Airplane pose

I’ve blogged about yoga before HERE and HERE, and because it’s a powerful and ongoing practice for me and an important part of my life,  I will continue to do so intermittently.


Triangle Pose

Currently, I’m in Minnesota visiting my 95-year-old mother, who has her own practices which keep her centered and engaged.


Tree Pose

Because I’m focused on my visit, this post will allow Daniel’s photos to be the “heart” of this post.


Full Moon Pose

Our collaboration is also an ongoing practice centered around creativity, growth and discipline.



Style Crone would not exist in its current form without his engagement, talent, friendship and our mutual vision.


Resting after Savasana (corpse pose)

I dedicate today’s post to Daniel, who took the above photos in the studio where he practices yoga.  He too shares a love for this life enhancing and ancient practice, which contributes to our ability to stay in the moment as we work together creatively and spontaneously, always having fun in the process.  Thank you Daniel, for all that you do for Style Crone!

Photos By Daniel

Black circle skirt with gold pattern by 50 Dresses HERE – gifted, leopard print turban and leopard print bracelet – estate sales, jewelry – estate sales and gifted, black top – yard sale, giraffe print slippers with bows – retail France.

Thank you to Craig Kurtz of The Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver HERE for allowing us to play in your studio.


  1. How utterly wonderful, I love the photos and your perfect poses.
    I’ve been woefully negligent with my fitness regime over the summer and after a fellow trader filmed me moving about I was ashamed for my awful stiff gait. I need to get back to my daily yoga tomorrow! xxx

  2. Such beautiful photos- thank you Daniel for your keen and sensitive eye. And thank-you Judith for your constant and graceful reminder of soulful, elegant loveliness. You inspire.

  3. I love your turban. I wish I still had my mom with me. She has been gone for awhile but she lived to be 89. I am grateful for that.

  4. Beautiful photos! I’m working my way to more frequent yoga practise. I manage two or three sessions a week, and I know I’ll be happier and more fit when I get closer to daily…

  5. You are amazing Judith…lovely and strong!!! Bless your mother…good genes!
    Big events coming up with Debra visit and Susan’s show. Wonderful you set up a class for Debra to teach. xox, Elke

  6. When I saw your first photo I thought you had gone into some kind of transcendental yogic euphoria by levitating! I can’t see one of your legs so it looks like you are hovering above the floor. That’s some serious yoga!! (I even looked for a harness thinking you had been suspended from the ceiling. Hahaha!)
    Beautiful, beautiful photos, and I am so happy that you and Daniel have teamed up for this mutually rewarding project. You bring out the best in both I suspect.
    I saw your beautiful mother on IG and I’m glad you are getting to spend some time together.

  7. Incredible post. One of your best. I love the shot with your hands at the end.
    Daniel and you do amazing work together – these photos breathe life and peace and quiet energy and beautiful stillness. A stillness I aspire to.

    Thank you for being you, and making this world better. I’m so thankful to have met you!!!

  8. Hi Judith, your yoga practice inspires me. I’ve also been doing yoga for decades. About a year ago, I started feeling something that I suspected might be “restless leg syndrome” where I couldn’t fall asleep because my legs felt so jumpy. Ever since then I do several poses at bedtime and that cured the RLS feeling. Of course, I am always more consistent with my practice then there is a strong need – which RLS provides. So in the end, I’m glad the discomfort happened to me. 🙂
    I’ll be continuing along, right along with you!

  9. You are such an inspiration Judith. I tried yoga a number of years ago and I really liked it – life got in the way and I stopped, but you have made me think about going back. Thank you.

    You have a 94 year old mother!!!! Is she as stylish as you? That leopard hat is incredible. Great post.


  10. I agree with the IF’s – you are channeling Graham in these photos! You and Daniel have become a wonderful team through the creation of your blog posts. I wish I had someone like him to take outfit photos on a more regular basis.

    Your strength and flexibility is so much better than mine due to your regular yoga practice. I enjoy yoga and hope that I will find the motivation to take more regular classes in the near future.

  11. Beautiful in clothing and in grace – you have inspired me to up my yoga practice! I love the vintage 50’s skirt – weren’t they the most wonderful swooshy creations? xox

  12. Stunning photos of you, Judith – the combination of the full skirt and your poses is really striking. xxx

  13. Wonderful you! On a dead run, trying to catch up, but I’m glad to slip in and say what a lovely inspiration you always are. I’m just trying to meditate daily, and don’t do a great job of that, even! But every time I try and actually keep my butt in my seat, I succeed to some extent, at least!

  14. You look so beautiful in these photos. I have been practising Iyengar yoga for four years and find the benefits far reaching beyond the obvious physical improvements. I love how elegant you look in this fabulous skirt which adds such impact to your poses.
    Anna’s Island Style

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