The SC enjoyed the April storm that arrived this week, giving momentary relief to the parched earth. Though the daffodils were covered with the softness of white snow, I welcomed any relief to the shortage of moisture, bringing water restrictions and encouraging the planting of drought resistant gardens.

The back garden finds itself in a state of confusion, as tufts of green peek forth between the flagstone pathway and snow covers the juniper in the background.  New life is emerging despite the dry soil, and dreams of the renewal of my garden float through my thoughts.


I remembered wearing most of the elements of this ensemble in the past and scanned the archives for the photos.  I found the post HERE, and realized that it was written one week before Nelson’s passing. I see that I chose gloves a little bit more pink this year and the trees are not flowering like they were at this time in 2011.


The sheers in the guest room remind me of the softness of softly falling white snow.  Estate sale vintage suitcases provide space for the storage of small silk scarves and delicate antique hankies. Collections have found their homes in places that can be easily accessed.

As I approach the second anniversary of Nelson’s death, I think about all that has transpired over the days, weeks and months.  The first floor of my home is similar to how it was when Nelson was alive, but the upstairs has been transformed into a personal sanctuary that nurtures and comforts.   The configuration of rooms is different.  My bedroom is in Nelson’s office.  The hat room is in our bedroom. My office and my shoe collection are in the hat room.  Only the guest room which contains my scarf collection, which was Camille’s room years ago, remains in place.  How quickly yet slowly things change.


Photos by Rachel

Vintage lavender fur felt Sally/Providence hat with pink feathers and olive drab/lavender trim – Frock NYC, lavender wool Marc Jacobs jacket with large buttons – Buffalo Exchange, vintage pink leather gloves, strands of vintage lavender beads, pink sweater with cowl, and vintage pink earrings – estate sales, navy background pieces – retail.


Felony Misdemeanor 02

Two hours after the Flamenco dancers, a drag performance by Felony Misdemeanor provided an entertaining show of dazzling and exuberant self expression.

Felony Misdemeanor 06

Felony Misdemeanor’s second act included an outfit as colorful as her performance.  As you can see, my friend Ruthie is dancing in the background in a dress of similar colors.  The celebratory energy was palpable!

Felony Misdemeanor 07

Drag artist extraordinaire, Felony Misdemeanor, in her third outfit of the evening, stayed after her performance and mingled with party guests.

4 dames & a drag queen

Photos by Shelley of the Forest City Fashionista HERE.

From left, Starla, Camille, The SC, Felony Misdemeanor and Loretta ‘camping it up’ late into the night. The entertainment was over, but the dancing continued.  I’ve always wanted to be a DJ.  My friend Dan generously assisted with the technology of the soundtrack, along with musical suggestions, but the playlist was Totally Style Crone.  However, I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon, no matter what that day job consists of at any given moment.

I’m heading over to the weekly party at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  I wouldn’t miss this celebratory gathering of self expression and visibility.


  1. You’re wearing my color this week, Judith! What a beautiful jacket/hat combo – a perfect nod to Spring.
    It’s wonderful to continue to see your party pictures and read your narration. It makes me wish I had been there, too!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  2. So glad you are enjoying the photos and working them into your posts – that was such a great party! The pink and purple remind me of crocus and hyacinth.

  3. It’s so nice to continue the party through sharing photos of the fun and frivolity. I enjoyed the mix of prose and photos in this post, very colorful all, both literally and figuratively.

  4. The purples are blooming on you despite the snow in the background. Those buttons are terrific. You have accomplished so much in the rearrangement of your home and reassessment of your life. It must be amazing to look back and see all the transitions. And then there’s the party that keeps on giving! Thank you for sharing all these twists and turns with us, Judith.

  5. What a great drag name, and how adorable you all look . I will always think of your party as the party of the year. I’ll shamelessly demolish the St. Crispan’s Day speech by W. Shakespeare in “Henry the Fifth” and declare:
    ” And ladies worldwide, now online
    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not there,
    And hold their womanhood cheap whiles any speaks
    That danced with you upon Dear Judith’s Birthday.”
    Love to you,

  6. You are an amazing woman – you have a thoughtful acceptance of life and death (although there may be more going on in private), you have a hat room, and you have a drag queen at your birthday party! Amazing and beautiful!

  7. This party keeps getting better. Like Val, I’m in awe, your own hat room, and a drag artist helping you celebrate your birthday! Cool!!!

    Judith, you inspire me to look at outfits differently. There are always so many subtle details in your garments and accessories that are integral to your completed outfit. I haven’t found any suitable for me spring gloves yet, but I am trying to wear my hats more, and I love it! Thank you.

    I love this jacket with it’s playful buttons. The colour makes me think of hyacinths.

    Sue xo

  8. Lovely coat Judith. How did you find it in exactly the same colour as your gorgeous hat. Your coat reminds me a bit of my orange one, although your’s is better quality. I am sure.
    Loved the photos of the drag artists. So happy. And I think you are doing so great without your beloved Nelson. It is not easy I am sure.

  9. Goodness, Judith – I missed this post, how did that happen? Still, I’m here now, to see you looking as beautiful as always, yet pensive and reflective, as well you might be, given all that has happened.
    Your description of the transformation of your home, and the changes in life that happen “quickly yet slowly” had me nodding in recognition. And the lovely soft shade of lavender you are wearing seems appropriate for calm and quiet reflection somehow.
    The more I see of your party, the more I am convinced it was the party of 2013! xxxx

  10. You are sublime in pink and purple and the hat is exquisite. Has it been a year already? I recall discovering your blog just shortly before Nelson passed away and what a journey you have been on since. I have learnt so much from you in that time, more than just the joys of personal style but much about the passage of life, it’s sorrows and it’s joys.
    I’m glad to see that you continue to squeeze the joy out of life in the face of a challenging year – and boy you do know how to party! Not only flamenco dancers, but drag and dj-ing too! Now that is a party!

  11. You look gorgeous in that heavenly purple coat and hat, such a lovely outfit it is, warm enough for snow but glamorous too.
    What an amazing party it was, the flamenco dancers and now the incredible drag queens! You know how to party my dear!

  12. Oh Judith, the colours and the buttons and the trim and your necklaces and sweep of delicate knit collar, oh, oh, oh wow. Upon revisiting, I remember having been struck by the final paragraph of your Branching Out post at the time, how it spoke of your exquisite, devastating presence in the full arc of Nelson’s life. I love how you are savouring the celebration these days, and would be keen to ket hold of The SC Playlist myself!

  13. Oh dear, more snow? I hope the weather gets warmer soon.
    Seems like you had a great time – I LOVE drag performers, wish I was there too!
    Lots of hugs going your way, time can make things a little bit easier to bear but one never forgets.

  14. SC, I was so feeling you when you described all the changes you made in your home. I recently gutted my entire house. I turned every drawer and cupboard. It was hard but I had to do it. I had things here that were sucking my energy and they needed to be removed. Then a terrible storm caused roof damage that leaked into both the upstairs and downstairs. My house was looking shabby on the inside with water stains on the ceilings. I think I was feeling shabby myself during that time. My roof has now been replaced and the painters finished the ceilings today. These past couple of months of changing and fixing the house has changed me. I have always felt that my house could describe the condition of me. I feel better now that my roof is new and strong and is able to weather the storms better the next time around. 🙂

    Back to the party… Felony Misdemeanor? CRACK UP name! You had it ALL at the party Style Crone, and you got to be a DJ too? WOW! :-D!!!

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