Several weeks ago a dear friend whisked me away to the Cartier Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum in celebration of my birthday.  I appreciate the gift of time with loved ones, which is priceless and treasured more than precious stones. The chill of the day called for layers, but the experience was warm and compelling.

I threw on my gifted blue Fluevog booties, Paris skinny jeans, street market scarf, retail sale blue sweater tunic, and royal blue fabric cloche trimmed with marabou feathers from a hat shop in Nice, and off to the museum we went.


Above Photos By Daniel

“The Denver Art Museum was the sole venue worldwide for Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century, on view November 16, 2014–March 15, 2015. Organized by the Denver Art Museum and curated by Margaret Young-Sánchez, Frederick and Jan Mayer Curator at the museum, the exhibition featured an assortment of jewelry, timepieces and precious objects produced between 1900 and 1975. The exhibition highlights Cartier’s rise to preeminence in the midst of historical events as it transformed itself into one of the world’s most prestigious names in jewelry, timepieces and objects.”… The Denver Art Museum Website HERE.

The exhibit was awe-inspiring for someone who knows little about gems and rare metals.  I was intrigued by the historical nature of the show and how Cartier responded to the political and economic circumstances of the times. The review by Denver’s Westword HERE goes into detail about the eye-popping nature of Brilliant.  I will share a few of my favorites in the photos below.


One of the highlights of the show was the necklace of platinum, diamonds and emerald worn by the Countess of Granard, Cartier London, special order, 1932.


The Maharaja, Bhupinder Singh, of Patiala in the Punjab region of India, commissioned Cartier to create the Patiala Necklace, which was completed in 1928 HERE.  It is one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry ever made.


One of the “Tutti Frutti” necklaces inspired by Cartier’s voyages to India.


A lone jewel!


The original Cartier tank HERE created in 1917.


The world time clock HERE which was gifted to Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Pierre Cartier in 1943.


A photo of a video on a wall within the exhibit, which featured women from the 20’s wearing Cartier.


The last room of the exhibit featured large images of icons who wore Cartier. Maria Félix HERE, the most famous star of the golden age of Mexican cinema commissioned two of the most famous Cartier jewelry pieces and is known for her daring and exotic collection.


Whatever its shape, the Cartier tank watch has graced the wrists of some of the world’s greatest celebrities – from Ingrid Bergman to Yves Montand and from Truman Capote to Muhammad Ali.


As I was about to walk out of the exhibit I came upon this beautiful woman looking fabulous from her metallic shoes to her lovely white hair.  I believe I’ve just started a “Captivating Crone Series.”  As you probably know by now, to me the term crone is beloved and valued, just as older women were in several cultures of the past.  I will be on the lookout for fascinating crones in my travels, and will share photos on posts in the future when so moved.

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  1. Ahhh…..I’ve been following your blog for weeks and didn’t realize you lived in Denver also!!! I love that you showed a “person off the street” in the post! It’s a perfect example of looking great no matter what the age!

  2. I love your idea of a series of “Captivating Crone” pictures. We senior women need to be seen and celebrated. You go girl!

  3. An incredible experience you share. It is amazing beautiful things in the pictures. How do they look in reality!!! And you – you fit so beautifully into the Cartier images.

  4. What an amazing exhibit! I don’t know much about fine jewelry either, but always appreciate beautiful designs and exquisite workmanship. I love the idea of “Captivating Crones!”

  5. Fabulous post. Love the jewelry photos. I would be there in a heartbeat if I could. You look amazing in all blue. Goregous! One of my favorite of your posts.

  6. I can see you wearing those beautiful jewels with matching hats! Thank you for taking us around the exhibition, and what a stylish lady you caught on camera too!

  7. Thanks for posting this. I especially liked the photos of you and the other stunning crone.

  8. Wow, the magnificence of some of these pieces! I think the tutti-frutti is my personal favorite (as if I am going to order one for my birthday : > ) And happy birthday to you, dear Judith. You’re the original if now not the only, Style Crone. xox

  9. I love the idea of your Crone Series. As always you look more than fabulous. Thank you for letting some of us who don’t have access to culture and history see and learn through your eyes! I found everything in your post very interesting! Peace! Cheryl

  10. I love the blue hues in your museum look. A perfect selection of layers for what sounds like a dazzling day. Of course I love the idea of an “Icon” Room but the pieces look so spectacular. I also love your idea of collecting photos of ‘Captivating Crones’. The shoes and jewelry on the beautiful woman you ended your adventure with are just magical.

    Accidental Icon

  11. Loved this post. Interesting and you look great in blue. Really loved the beautiful lady (crone). look forward to more crone photos

  12. You look royal, dressed perfectly for an exhibit of Cartier jewels. I love the word Crone and am glad you are exercising its right to respect and beauty. It’s apt that you lead the charge. The crone you photographed is also definitely captivating and I look forward to this series.
    To the jewels… My goodness. How does one breathe when wearing such baubles? I don’t know of many, if any, men today who would wear such jewels. I suppose such things are best in a museum where everyone can appreciate them now and then. Thanks for the peek.

  13. For someone as fascinated by jewellery as me, particular gemstones, this is dream exhibit! If only Cartier would give us Europeans a chance to see it.

    Your sapphire blue outfit is so appropriate among all these gems, and fantastic on you. The way you’ve draped the scarf adds the drama and elegance of royalty! You definitely outshine most jewellery 🙂

    How lovely to see more beautiful and stylish crones. Captivating Crones will be a huge success I’m sure!

  14. What a beautiful exhibition.

    Do many women wear their fine jewellery nowadays? I don’t see many….

    Love the Maria Felix photo!

  15. What a beautiful exhibit, and you are so lucky to be living in the only city that it is being shown. I have no knowledge about precious jewels like the ones in the exhibit, but I would love to see it just for the eye candy. You look like a beautiful sapphire yourself 😉

    The “Captivating Crones” series sounds like a wonderful idea – Do it!!

  16. What a beautiful day you had. That color on you is simply stunning! Royal blue on redheads is always fabulous.

    The Captivating Crones series is a definite must. There’s a great website connected to the Metropolitan Opera in NYC called “Last Night at the Met,” which captures the most amazing photos of operagoers, many of whom are Ladies of a Certain Age looking magnificent. The opera is one of the last places to see beautifully dressed women. On Saturday, I saw the most beautiful Japanese woman in a kimono that was simply stunning. Sadly, I did not have my camera.

    Cheers, M-T

  17. Sumptuous jewels, but what really got my attention was (1) how wonderful (happy, relaxed, beautiful, radiant) you looked in your gorgeous outfit and (2) your use of “crone” (was it May Sarton who first taught us that use?); and (3) the lovely first of your Captivating Crone Series. It is too late for me to see the museum exhibit, but I look forward to more of that series. Thank you, Judith!

  18. Love your purple and blue outfit, such brilliant colors on you! The Cartier collection is amazing, thank you for sharing some of your photos. I especially like the alligator choker – amazing. I also love your “captivating crone series” – brilliant again!
    Thank you for linking up with SHOE AND TELL on Style Nudge!


  19. I’ve never been attracted to diamonds and blingy stones but that Tutti Frutti necklace may have converted me. No surprise it’s inspired by India.
    The lady in her metallic shoes is stunning as are you in cobalt and feathers! x

  20. Oh mY! I have Jonathan Fluevog boots, too. “Angel Soles” they are called. They lace up, like combat boots!are above the ankle, AUBERGINE in color with swirly leather pieces on them. So comfortable!
    And, they have tiny white flying angels stamped over each heel. Very cool for winters int he Northeast. They are soft and luxurious and really a show stopper.

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