The SC and Diana took to the streets to explore the growing and vibrant food truck scene at Civic Center Park, which borders the State Capitol, the City and County Building and the Denver Art Museum.  Downtown Denver provides a majestic background for our romp through the park. Civic Center Eats HERE takes place at lunch most Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer.


Before I launch into this week’s Denver Discovery, I want to thank everyone who participated in my inaugural monthly Hat Attack series which began on August 1st and continues through midnight on Wednesday, August 7th.  You still have time to link up with the hat party if you desire.

Your gorgeous photos thrilled me and I adored each and every individual expression of fabulosity through glorious headwear.  Words cannot describe how touched and honored I felt by the outpouring of support and by your kind and beautiful words, which brought me to tears several times over the past few days.  I have had to catch my breath from the number of hat attacks that I enjoyed because of your creativity, talent, brilliance, wondrous beauty, generosity and spirit.  Thank you from the bottom of my Style Crone heart!


And now, my tongue is in my cheek!


Each food truck is a piece of art, and I’m including only a small percentage of the creatively painted vehicles which provided  splashes of color and gourmet delights to the lunch crowd.  Live music was playing to further tantalize the senses. It would take an entire summer to sample the diversity of cuisine that’s offered in this gorgeous setting. This photo illustrates the size of the trucks, which contain their own kitchens and serving windows.


Gourmet sandwiches on biscuits anyone?


This truck of  ‘gastronomic delight’ was the perfect backdrop for my Mark Jacobs silk floral pants (thank you Jan of Fort Smith Stylista for the inspiration HERE) with black trim, which I purchased for 75% off at the most wonderful consignment store in Minneapolis last week by the name of Fashion Avenue HERE.  And that it was! Shopping consignment and vintage in Minneapolis is grand, and as you know, I wasn’t born yesterday.


Indian food is one of my favorites and this truck represents a restaurant that is located relatively close to my home.


Side view of hat with estate sale dangle earrings flying in the wind and vintage store/estate sale  bangles all expressing the colors of my recycled silk floral pants.


The City and County Building, in the background,  surrounds the west side of Civic Center Park.  I’ve paid off a few Denver boot HERE fines in this location, but that was mostly in the 70’s.


The multitalented Diana, who is Cuban born and fluent in Spanish and English, was my translator and I was fascinated by the message.

The sign behind you literally means “I want arepas.”

Arepas are stuffed flatbreads popular in Columbia and Venezuela.

The word Quiero followed by an inanimate object used as above means simply to want.

When it is used in reference to a person it means to love.

I’m very grateful to have a Spanish interpreter as my photographer.


I tipped my rose-pink straw hat with black trim, created by Guy Carsone HERE of NYC, to the gardens that provided splendor as we walked through the park amidst the crowd that had gathered to partake of the ‘fare for foodies’ that the food trucks offered in a space with breathtaking scenery.


A local news reporter was covering the food truck scene, and informed me that there is a growing community of fashion trucks in Denver.  This news nearly gave me a style attack, and planted a seed that will most certainly grow into another Denver Discovery in the future.  How I would love a Style Crone Truck to offer my vintage and headwraps on the road!  Diana said it just hasn’t happened  ‘yet.’

Nothing wrong with a dream or two!  Does that mean that I must live to be at least 92?

After all, Vix at Vintage Vixen HERE has already got Gilbert up and running.


Photos by Diana.

These 1940’s green suede wedge sandals with ruffle trim were made for walking the runway of the park and carrying a woman of their very age through the food truck maze in Denver on a sunny Colorado Thursday at noon.

Thank you Wendy Brandes, for the mention in your Huffington Post piece HERE on trends.  Check out Wendy’s fabulous Fine Jewelry Blog HERE for a constant source of inspiration and entertainment, plus the pieces that she designs are to live for.

Now over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style. Patti was one of my inspirations for Hat Attack and she always draws a crowd to her weekly gathering of the lovely and talented bloggers who grace my life with great pleasure.

The SC is linking up with the marvelously creative Anne’s Tutti Frutti 52 Pick-me-up at Spy Girl HERE, with my silk fruit salad pants!


  1. You look glorious in your floral pants and vivid pink hat! We have quite a lively food truck scene here in LA, and I’ve enjoyed trying some new cuisines from these creative folks.

  2. You look so CUTE! But then you always do. 🙂

    Gourmet food trucks are becoming quite the thing aren’t they? You and I share a love of Indian (vegetarian) food. If I had to eat it everyday, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

    It’s always such a treat to read your blog. Thank you for creating such a special little spot on the web.


  3. Silk pants, a straw hat, green shoes, and a great attitude – good to go! Wouldn’t that be fun taking your show on the road, or at least to the park? Those food trucks look gargantuan compared to the ones I see here in town, which are getting increasingly popular, for good reason.

  4. It is so fun to read your entries! I love the way you write. My favorite paragraph today is “These 1940’s green suede wedge…” And I love the sandals too!
    There was an article in a recent Costco magazine about a couple up the road from Denver toward Breck who restore vintage campers, small ones. I bet one of those would be a stunning setting for your things too.

  5. I love the variety of food vans. Portland has quite a few, and we have a smattering here in Eugene. A fashion van would perfect for you, and I’m sure it’s just what Denver needs!

    I love your outfit and the way the hat and shoes pick up the brightest colors in your pants!

  6. Fun pictures, looks like many yummy options. Glad you toured around the consignment and vintage shops here in Minneapolis. I agree they are truly outstanding. I think we do have fabulous shopping in the Twin Cities.

    I love your pants paired with the green sandals. They look so comfortable and cute on you. This hat is a winning design!

    blue hue wonderland

  7. Those trousers are fabulous especially worn on your gorgeous bod with the rocking green sandals and fancy hat!
    I love that Little India van – no surprise there! Yes, get a vintage van on the road and go forth and sell! xxx

  8. Love, love those trousers, Judith! And the vintage green wedges are wonderful too. And yes, you do have to love to 92, and beyond : > because we need you. Thanks for linking up these terrific photos with Visible Monday.

  9. Fashion trucks… what a fabulous idea!! Although we have an ever growing population of intoxicating food trucks here in Southern California… I have never before heard of this exciting idea!!

    Judith you look fabulous in your perfectly chosen outfit! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  10. That is the coolest hat! I didn’t notice it at first because I was so taken with the pants! And I love the ballet-style of the black top. PERFECT :~D

  11. Another AMAZING visual tour of Denver!! WOW–the flowers are stunning–but not nearly as stunning as you are in your fabulous floral pants and rosy hat!!

    All of the food trucks are just so cool– and now I’m HUNGRY!!
    I can see a Style Crone Fashion Truck!!

  12. I just arrived @ Style Crone courtesy of the lovely Lisa of “Amid Privilege” fame whom I discovered on the Blogger Roll (and her “Prepalicious” comments to Topics @ “The Preppy Princess”, a blog I’ve been following for years.
    I loved the title of your Blog and am so happy to be here. Having arrived at a certain age after lots of body trauma as a seven-time cancer survivor at 55 years of age, I need inspiration to find clothing with oomph! to fit my altered body to match my new life! Starting a new chapter, like a pupa bursting its chrysalis, I want vibrant, quality clothing to reflect my style and to share my ideas with like-minded women. They are gathered here & ably led by StyleCrone herself! I want to comment specifically on a one-word change I noticed IMMEDIATELY in a phrase many of us use as a passionate description of something we adore: “(it) is/was to DIE for”. Intentions: what we say, how we think, how we act, I humbly believe, creates ripples of positive or negative effect. Changing that one word from “die” to “live” makes all the difference in the world. Thank you for that lesson.

  13. Quiero arepas, and indian food, and biscuits!! Those food trucks are such a great lunchtime option. I wish we had something like that on campus for the summer when all the food services shut down.

    Yes, you are “Still Smokin'” in those fantastic pants, cool shoes, and funky hat. I will have to email or call you to hear about your trip to Minneapolis.

  14. I love that hat. Especially the big stitches. It reminds me of the mad hatter. The photos are great. You know how to dress for fun and then have some.

  15. That was fun. Never seen you “do” casual styling before. But you do it well and with a hat.
    Nice dream… your own truck. I can see you do that as well.

  16. Oh those food trucks look fabulous! I would happily try something from all of them – how greedy am I?! And yes, you are still smokin’ and looking beautiful, Judith. I adore the shape of that hat, and those floral trousers are wonderful, especially the cute shaping at the hem. And the shoes! Oh my goodness, 1940s shoes which look as stylish now as when they were first worn.
    That pic with the reporter is genius, and yes, a Style Crone vintage truck would be an excellent idea – do it! xxxxx

  17. I LOVE YOUR PANTS!!! And Marc Jacobs, yet! You go, Judith They are the prettiest things imaginable… and with the green vintage wedges and your hat … of course you were newsworthy! I’m always so impressed when vintage just snuggles up to modern this way!
    Fashion trucks! Great idea. Like missionary work, except for style tips.
    Thank you so much for the shout out … you inspire us every day.
    Food trucks look grand (Dan and I get so hungry for any cuisine besides our own!!!)
    Now… if there was just a Wine truck to complete the selection …

  18. Food trucks are getting pretty popular her in Vancouver. Like Melanie writes, ours are not nearly so large, but they do churn out amazing food. And speaking of amazing…you look fabulous in these printed capris. Loving the detailed seams {I’m storing this little design feature away for a future project.} I’m even thinking I might be game to try making my own hat. You are so darned inspiring Judith!!! Thank you!

  19. How exciting to the market and I love the pants and the absolutely incredible hat. And congratulations on your Hat Attack it’s very exciting. And I enjoy seeing all the hats. And the red hat you wear to the premiere is so beautiful

  20. The food truck scene is clearly flourishing, as are you my dear! A glorious outfit, you’re a sight for sore eyes in those beautiful trousers, wow I love the pattern with the green shoes, and that is one truly wonderful hat. Amazing post Judith, you deserve each and every accolade!

  21. It was lovely to participate in Hat Attack, what a great idea!
    Love your outfit in this post, particularly the green sandals. the headwear fashion truck seems like a fantastic idea, go for it!!!

  22. So much to enjoy here! Your outfit is stunning with it’s gorgeous colors and fabrics. I particularly love the hat and shoes to complete the look. The artwork on the trucks is a delight, and I can only imagine how good the food is. The weather looks perfect and I’m vicariously enjoying the scenery and bustle of the city.

    I loved Wendy’s article, too. Now, fashion trucks? I’M THERE!!! XXOO

  23. Oh, a Hat Attack truck would be grand! I don’t think I’ve seen a Fashion Truck here in LA — but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist! I visited a vintage clothing shop in a school bus in Portland, but not sure if it is mobile. Food trucks are rampant here, there have been Taco Trucks (Roach Coaches) for eons (original inspiration for the rolling gourmet trucks concept). I knew of a rolling art gallery, started by an Otis grad around 2000 or so — his family had a taco truck business. Mobile businesses are perfect for LA, since we’re all about wheel culture here!

    I love your bright fruity pants! My favorite shot is next to the Indian truck. But my favorite truck is the arepas one! I love arepas!

    Thanks so much for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up. A delight to have you join in!

  24. Dear Judith, I wholeheartedly adore your ensemble, those tremendous pants (!!!) bookended by your gorgeous shoes and amazing hat, but most of all your effervescent presence. Thanks for having us along on this delicious feast of a tour!

  25. I really enjoyed Wendy’s article about trends with longevity too. It was so lovely to see you make an appearance. I love this idea of food trucks selling their wares to hungry passers-by and goodness can you imagine a fashion truck day? Yessireeeee I can see you driving the SC truck into town, no problem! xoxo

  26. I am so enjoying your Denver Discovery posts (well actually I enjoy all your posts!). My daughter used to live there and I have many fond memories of visiting her and exploring the city. If you start a fashion truck it will give me an incentive to come back for another visit!

  27. Judith, these trucks are fantastic!!!! YES, YES, YES!!! I want the Style Crone Truck!!!!! I love the idea: mobile head wraps… wraps on wheels… drive through hats and wraps! And then you can park it next to a truck that sells wraps (the food kind). 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxo

  28. I love your floral trousers! They are so bright and cheerful and the hat is perfect with them! I too have been inspired by Jan to get the printed trousers out this summer – they are so much fun to wear. Loved seeing the amazing artwork on the trucks of Denver – a Style Crone fashion one would be fabulous!!!

  29. You are stunning!!! what gorgeous skin and smile you have! I love love love the silk pants with piping and I am a sucker for green suede shoes. They never go out of style! xoxo Kari

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