Photo by The Style Crone

The Style Crone attended the spectacular performance of “Rituals” by the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, and was honored to photograph Cleo, the visionary Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer of CPRD. Cleo is a Denver treasure, a national presence in the dance world, and an international cultural ambassador.  Her honors and awards would take pages to list and describe, but her influence on our lives and the life of our daughter Camille are also too numerous to chronicle. Camille was a student at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance School from the ages of three through 18; it was her second home and provided a safe and nurturing environment for her to grow and thrive.  For Nelson and the SC, CPRD created life long lovers of “The Dance.”  We are grateful that Cleo and all of the glorious people that surround her have impacted us and many others for years.  And, she is always brilliant in her creative self expression!

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