Newsflash!  Blogger, author and filmmaker Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE has announced his collaboration with Audicus HERE, a company which provides high-quality hearing aids at an affordable price.  Ari has been passionate for years about changing the perception of aging in our culture, and once again he has launched a brilliant partnership to enhance the aging process by assisting in the design of a medically necessary device which doubles as a stylish accessory. This collaboration is the perfect combination of advocacy, innovation, technology and style.  The Advanced Style Limited Addition Canto hearing aid is available now HERE!


 “I have often wondered why items like hearing aids, canes and walkers carry such negative connotations in popular culture. There is less fear attached to wearing glasses, but for some reason any other item typically associated with growing older becomes frightening. One of my goals with this project is to help change the image of aging and to celebrate the vibrancy and vitality of growing old. What better way to celebrate than with items that enhance our quality of life and ability to engage with the world around us?”…..Ari Seth Cohen

The above image highlights Joyce, one of the gorgeous women featured in The Advanced Style Documentary, wearing an Audicus hearing device and looking stunning in her accessory of the moment!  The Fashion and Style section of The New York Times has recognized this collaboration in its April 25th edition, along with an article by Alison S. Cohn HERE, announcing the launching of this revolutionary product. “Live Loudly,” the Audicus motto, is a concept that I support and celebrate!

Aging is not a disease, but rather a life stage that hovers closer to the end of life than previous eras.  I find that my senses are more vividly activated and treasured because of this. How wonderful that, if need be, there is assistance with the auditory which includes an aid that provides self-expression and fun to the experience of loss.  I believe that the reduction of fear contributes to health which increases longevity and improves the enjoyment of life. Thank you Ari Seth Cohen and Audicus, for bringing this pioneering product to life!

Fortunately, at this point my sense of hearing is intact, but as we all know, life turns on a dime, and if I am in need of a hearing device, I will go for the leopard print. After all, it is my favorite neutral!


  1. I love these!!!! I am almost 40, but already have hearing loss! It’s not just an aging issue—we all deserve cool options no matter our range of abilities or age. I want a sparkly one <3

  2. This is fantastic news! Especially the price, wow. Maybe I can get my mother into a pair. Without the option of having insurance cover them they’ve been too darn expensive. But 400-600 per ear isn’t bad at all!

  3. I think this was BRILLIANT of ARI………………did he approach them or did they approach HIM do you know?I should GO back and read the article I am certain it says………….Next should be canes and walkers……………Leopard print would be my first choice TOO!I hope they sell OUT!!!

  4. “Aging is not a disease, but rather a life stage that hovers closer to the end of life than previous eras.”

    I love how you express aging.

    I wrote about how I’m finding the transition into being “an old woman” difficult today on my blog. I’m hoping that I will magically absorb some of your mindset. So far it feels like I’m a long way off.


  5. OMG! I wish this had been available a few years ago when I had to start wearing my hearing aid. These are gorgeous! I have never felt old though by having to wear my aid, just grateful that I can hear better! Thanks for sharing this. I love Advance Style and this is just great that Ari Seth Cohen has aligned himself with the brand. Awesome!

  6. A thoughtful product from a thoughtful man and company. No reason at all that anyone requiring a hearing aid should sacrifice their style or choices! xxx

  7. What a fabulous idea that he came up with Judith! I applaud you and him for being important voices in changing the image of aging. I think the wave has started and I join you in embracing our age, whatever it may be. And, I too, would choose the Leopard because it definitely is a great neutral!


  8. Being in advertising myself I doubt very much whether this collaboration is going to change our attitude towards hearing aids. Our attitude towards glasses is different because they are also warn by young people. Therefore not a sign of aging. I just hope they will make the quality of these hearing aids better (and better, and better). As hearing in a room full of noises and more people is still a problem.

  9. I love the idea of a reinvented hearing aid. I think you have done a great deal to put forth the notion that you’re never too old to be stylish. Even when I don’t have time to comment your posts and photos always give me the impetus to keep going. Thank you for that!


  10. I love the little gizmos, as we say in our family. I showed them to my husband, as you may know is almost deaf, he was very excited. He plays golf and I would love to give him some golf pattern. It is important to take hearing loss with humor for there is always some misunderstandings when you can not hear. And just colorful and fun hearing aids are a great way to raise awareness of hearing loss. He is fantastic Ari Seth Cohen.

  11. Hearing loss is a rising problem these days. More and more people are becoming victim to hearing loss or a similar problem. This collaboration of designers and audiology solutions is a good way making people feel better about their hearing aids. This way they will not feel demotivated to wear them.

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