As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been focusing on my home for the past year. It’s another way to be creatively self expressive. I’m going for beauty in every area of my environment and I feel much pleasure in the process and the outcome.

I’ve been yearning to have the front garden updated for years. With plants that are comfortable with the Colorado climate and soil.  With paths that lead to inspiring surprises.  With a mix of vegetation that blooms from spring to fall, in an unfolding panorama of exquisite beauty.

I live in a Foursquare or Denver Square, as it is known locally. It was popularized after the Silver Crash of 1893, as a need for more efficient and cost effective homes grew. You could purchase the kit from Sears, Roebuck & Co.for the Denver Square or Foursquare home at a reasonable price for the times.

What makes the Foursquare homes distinct from the previous elaborate Victorian style home is that it is just a big square, four rooms on the main level and four upstairs. Being square makes it much easier to divide up the space of use and later change if needed.

If it could be afforded at the time of construction, many owners added details of their own, whether it be the details on the leaded-glass windows or adding a decorative piece between the two upper windows. There are many great examples of these customized touches to the standard Denver Square throughout town.

The front garden has several different areas that bring me pleasure.  This is the north side of my garden, defined by a rose bush that has been on our property since we moved in in 1989.  There is something comforting about keeping the old while adding the new, which is an analogy for life.

For this post I’m wearing the kimono by Denver designer C. R. LEE,  a vintage feather head piece from an estate sale, jeans discovered at a retail sale, and Prada heeled sandals from a consignment store. Another example of mixing the old with the new, which has been my recycling lifestyle since I can remember.

Photos by Nicole Marcelli

I hope that you enjoy the tour that is revealing my home and gardens.  Though my living space is private, I feel comfortable unveiling it as though it were an outfit.  And in a way it is.


  1. Oh Judith, your garden is beautiful and the outfit perfect! Your lovely post landed at just the right time to remind me there is more to life than family politics. Bless your heart. Keep those posts coming. I love them!

  2. This post and photos so touched my heart! Beauty , Nature, Serenity, Fashion, History!
    I loved every word and every photo! Thanks, Judith!

  3. Those Sandoval’s are fantastic. I am a size 6-6.5. If they are a small size and you ever tire of them, please let me know.

  4. Your home and garden are exquisite Judith. What a treat for the eyes. I do enjoy your posts so much. Although I don’t post often, I want you to know that your beautiful outfits and wonderful musings have added joy to my day for a good number of years. Thank you for your insightful blog. You and your kimono are simply stunning in these photos.

  5. Oh dear, Judith! I have probably passed by and through your Denver neighborhood a hundred times and never knew the story and history of the Foursquares! What a gift you’ve given. as you do in everything you write and share and are! Thank you! I will now show your post to Jim whose “Momo” (grandma) lived near Wash Park. XOX

  6. WHOOPS, just realized FourSquare is not a neighborhood, but the name the house type! Jim’s Momo’s house was on S. Williams whose top has now been popped! Progress!

  7. Ever so pretty. The garden as well as the house and you haha.
    I already know a bit about the inside of the house and thought it was even bigger.
    I mean, the number of times you said a piece of clothing had its first outing after 20 years, are many. I always think where does she keep all this stuff?

  8. Dear Judith, Happy 4th of July!
    How gorgeous and glamorous you look in your fuchsia pink kimono and headdress, set against your pretty front garden. You are simply stunning!! I reflected on your post, as it reminded me the importance of surrounding ourselves in ‘beauty’ everyday especially in our natural environment, as it so very healing for both body and soul.
    I am consciously practicing that same philosophy, beautifying my home both inside & out -discarding and/or donating what no longer gives me ‘joy’ or holds a purpose in my life. As a widower (4 yrs), I downsized into a smaller home last spring and decided to give gardening/landscaping serious consideration this year: 1) to pursue a healthy leisure activity and 2) to feel more ‘grounded’ in my new home by getting my hands in dirt planting fragrant spring flowers and creating a (small) raised herb & vegetable bed, How exciting it is to see everything growing and looking so lush and colorful. Its wonderful to be able to pick my own fresh herbs & veggies each day to add to my alfresco meals, while sitting outside enjoying the beauty of my garden. Its these simple things that give me pleasure and joy now. And a nice bottle of pink rose!

  9. A delicious outfit, a gorgeously colored garden, and what a charming house!

  10. I’m certain that the pedestrians on your street are enjoying the view as well. it’s a lovely way to share the joy!! i love the coordination of your outfit and the flowers, simply exquisite. Looking forward to seeing the fall view. xoxoxo

  11. Your garden is gorgeous, but I can’t stop staring at you in that FABULOUS pink and gold outfit. Thanks for including a bit of history about your house.

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