds like a wonderful trip. I love the idea of boutique windows being miniature art galleries or museums, with accessories or objects of clothing as art. You are so eloquent and are like a living sculpture of fashion yourself. Congrats to us for the buzz feed mention! We are showing the world something very important about the nature of life.
    Accidental Icon

  2. Fabulous as ever. I love hats and keep buying them, wearing them once and then they are relegated to the wardrobe. I really want to wear them, I think you might just have inspired me.

  3. Shall we henceforth dub that The Matta Hat, in honor of a splendid photo worthy of a museum catalog cover?! The Miro-esqe ornament on the jacket/dress is fascinating? Tell us more about it and The Matta Hat, please.

  4. Your lunch with Patti seems like such a good time! You both look gorgeous. I love the glasses that the lady in the yellow hat is wearing!!! Congrats on the BuzzFeed IG feeds to watch—so cool!! Such an amazing stylish bunch 🙂

  5. I love the outfit and the hat you are wearing in front of the Roberto Matta artwork and the glasses on the woman in the yellow hat are wonderful. Would love to own them. Can’t wait to see more from Miami.

  6. Judith dear, another wonderful read and SEE! The French hat with the new painting is stunning….I agree with you I think hats are art as well.

    Hope you will be coming to NYC when Spring comes around. xox, Elke

  7. I think I first ‘met’ you when Patti posted about your visit from a few years ago! So nice to see that you were able to re-connect with her.

    I adore how you artistically choose backgrounds for your photos! The Roberto Matta and your Nice hat is stunning!

    Big congratulations on your inclusion in the BuzzFeed article! I think it’s wonderful that you, and many other online friends, have been showcased!

  8. Wonderful photos to remind us of how precious our connections are! Love your leopard hat, and I can’t wait to lunch with you again. xo

  9. Oh this was a lovely post. So much to see. Of course you and Patti together. So nice, bloggers meeting. And Mr. J. meeting Rifka (what adorable shoes she is wearing. BIG WANT.)
    Your hat with the piece of Roberto Matta is fantastic. Of course you wore the perfect dress to go with it. You always do, as is illustrated by your black ensemble next to the bags (although not that clear to see).
    The 76 year old lady is indeed stunning and will have been a total knock-out when she was younger. Actually she still is.
    The bright couple with the hats made me smile and happy. Such joy.
    And of course you were mentioned as a Senior Style guru to follow. Tssss.

  10. Miami looks like a great place to escape winter! Patti is lovely, isn’t she? So nice you were able to spend some time together. I love the couple wearing the fab glasses – they look very Miami.

    Congratulations on your inclusion in the Buzzfeed list! I found it interesting that I was already following all except 3 of those women on IG (of course we know who’s cool before Buzzfeed does). Old does seem to be the new black at the moment. And to think it started with Ari’s blog!

  11. Congratulations! Florida looks lovely. Your photo on the beach is so evocative I can feel the sun on my face and the sand under my feet. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for the comment Beth. I always enjoy your kind and thoughtful words. The Matta Hat was purchased at Sabine Lebeque’s Studio and Showroom in Old Town Nice. I would share a link if I could, but unfortunately she doesn’t have a website. I was lucky enough to stumble into her studio last October! The tunic was discovered in a Nepali boutique in Old Town Nice. I don’t remember its name, but there were many interesting pieces that caught my eye!

  13. Hi Gracie. Thanks for the comment. My leopard print fabric hat was found in a consignment shop; it’s packable, which is one of the features that attracted me.

  14. How wonderful that you got to meet Patti again! I’m sure there was an amazing aura around your table with the two of you together.

    I love the photo of the hat and the Matta! And now I’m really beginning to desire a smart phone since everyone is Instagramming – so much eye candy, so little time!

  15. Ahh, that photo of you on the beach is art, Judith! How cool for Mr J to meet his cousin for the first time, and of course meeting up with Patti again would be delightful – two of my favourite bloggers, looking beautiful! I hope you and Mr J are feeling the benefits of some winter sunshine (I’m officially jealous!) xxx

  16. So much beauty and hat goodness!! SO cool you got to meet the beautiful Patti! Oooh, when is the next Hat Attack please? I missed it last time!x

  17. DEFINITELY a good time to be in Florida. Snow here last week, and apparently snow again tomorrow. Sooo nice that you and Patti were able to get together. What if we could make it a foursome sometime?! LOVE everything about the woman with white hair and red sweater!

  18. Sounds like you had a fantastic time & met some wonderful people.I am so pleased about the increased visibility of older people & of course, your inclusion on the Buzzfeed list. You’re a constant inspiration and I do hope that we can meet up again soon.

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