Diana, her friend Pat and The SC continued the “Denver Discoveries Series” on a rainy late afternoon, visiting the Denver Art Museum to view Nick Cave: Sojourn  HERE, “a multi-sensory, immersive installation that transports visitors to a magical world of color, texture, sound, and movement.”

Nick Cave is a fabric sculptor, dancer and performance artist, and his work is fascinating and innovative.  His use of found objects and buttons threw me into a state of pure bliss, and though photographs were not allowed inside the exhibit, I threw my hands up on the wall at its entrance in celebration of this artist’s glorious explosion of creativity.


The rain only enhanced my anticipation, as we walked the sidewalk (runway) located at the back of the Hamilton Building, which is the relatively new addition to the Denver Art Museum.  My estate sale umbrella had its first outing, purchased impulsively for one dollar just weeks ago.  It provided a momentary “hat frame” when tilted backwards, with its neutral canopy and brightly colored border.


The SC tips her hat to Big Sweep by sculptors Coosje van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg HERE, which is located in front of the Hamilton Building, which was completed in 2006 HERE.


The silver metallic exterior of the museum plays nicely with my estate sale silver metallic bag.  The exterior surface of the museum was the inspiration for my outfit of the day, having walked past it en route to the food trucks in my post of last week.


Red, White and Bold: Masterworks of Navajo Design HERE is an exhibit that I look forward to visiting in the near future!


Wearing Minneapolis while viewing Denver!  This photo was taken on the bridge between the original museum and the Hamilton addition, with a view of the Denver Public Library HERE in the background.  The SC is wearing a Diane von Furstenberg silk dress with geometric pattern purchased at Fashion Avenue HERE, a Minneapolis consignment store, and a similarly patterned vintage large weave straw hat in the same neutrals as the dress, trimmed with black grosgrain ribbon with white stitching. The hat was discovered at the The Vintage Studio HERE, also located in Minneapolis.  I cannot speak highly enough of this delightful shop, owned by Karen Kinney-McMullan, who has a great eye and a wondrous hat selection (some of which are now perched in the hat room).

The orange heeled peep toes in the above photos were discovered at a summer retail sale years ago, and the black heeled sandals (better to walk the museum in) were found in a consignment store.  Sometimes it’s important to carry an extra pair of shoes along for the day in preparation for possible changes in terrain.  My favorite black leggings were found at a yard sale and the earrings, rings, bracelets and bangles revealed themselves at estate sales and vintage stores.


Fox Games by Andy Skogland HERE provided a photo worthy background following the wild adventure of Nick Caves’s exhibit.


“Kicking it” on the roof of the museum.


“Blending in” at a rest stop.

Off to join Patti and the lovelies at Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style, where as opposed to “blending in,” individual style and radiant personality reign.

Hat Attack #2 will take place on September 1st, 2013.  I’m in the process, as we speak, of choosing the hat of the month, which provides the entrance into autumn.


  1. Judith, this is fantastic! That one shot with the red, white and bold background-it is as if you were the hired and styled model to pose with it. You look absolutely stunning! xoxoxox

  2. That first photo is fantastic. Very pleased you like my small collection of sun hats. Looking forward to Hat Attack #2 – I’m hoping it’s a bit cooler so I can wear my trilby.

  3. Ah, love these photos, in which you are immersed in the art and architecture – yet you stand out, gorgeous SC! Wonderful dress – I had wondered if it was a DVF – and shoes and hat. Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday!

  4. You are so incredibly stunning! I have a folder full of pictures of you- I love how you dress, and how you wear what you dress. You are so vibrant and stunning in these pics- the frock, the hat, the super stellar smile, all visions of loveliness and a wonderful treat for my eyes and soul.

  5. Oh my–I just love these photos!! I love the pop of the bit of orange with the graphic balck and white!!
    you ar as stunning and spectacular as any piece of art!!

  6. Thank you again for my virtual midday visit to Denver. Also, good tip about the shoes. Of course, bringing along extra shoes requires a suitable bag in which to carry them! Love your silver one. 🙂

  7. DH and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary at our local museum, the Nelson-Atkins, where we saw a Freida Kahlo/Diego Rivera exhibit. It had been years since I visited a museum and this one is so huge that it may take many visits before we see it all. It was fascinating to me how it engaged my sense of creativity. It’s a gorgeous dress…and great settings.

  8. Oh these pictures are just the best! The graphic nature of this outfit is perfection with modern art. And your hat is adorable. Love this with the black leggings, it looks so clean and fresh on you with this well fitting dress. I look like you are having fun making this images. I find thinking about the whole picture story just makes blogging more interesting.

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Your outfit is a work of art itself-just gorgeous. These posts are making me seriously “homesick” for Denver!

  10. What a photo shoot! You’re a work of art yourself, you know that? Beautiful graphic print. In the photo up top, you against that print looks like you in front of a sea of fanatic fans–of which I’m a member!

  11. What a wonderful collection of artful images! My very favorite is the Fox Games background… with Blending in a close second! What a wonderful ensemble you chose for maximum interplay between your fashion and the presented art! Kudos my dear Judith!

  12. What a wonderful graphic print on your dress, and how perfectly it shows off your gorgeous figure, Judith! As always, your hat is the ideal accessory, but the umbrella runs it a close second!
    These photos are incredible, especially the first image of you against the poster, but you’re looking sharp against the background of knives at the rest stop too! Beautiful – you, and the art. xxxx

  13. What an amazing DVF dress and it provides the perfect contrast to the museum pieces you chose as the backdrop. I love your umbrella and I hope to see it again in the future. I also love the shape and texture of this week’s hat and I can’t wait to see the others from The Vintage Studio!

    Stunning, as usual, Judith 😉

  14. I’ve looked at all the photos here three times, and will be back to do it again. It’s a rare blogger who can combine the arts and personal style with as much apparent ease as you do, Judith. I know it only looks easy and that you have partners in crime (!) but you mingle you whole persona, your physical self with such a variety of public art … and it’s all so appealing and seamless. Your presence so often expands and extends the meaning of the pieces you pose with. Talk about human scale … you command the pieces. Really an astonishing feat, week after week.
    But ultimately, that’s pretty much how you’re living your life these days isn’t it? Such a difference a year can make, yes?
    Oh, yeah … not a bad hat and frock, kiddo!

  15. Judith, as others have said and I’ve said before, you are a work of art in your right. I love all of your stylings here, and I especially enjoy it when you mix style and fine art.

  16. I LOVE these pics. Your outfit is amazing, as always, the location is brilliant, but what I love the most (and I know I’ve said it before) is your exquisite smile. You light up the very air around you. Plus, you’re smoking hot and a brilliant observer and commentator of your world and wear stunning vintage hats. And what is better than that? Nothing.

    Sarah xxx

  17. You are just stunning in that magnificent dress, Judith! You are a work of art yourself – and I’d be surprised if you didn’t get comments to that effect from visitors at the museum. I adore your style.

  18. I just love that first photo! I know everyone else has said as much but you do look like an amazing work of art yourself! I love that striking geometric combination of black and white in the hat and dress. I’m a frequent carrier of second pair of comfy shoes too!

  19. Wow you’re finding the most wonderful museums and making them into proper ‘happenings’ in your amazing ensembles! The black and white geometric dress is absolutely marvellous on you and reminds me of the Op art of Bridget Riley. Plus I love how very happy you look, my dear, you look radiant!

  20. The museum needs to hire you to come and pose with the art installations at least one day a week, because they are so much more interesting with you interacting with them. I love the cheeky pose in the photo of you on the bridge. You look spectacular in that DVF dress and the hat is the perfect cherry on top!

    I read about the Nick Cave exhibit and it sounds so cool – I would have loved to have seen the performance with all the dancers and the sound suits.

  21. What a smashing post Judith. The photos are outstanding. Especially love the background Black, white and bold. Did you fit the bill!!
    Coosje van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg must be Dutch, so I am proud of my fellow countrymen.
    Your outfit is outstanding (touse that word again). Love everything about it, from hat to shoes, from dress to bracelets.
    Great job, great photos.

  22. I do not know how I missed this,Judith, but this outfit is AMAZING!! I love it so much and the setting, perfect!! I want to own a dress exactly like this someday…after much weight loss!!

  23. Beautiful lady, you are. Nice to see this museum setting. I’m a big-time museum “nerd”.
    I carry extra shoes sometimes, too.

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