Photo by Camille

Olive drab (found that name on a ‘green color chart’) faux pashmina-NYC street vendor, vintage olive drab knit hat-estate sale, azure (color chart again) sweater-Banana Republic sale, black DKNY pumps-random NYC sample sale, yoga leggings.

As we entered the PET scan facility very early on a wind chilled morning, Nelson recognized a familiar technician and playfully bantered, “Hey buddy, hope you don’t take this personally, but I’m not that happy to see you.”  Laughter abounds in the most unusual spaces.  When you become a regular at the PET scan center you know something is up and I wouldn’t recommend that it become part of your schedule.  The staff at the facility are kind and efficient, which is a perfect combo. Kindness is the bottom line and goes a long way!  We have the abundant experience to evaluate such a thing!  The Style Crone could develop a secondary career as a health care secret shopper if she were so inclined (which she is not). After the scan on our way out the door Nelson sang praises for the technician who had the skills to “slide that needle in like butter.”  The needle is inserted to deliver radioactive sugar into the bloodstream and I suspect that this is way too much information! Sometimes it’s too much information for us!

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