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Vintage straw sun hat with fruit trim – gifted,  cotton multicolored orange scarf – NYC street vendor, neutral cotton cropped pants and tank top – consignment shops, vintage fruit earrings and multiple bangles – estate sales, heeled sandals with fruit trim – summer retail sale years ago.

The SC might as well consider orange a neutral, similar to leopard print.  I love to coordinate small and large amounts of this vibrant and powerful color.  In this instance a large cotton and verging on sheer scarf has the ability to function in multiple ways.  It can be transformed into a dress with the addition of a belt, a skirt, a scarf, a headwrap.  I could have spent the entire day playing with endless variations, but I do have a house to organize and a garden to tame.

Coming up with fruit trimmed accessories was not a challenge.  There’s more where that came from!

I cannot avoid speaking of the horrifying mass killing that occurred in Aurora, a suburb to the east of Denver. This massacre has dominated my thoughts over this past weekend and has flooded the news and conversations between friends and everyone I came in contact with over the past few days. Another incidence of the public health problem that persists as gun violence, bringing back memories of the Columbine shootings that took place in another Denver suburb over a decade ago.  Creating peace within is a first step, but focusing my energy on the facilitation of change feels imperative at this life stage. How can we let stand the murder of children (or people of any age) in schools and a movie theatre?  Or in any community on the face of the earth, for that matter.

Once again, there’s an outfit for every endeavor!

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  1. So gorgeous in orange – a neutral for you! And the fruit on the hat and shoes is such a delight.

    I am struggling with what I can do about this latest shooting tragedy. I am a firm gun control advocate, not a popular position here in Florida and perhaps not in Colorado either. But I cannot be quiet and accept that assault weapons are readily sold to virtually anyone with a credit card. My heart is breaking for the survivors and families of those so shockingly killed.

  2. Love the bright colours. You look fabulous.

    As a Canadian, I find it hard to wrap my brain around the gun culture in the US. Why anyone needs a hand gun is beyond me?! Unfortunately, our larger cities, such as Vancouver and Toronto, now have ethnic immigrant gangs, who have imported killing as a means of retribution. It is so “un-Canadian”. Sad.

  3. I am an ardent gun control advocate, yet I know the subject is not something our politicians wish to do anything about – unfortunately it would ensure they not be re-elected.

  4. The beauty of you in orange. The horror of the gun massacre. Guns and oranges? Such opposites. You are right in saying that peace begins within. But not everyone has the ability or temprament, I guess, to do that. I think the world can be a senseless place at times, and there’s no way of legislating against it. (Not that I am in favour of everyone packing a gun. That just seems to make things worse.) I don’t know what the solution is, other than to bring peace to ourselves inwardly, and pass it on as much as we can to those around us.

    Much love to you from England,

  5. I have already signed a few petitions circulating on line to challenge the lack of gun control. It’s truly insane.

    I liked Pao’s observation about the color orange. I never wear it but may have change that. I love the fruit accents, too. Your hat is so flirtatious and the shoes are deliciously feminine, very flattering.

  6. You are a true inspiration in all ways and a GODDESS.

  7. In that second photo you truly look like supermodel-gorgeous.
    I have been haunted by the tragedy in Aurora. My thoughts and
    prayers are with the victims and their families.

  8. Those kinds of horrors just don’t leave our memories too easily. Here in my neighborhood in Seattle we had a similar happening without as many casualties, but still shocking and haunting. It can make us look around us in a different way sometimes. It kind of takes the joy out of being human if we focus on this too long. I just often tell myself to resolve confusion and sadness over these issues that some of the people on this planet just are not yet evolved from an animal state and act as predators as we see in the animal kingdom. Sadly, the families and loved ones of the ones who lost their lives will never be the same. Over one senseless and animalistic act. I so wish guns weren’t so easily accessible for one.

    And can I say, you look gorgeous!!

  9. SC, orange is your color, it looks so AMAZING with your skin tone! I heard about the massacre from a guest at dinner on Friday night. I am just speechless and sometimes feel the world is going mad. The government can’t control this, even if pushed to pass more laws. I think of when alcohol was illegal last century and citizens who would never have broken the law normally became criminals as they snuck some wine, beer or other hard liquor. Passing more and more laws is making it worse. I don’t know what the answers are, but surely the government is not going to help; much of what is going on is because of the problems with our government. I saw this comment today: “Did Obama increase weapon and war spending more than any president? Yes. Did he call victory to certain military events and killings that involve guns. Yes. Did more innocent people die in those events than in the theater? Yes.”

    SC, you look really beautiful in these photos. 🙂

  10. I thought of you when I heard about the massacre in Aurora, CO knowing that you probably live close by. I hope we learn from this tragedy about the immediate need for gun control.
    On another note, I wanted to tell you how beautiful and vibrant you look in these photos. The first one looked like a painting to me.

  11. Exactly one year ago, 77 young people was shot in a masakra in my neighboring country Norway. For families who have lost, life will never be the same again.
    There is sun and glow in the picture and I love fruit. You look fantastic.

  12. I thought of you often when I heard…knowing your geographical nearness to the senseless horror.

    On a much happier note…I just pinned your orange perfection to my muse board…I do agree…goddess!

  13. I was shocked when I read of the movie theatre shootings, and wondered what happens to someone to push them to that kind of action. I am glad that I live in Canada where guns are not as readily available, but people who are that disturbed, or angry, will always find a way to destroy lives. I don’t know what the answer is, other than try to bring as much positive energy to your own little corner of the world.

    I love seeing you in orange, and you are a style goddess in the awesome fruit adorned hat and shoes! You are always such an inspiration!

  14. Judith,

    You are SO styling in your orange! Just gorgeous! I’m in love with this color as well!

    This tragedy is not only tragic & senseless, but an affirmation of evil in this world. I can only pray.

  15. You are so beautiful and the orange is just vibrant on you! Vibrant as the glow inside of you and the love you share with so many. The tragedy has hit San Antonio very hard. One of the victims, Jessica Gawhli, is from here and her memorial will be this weekend at my church. Such a horrible thing, I wish I knew answers. We live in troubling times on many levels.
    As a journalism teacher, I have to watch and discuss most of what is in the news and it does get harder and harder.

  16. Every time you wear a new color I think “that color is perfect for you!”

    Colors must love you :).

    I’ll never understand why we make it so easy to buy weapons and ammo here in the US. I try to understand it but I can’t.

  17. You get The Visible Monday prize! Here I am terrified of orange, and you dominate it 🙂 So elegant, with the wow factor, as always.

    I will never casually drop of my children at a public event again – or go into one myself without thinking “what if.” I found myself fixated on photos of the alleged killer in court today, wondering what kind of mental decompensation could justify hurting and killing all those people, and thanking God at least one of the weapons apparently jammed.

  18. My thoughts have been with the families and friends of the victims since reading the news last week. So terrible and senseless.

    On a lighter note, I’m thinking that orange is your power color. And the fruit on your hat is so fun and whimsical. Once can’t help but smile.

  19. I saw this portrait of you in the fruit hat on my twitter stream earlier today…and then to see your toes touched with the fruits, it’s even better.

    Yours is the first blog I’ve read in the past few days to mention this event. And as I’ve thought about it, I think it touches on many aspects of American life. But for years, I’ve been unable to fathom why any American citizen needs ANY automatic or semi-automatic weapon.

  20. The shooting also speaks to the alienation of our society.
    My guess is that this young man was having a psychotic episode (dropping his PhD program, bizarre behavior and appearance). I feel sad that his decline never attracted attention and intervention from family, friends, and university associates.

    Thank you for mentioning this–not something I would expect from a “fashion blog” (and I adore your outfit).

  21. We each have power without weapons and we must believe this as you do. Someone asked me recently what I do, I just answered without thinking – “I change the world.” I laughed afterwards. I know that you certainly change the world! Everyone around you is affected by how you shine and how your clothes shine, and they take a part of that with them and spread it to other people. There is such power here.

    The orange is undeniable – a wonderful neutral. And Carmen Miranda would be jealous of that hat. I know I am!

  22. Hi Judith. I’m always blown away by what you’re wearing. You always look so classy, original, and stylish. The frutiness is just the thing for summer. I like how the colors were tempered with the neutral cropped pants.
    Sorry to hear about that shooting. It was all over the news. What to say about something like that? Except to send positive thoughts to the victims and their families.

  23. You look glorious in that zesty shade of orange and the fruity accessories are just the icing on the cake, a perfect outfit for what looks like a perfect Summer’s day.
    The massacre at the cinema was horrific. We are lucky to have such stringent gun laws here in the UK. I shudder at the right to bear arms and the hideous violence that often accompanies it. x

  24. Orange with a dash of yellow – pure sunshine! I love the fruit decorations – and your incredible hat!

    Like Anne-marie mentioned earlier Norway saw something similar happen a year ago. At a political camp site for youngsters, 77 people – mostly teenagers, were gunned down too.

    Having weapons under strict control does prevent many killings – one just have to look at statistics. Nowhere in the Western world are so many people being shot as in the US! I can only support your efforts to have legislation changed. But it’s not enough – we also have to take care of these mentally disturbed people before they kill.

    These are heavy issues to be dealing with, and it’s so great to have you bringing harmony with your beautiful outfits. There’s always such a peaceful atmosphere in your photos.

  25. I love these photos especially the first one – you look so dramatic! What a cute hat! And you look so wonderful in Orange. The Aurora incidence is terrible – it’s impossible to imagine what these people and the loved ones of victims have been through.

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