The SC  has been swept away by the projects that are in process which will complete, at least for now, her home renovations.  This festive broom was found during a visit to Tuesday Morning, a shopping experience that can feel like an estate sale with its unpredictable selection of items that are at times extremely inexpensive but of high quality (if I get lucky).  A polka dot broom?  Not only is it inspiration for an outfit, but my broom of many years came to its demise two weeks ago (a much smaller version of my furnace and car).  It was made in Spain and had a price tag of $6.99.  Usually a hat is the accessory that is the starting point for outfit building, but today it’s a broom, with tongue in cheek, that sparked my imagination and swept away the cobwebs of my mind.

Photos by Diana

I have also been swept away with party planning, as I’ve decided to throw myself a gathering for my 70th birthday.  Why not set a self imposed deadline for the completion of home projects?  As a recovering emergency mental health provider, I work best under pressure and I’m over the chaos and disorganization in my home that imposes barriers to peace and limitless self discovery. I’m doing it up to the nines as though composing a holiday outfit, with dancing and entertainment, a reopening of my vintage studio, and anything else that comes to mind that screams celebration.

Polka dot broom – Tuesday Morning, vintage striped orange/yellow gloves, oversized (which allows for vigorous sweeping after kicking off the pumps) long yellow sweater and Frank Olive black angora-esque beret with yellow bow and trim – estate sales, orange peep toe pumps – retail summer sale years ago all on black background.

This soft case for glasses begged for inclusion and is from Bella Q HERE of The Citizen Rosebud’s Etsy shop HERE. Check out her fresh picked vintage and her mastery of pattern mixing!

The SC is sweeping over to the gathering at Patti’s Visible Monday HERE!


  1. You are precious, Judith…the whole outfit is so cool and fun! I love it! My friend GIGI who is often on my blog loves Tuesday Morning…it is her favorite store! She always finds a treasure there….have a wonderful Monday!

  2. You look so cute and all those accessories are so adorable!! Good luck with finishing the house– I’m starting an organizational project on my room and (fingers crossed it won’t take forever) maybe I should set a deadline…
    Becky 🙂

  3. Love yellow! That is such a cute jacket and love the bow on the hat.

    We had a Tuesday Morning here but it is gone now. I never had luck there.

  4. I was going to ask you where you got that broom…lol. You literally look like sunshine, and I’m excited to hear you’re planning a big birthday bash. You totally deserve it, and I bet it will be brilliant!

  5. Haha! That’s a very flamenco broom with its polka dots and made in Spain too! You look lovely in your creamy yellow coat – I’ve bought a yellow cardigan in a similiar colour – a real departure for me. Good for you having a party! 70 should be celebrated!

  6. So fun!! I grinned when I saw the jaunty yellow bow and the colorful broom! I love the way you tied all these elements together, both visually and in your writing. As always, such a pleasure. You know, too, that as soon as you mentioned a party I was fantasizing about joining you. It will be an amazing celebration, I’m sure!

  7. Now that broom would really make housework more fun! I’ve also seen women’s toolkits that have hammers and screwdrivers with pink leopard print handles. I wish I’d thought of that!

    That jacket looks soft and lovely, and so cheerful.

  8. Leave it to you to get inspiration from a polka dot broom. The whole ensemble makes me smile. I particular love those stripe vintage gloves. Your celebration sounds like the making of a dream party. I sure hope you share pictures with us.

  9. I know the feeling, I work so much better with the clock ticking away!
    Love the outfit and the coordinated broom. Funky cleaning stuff makes housework far more tolerable. xxx

  10. I’m throwing myself a birthday party, also! I’m going to dress up as if going to a ball; I’m trying to find a tiara to wear. We’re reserving a special place in a beautiful restaurant and dance the night away after dinner! We’re on the same wavelength, Judith !

  11. Oh the lovely Springtime yellow is a sight for sore eyes, Judith! Spring cleaning is obviously in order, a new broom and all that…
    Love the hat, and the fabulous shoes, and the party planning – can’t wait to see what finery you decide to wear! xxx

  12. You always delight us and make our days special. I can’t wait for updates on the upcoming
    birthday bash.

  13. Yellow and orange are just what we need these days! It brings memories of sunshine, freshly squeezed orange juice at breakfast on summer mornings… The orange shoes are really gorgeous. What else would one wear with a new broom! Your silhouette in the yellow knit is amazing, you certainly make house work look very fashionable!

  14. You are ready for spring. Is spring ready for you! I can’t wait to see how you will celebrate your birthday. I’m going to be looking for tips on celebrating my birthday ;).

  15. Only you could turn a cleanup and reorganization into a fashionable event. Lemon is my favorite shade of yellow and it suits you perfectly! I love that broom. I have one with an ornate ceramic handle that hangs in my office. My detractors are convinced I ride it at night. I let them have their illusions 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  16. At first I thought the broom was a large staff (until I saw the bottom of the picture.) How creative to use it as an inspiration for your outfit which is stunning. The yellow is so fresh.

    It is impossible to believe that you have almost 70 years of experience in this life. You are so beautiful, vibrant, and creative.

  17. SC, I just have to say that you are so adorable! I admire your outfits, which are stylish and a bit “out there”, but in a good way. I don’t wear hats, as for one thing I have a very large head, but I admire yours very much!

  18. A delightful read, and such a cheery ensemble. Now, I will be combing my home for unexpected inspiration. Um, 70th birthday party planning? As Debbi writes, your vibrancy, beauty, and creative outlook belies your age. Gorgeous!

    Sue xo

  19. Loving the hat and the black and yellow color scheme! Tuesday Morning has long been a favorite of mine for household wonders. Can always find something I didn’t know I needed.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  20. Wow!!! How fabulous do you look!! I need a happy broom like that!!!

    I can’t believe you will be 70!!!! Definitely a cause for CELEBRATION!!!

    You are such an inspiration !

  21. Even I wouldn’t mind sweeping the floor with that cheerful broom! Yellow is one colour I never wear – I think I’ve seen you in pretty much every colour of the rainbow since I started following your blog. I love the yellow trimmed beret on you.

    Good luck with the party prep!

  22. I just said a couple of weeks ago I need a new broom. I wonder if our TM has any. I wonder if we still have a TM. It’s been so long since I’ve been there. Love the yellow and black together.

  23. Gosh … so many smarty pants puns to avoid … getting on one’s broom, etc. You look beyond beautiful. I just KNEW that you dress like that to clean house.
    Have a wonderful birthday extravaganza. Nothing less would be appropriate for such a force of nature as you.

  24. One of my favorite colors! Love it! It makes me yearn for spring, Judith. Believe it or not, I saw daffodils up–a rare site in Indiana during February! Have a fabulous week!

  25. Cute broom! And you hat with the bow and all that yellow one of my fav color!
    You are so darn cute , the best 70 year old i know apart from my mother!
    Oh i wish i could put her on my blog!

    Good luck with all your projects

    Ariane xxxx

  26. I am giddy as a girl drunk on too much champagne looking at you in your divine lemonade outfit. I love how radiant you look! Are you really approaching 70? I can only hope to look as svelte as you when I’m your age. Ok, I would be stoked to look as svelte as you now, who am I kidding? Wishing you a glorious birthday celebration and one more stellar year!

  27. Birthdays are for celebrating life. So happy to hear that you are planning a bash! Can’t wait to see the outfit!

  28. Gosh you look fabulous in yellow Judith, and so happy with that beautiful smile of yours! How exciting to be planning your 70th (I still can’t believe it) – do you know what you’re going to wear yet??

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