The SC has been undertaking her own personal excavation over the past month.  I’m finally to the point of going through every item in my inventory, and choosing whether a piece stays or goes.  I seldom look back on previous posts and enjoy the process of moving forward.  However, in preparation for this post I recalled that last year at this time I was going through Nelson’s belongings HERE.  It took a year to get serious about my own.

It must be something about this time of year that encourages new beginnings.  After the holidays. After the beginning of the new year.  After most of the renovation of my home has been completed. New goals have emerged and organizational energy has been thriving.  Letting go of what no longer serves me and making space for the new. The bonus for me is that it’s been fun discovering hidden treasures and becoming fully aware that I only want to keep that which I truly love, along with a few sentimental favorites.

Also, I’m unearthing pieces that have never been worn, at least by me.  In this photo, all elements of my outfit have been taken for an outing for the first time, except the jacket.  It’s as though I have a new wardrobe! This should keep me away from the estate sales for awhile, unless, of course, I get word of an irresistible collection of hats or vintage.  Some things never change, nor do I want them to.  The delicious thrill of the hunt makes life fun and interesting.

Photos by Diana

Vintage multicolored fabric Neusteters beret with yarn trim, vintage multicolored silk scarf and vintage pink leather gloves – estate sales, pink vintage earrings – vintage store, purple Marc Jacobs jacket – consignment store, multicolored cuff – Debra Rapoport, skinny jeans and plum booties – retail sales last year.

Accessories Displayed On Jeans

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  1. That beret is a work of art!

    I’m curious, how do you organize your closet? Do you store items by color or season, or item type, or some other way? I’d love to see a post on this!

  2. What a gorgeous use of color!! The backdrop is outstanding for this vision of delicious purple and pink, anchored by the jeans and boots. The hat and accessories are so unique, perfect in their artful quirkiness with the design elements of the jacket. A joy all the way around.

    I’m glad to hear you’re not totally giving up on the hunt. Something that brings so much excitement and joy should never be given up entirely. I just can’t wait until I can join you again!!

  3. Thank you for your question, Pseu. Great idea for a post, especially as I’m making it up as I go. It is yet to be revealed, but a system is developing in process.

  4. What lovely colors, and not an inch of black! I like black as much as the next person, but other neutrals (like the jeans) can fill in and add so much warmth to an outfit. That’s such a gorgeous jacket, but the hat, gloves, and boots are making me jealous, too!

  5. Sounds like the sorting process is going well! What a wonderful coat! I love that colour on you! It must be lovely to discover new pieces to play with.

  6. I love you in purple, Judith! That jacket is gorgeous & I’m in love with that exquisite hat.
    I do love a good sort out, it’s the first thing I do when I return from India, it banishes the post-travel blues! xxx

  7. An interesting project – the sorting process. Projects of this kind give me energy.
    A very creative and beautiful hat and a work of art in the background to match your clothes.

  8. You are always outstanding, dear Judith, but even more in purple. Not an easy colour to wear with such a panache.
    Much love, dear friend.

  9. I am so glad you unearthed this!! The hat and coat are fabulous and the photo with the wall…just perfect. Love it, Judith!! I think I am cleaning out this weekend, but know I would not discover such great pieces as these.

  10. Such incredible colours and textures Judith, you’re a wonderful work of art in that outfit against the painted wall! Delightful.

  11. The entire post is a great work of art. Only you could pull off so much purple and still look amazing. It just lifts the spirit. And, I totally agree, the thrill of the hunt does make life more fun and interesting.

  12. I love every item in this outfit AND you found the perfect backdrop! The beret looks amazing and you look so joyful. I applaud your great style and attitude in moving forward, it’s not always the easiest thing to do.

  13. I love everything about this outfit AND you found the perfect backdrop! Wonderful beret and
    joyful photos. I so applaud the spirit of your moving forward, it’s not always the easiest thing to do.

  14. I am in love with this color palette! I love purple and pink together and with your skin and hair the combination is nothing short of divine.
    I recently discovered your blog and this is my first comment here. I’m no stranger to overcoming adversity and I’m gratified to see someone else handle herself with grace and resilience through difficult times. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  15. You look beautiful in these shades of plum and purple, Judith, and do those sexy skinnies have a hint of snakeskin about them? I can’t quite tell from the photos, but I can see that they fit you perfectly and work brilliantly with the warm berry colours.
    As always, your hat is perfection.
    Yes, moving things on has a way of helping us to move on too. I agree about this time of year – New Year itself is never a time for me to get going on changes, it takes a while for me to rev up and get myself ready for action! I know you will never stop looking for beauty though, and selecting those unique pieces of deliciousness which deserve to share your life! xxxxx

  16. Judith, all of these pictures are gorgeous, but the first one looks like a professional portrait – so lovely! You look about 25 years old in these super-flattering skinny jeans and booties – you are rocking trends, a neat departure from your usual vintage/couture pieces, although I love how you incorporated some of those here. Still, I love how you’re proving that we ladies of a certain age can certainly give those skinny jean wearing sweet young things a run for their money 🙂

    You must be feeling more energized, I can never organize anything unless I’m at the tip-top of my game, mentally and physically.

    Much love, peace, & grace,

  17. I absolutely LOVE the first two pictures. You look so fresh and vibrant in this outfit. And the background is so perfect that it seems almost as though the art has come to life through you!

    I admire you for embracing your future with an optomistic spirit while holding onto the best parts of the past. Not an easy task. But you do it with style and grace!

  18. What gorgeous accessories Judith. I can see getting a lot of use from that jacket too. Very cute. You have such a youthful figure and energy!

  19. Really glorious in purples, pinks and neutral slims to ground it all. Again, and as always, beautiful!
    When going through the … ahem! …. archives, I sometimes find old items that take on a surprising, new potential. Usually this happens when they’ve been stored a long time. When unearthed, they suddenly want to go with my newest items! These things have been kept because they really define a permanent element in my style considerations, it seems. I’ve never felt I have a signature look, but there are some of these elements that never seem to change. Does that make even a little sense!
    Or … it’s a good excuse to keep everything. Just saying ….

  20. So many things to love about this post, from the wonderful construction and buttons of your jacket to the gorgeous colours and textures of your accessories, to the perfect backdrop, your joy in the process of sorting, and being in motion. What fabulous treasures you have!

  21. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I love it all. You look great. The painting and you are one. You are so vivacious. Yay, purple and brown!

  22. My favorite color is being worn by you today! That purple jacket is gorgeous and it all looks wonderful on you! Thank you for sharing with us!

  23. That purple is so becoming on you! You wear color so well!! I’m like you….I just love the thrill of the hunt! Much love to you Judith! Serene

  24. You’re looking stunning, my dear! The colours suit you so well. It is marvellous that you have arrived at this stage, now coming to terms with what stays and what goes in your environment. I sort of envy you that, but at this point I am still ridiculously attached to everything I have. All I seem to want is more, instead of sorting through what I have and making the cull.

    Do you think it is because our birthdays are coming up that we are “starting a new year”?!

    Much love from England (as always),
    Rosemary from http://www.forever on the catwalk of

  25. No matter what you wear, you look great- and seem to always look like you. Cleaning out closets are hard when you’re a lover of clothes- I realize that I don’t dress just for the day- for practicality and I want to hang on to some things simply because they are beautiful. I can imagine that culling through your estate finds and shopping scores will be both difficult and easy- keep what you love, and release the rest for others to enjoy. xo.

  26. Fabulous outfit Judith! The jacket is amazing and the leather gloves made my fingers itch – I need those gloves!

    Culling is like a milestone, you take stock, plan for the future and organize what’s left of the past into neat boxes and shelves. After you’ve organized things, everything is so much clearer and easier. Then you’re ready for the coming season!

    I can’t wait to see what treasures you’re finding – I’m already looking forward to your posts!

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