Hat Attack for March features this multicolored velvet turban by Lisogorsky. I discovered this beauty over a year ago when hat shopping in NYC with the fabulous Jean and Valerie of The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE.  They always know the very best hat haunts!


I wore this turban once before on Style Crone HERE for my dear friend Diana’s croning ceremony, where I referred to this piece of art as an elevated crone crown.  Some hats are without question Hat Attack worthy and in need of a close-up!


Here it is in all of its glory, with its folds of draped multicolored velvet over felt.


Photos By Daniel

From the back, the turban is accessorized by my gifted vintage silk velvet top with rhinestone clasps which played in harmony with estate sale vintage rhinestone earrings.  The design on the wall is once again provided by Mod Livin’ HERE.  The fact that the color of the design was similar to one of the colors adorning the velvet turban is synchronicity at its best.

I’m linking up with Cherie’s Shoe And Tell HERE at Style Nudge and Sacramento’s Share-in-Style HERE at  Mis Papelicos.

Now it’s your turn to throw a little headwear love my way!

Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore, give The SC a MARCH HAT ATTACK  and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in your post. Can’t wait to see the beautiful contributions that you share throughout the next week. Participation will be open through Saturday, March 7th.

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  1. How I love the rich jewel tones of that gorgeously opulent turban! The clasps on the top are sublime. xxx

  2. OK I know I am not in your league and what I am wearing on my head is really pathetic. But at least I had something on my head this time and could join you haha.
    You, of course, look fabulous. I love velvet.

  3. The only thing I’ve been wearing on my head these days is my large, furry hat, which I refuse to photograph. Hot Dog, that is a spectacular turban – the colours are just delicious! And of course, it’s even MORE amazing because it’s from NY 😉

  4. What a fantastically beautiful hat, dear Judith! I also love how you paired it with this velvet dress – gorgeous, very Victorianesque! My hat is modest, but pretty lovable and keeps me warm on a breezy day. I thought it gives my crushed velvet dress a nice contrast too. Thank you for the link-up! xxx

  5. Judith, the beautiful folds of velvet and rich colours make this turban a work of art. And of course the velvet top with those amazing clasps at the back is the ideal accompaniment. Glorious, as always! xxx

  6. Turban wearing at its finest moment. How beautiful is this? And the velvet just makes my fingers want to reach over and touch this very moment. So lovely, Judith.

  7. i love your turban and particularly like th photo where the wall hanging is bring out the color. The velvet is so beautiful and the draping and soft folds is lovely. I think I might like a turban, as long as I could still wear my sunglasses of course! You my dear are a vision and will get me wearing more hats yet.

    Accidental Icon

  8. Beautiful hat Judith! Thank you for inspiring and hosting your hat wearing fans!

  9. This velvet turban is stunning ,both the style and colours. As is your wonderful
    jacket with its intricate clasps.Thank you for hosting Hat Attack.

  10. Trust The Style Crone to remind us all that we do have *ahem* rear views. This ensemble of hat and top is as admirable seen from behind as it is face-on. May we call this hat “Serendipity”?

  11. My hat selection stymies me and I am thankful that I have four more days. Seeing the women already here is fantastic inspiration, led by you in your gob-smackingly beautiful, jewel-toned turban. The setting of your photos is perfect.

  12. Always love your elegant yet playful style. This hat is a winner!
    Definitely a Style Crone Crown!
    One day I’ll find better backdrops 🙂
    Hope you like my Mad Hatter post! xo JJ

  13. Judith, I wish you would post a photo of your hat collection. I’m just so curious to see them all. Do you keep them in a special place or any special way? Would love to hear about it. Loving the velvet – gorgeous!
    Thank you for linking up with Shoe and Tell on Style Nudge!


  14. There’s nothing quite as sumptuous or regal as Velvet, and what a lovely mix of Chartreuse with Burgundy 🙂 you’re practically a Tsarina, Judith, absolutely stunning.

  15. You look stunning! I’m afraid I don’t have it in me to pose anymore for cameras wearing a hat to join in, but I love seeing all the wonderful women rocking their toppers! You are queen of us all!

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