Earlier this week I returned from a trip to Minnesota to visit my 97-year-old mother Norma. Residing in an assisted living facility, she continues to be an inspiration to me.  She loves to play bridge, and every evening  a group of residents gather to play cards. For this activity, my mother wouldn’t miss an opportunity to adorn her hands with rings from a collection which she has maintained over a lifetime.  Every year when I visit it has become a ritual to snap a shot of her hands with a few of her rings.

This year I asked Mom about what she thought contributed to her longevity.  Her answer was, “exercise, a positive attitude, and genes.”  Her mother lived a relatively healthy life until the age of 98 and her father lived until almost 90.

She remains open to the life enhancing practice of trying something new. Mom loves to wear the colorful leggings that were gifted by her friend.  She accessorized her ensemble with the “verging on red” lipstick that I brought for her. I think the lip color looks beautiful with her natural white hair!

Macular degeneration limits her eyesight and she walks with a walker, but it doesn’t interfere with her ability to enjoy life to the fullest and engage with a sense of humor. Enlarged cards facilitate her bridge game and she enjoys listening to audio books. Totally independent with activities of daily living, Mom loves to tell stories of the past, but she lives in the present.  Currently the oldest resident in the facility, she is admired by her peers for her positive mindset and kindness.  She provides an example for all.

Photos by my dear friend Janet

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Your mother is absolutely beautiful. I love her enthusiasm for life. It is truly an inspiration.

  2. Judith, this is such a beautiful post. How lucky are we to still have our mothers serving as an inspiration lighting the way ahead with joy (my mother is 88 and went mountain climbing in Italy a couple of years ago). We have been blessed. You mother is beautiful and was very generous with her good looks and fine health. She must be very proud of you and your visits certainly bring her great pleasure as she recounts her very well remembered stories….she also gets to introduce her very stylish and beautiful daughter to her community….that is what mother’s love to do! Love this post…

  3. Your mom is a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for sharing her with us.

    I Love the shawl? or scarf? you’re wearing. Would you share where you purchased it from? I love the colors in your scarf and your hat as well.

  4. How wonderful to read and see you together! Besides living a healthy life, humor is a very important component. You’re blessed your mother still can enjoy your work. My mother is watching me from a cloud, I’m sure she’s smiling now and then:-) Love this post!

  5. Judith, your Mom is so vibrant and full of verve. Love those leggings! Such an important share that she continues to live in the moment… something that provides inspiration to “seize the day” a cliche but so very apt none the less. How lucky for you that you continue to have her upbeat aura to guide you. P. S. Amazing wrap and hat, chic alors!

  6. Always happy to see you every year in MN. Looking at your mom, she reminds me of your grandmother. Beautiful photos of you and your mom.

  7. Two lovely, vital women! Would love to see a photo of your grandmother as well!!

    Look forward to seeing your photos very much, thank you Judith–you’re an inspiration.


  8. I love this post of your beautiful mother. I especially love the photo of her hands. My mother would be 97 in September but she died a few days before her 81st birthday. She didn’t like how her hands looked with so many veins. A first cousin recently remarked that my hands looked like hers. I’m glad to have hands like hers!

  9. Thanks for sharing these photos with us.
    You are both blessed to have each other.
    What an inspiration your Mother is.

  10. I think it’s lovely that you take a photo of your mother’s hands every time you visit. Those hands have been useful for 97 years (I cannot imagine getting to that age) and her ring collection is beautiful. You can see where your good genes come from.

  11. I love the annual hand holding photos! Your mum really is an inspiration, experimenting with clothes and colour and looking incredible – just like you. xxx

  12. So wonderful! Happy birthday to your mum. Sto Lat as my Polish grandmother would say — may she live to 100 years.

    And as usual a wonderful post with beautiful pictures. Thank you for your continued inspiration Judith.

  13. Thank you so much for this inspiring post – it’s great to see your mother enjoying life to the full. You’re both such wonderful role models.

  14. It was so enjoyable to see you and fun to be part of the annual photo shoot. I have been reflecting on the whole process. How you stage the light, the background, and especially the HUMANS is an art. You do much the same with yourself as you pull together your ensembles with just the right hats, jewelry, handbags and shoes. I am understanding more how our outsides can influence our insides! We all have experienced pain and heartache, but we do not need to “wear” that like a uniform. Your mom wears her joy and love of life. That is a decision she makes every day. It is contagious!

    Much Love, Janet

  15. Beautiful article – beautiful photographs, especially your Mom’s hands!!!
    I especially like your words about her “….. Mom loves to tell stories of the past, but she lives in the present…..” What an inspiration!

  16. How beautiful! AS always, you inspire, focus, enhance and make me happy with your post. Your Mom is beautiful! She also inspires and touches my heart. I too was blessed with a loving mom of grace, style and love of life. I miss her so. Thank you again for your sharing. xo Sheryl

  17. Hi there, what a lovely, inspiring lady your mother is. x Adorable that she will try patterned leggings and lipstick – super.
    My nan lived to just short of her 100th birthday, and my mum is 83! Good genes in the family, so fingers crossed for me!
    What a stunning jacket, looking superb on you. x Jacqui

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